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Showetime's The Tudors

The Tudors Cast - Leading Actors

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Showetime's The Tudors

JRM as Henry VIII
Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour
Annabelle Wallis | Jane Seymour
Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves
Joss Stone | Anne of Cleves
Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard
Sam Neill as Thomas Wolsey
Jeremy Northam as Thomas More
Jeremy Northam | Sir Thomas More
Nick Dunning as Thomas Boleyn
Showetime's The Tudors
Kris Holden-Reid as William Compton
Showetime's The Tudors
Steven Waddington as Edward Stafford
Jamie Thomas King as Thomas Wyatt
Showetime's The Tudors
Joe Van Moyland as Thomas Tallis
Joe Van Moyland AKA Joe Lean |
Thomas Tallis
Peter O'Toole as Pope Paul III
Peter O'Toole | Pope Paul III
Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer
Hans Matheson | Thomas Cranmer
Showetime's The Tudors
David Alpay as Mark Smeaton
David Alpay | Mark Smeaton
Simon Ward as Stephen Gardiner
Simon Ward | Stephen Gardiner
Max Brown as Edward Seymour
Max Brown | Edward Seymour
Showetime's The Tudors
Max Von Sydow as Cardinal Von Waldburg
Max Von Sydow | Cardinal Von Waldburg
Gerard McSorely as Robert Aske
Gerard McSorely | Robert Aske
Alan Van Sprang as Francis Bryan
Alan Van Sprang | Francis Bryan
Showetime's The Tudors
Mark Hildreth as Reginald Pole
Mark Hildreth | Reginald Pole
Colm Wilkonson as Lord Darcy
Colm Wilkinson | Lord Darcy
Andrew McNair as Edward Seymour
Andrew McNair | Thomas Seymour
Showetime's The Tudors
Charlotte Salt as Ursula Misseldon
Charlotte Salt | Ursula Misseldon
Thomas Culpepper as played by Torrance Coombs
Torrance Coombs | Thomas Culpepper
David O'Hara as Henry Howard
David O'Hara | Henry Howard
Showetime's The Tudors
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