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Torrance Coombs as Thomas Culpepper - Season 4 Opening Credits

Date of Birth: June 14, 1983

Birth Place
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6' (1.83 m)

"His mother grew up in West Vancouver. He has two older brothers Rex and Arn. The first time I saw him perform he was about 11 in Cats, playing Rum Tum Tugger as a sort of Elvis impersonation. His sexy performance knocked everybody's socks off. He is a very pleasant guy, very social, not in the least conceited. He had the most ideal childhood of anyone I ever met. There is not a mean bone in his body. He is completely at ease with anyone of any age. He has 2 aunts and 2 uncles on his mother's side.. The entire extended family have always been supportive of his choice of acting, even though the rest of the family has no acting experience." - QUOTE from Torrance's Uncle

BFA in acting from the University of British Columbia

Actor Bio:
Torrance Coombs is a Canadian film, theatre and television actor. He was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Coombs has appeared in productions at Bard on the Beach, an annual professional Shakespeare festival held in Vancouver; he has also appeared in the musical play A Little Night Music. His first recurring television role was as John Doe in jPod (2008), a CBC television series based on the book of the same name by Douglas Coupland; Coombs also appeared as Lance Corporal C. Sellers in a 2008 episode of the television series Battlestar Galactica

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Non-acting careers:


TV Shows: jPod (2008) as John Doe

Troilus and Cressida - Paris/Patroclus - Bard on the Beach
The Winter's Tale - Florizel - Bard on the Beach
Arcadia - Septimus Hodge - Theatre at UBC

Big break:

Best known for: role of John Doe in jPod


Upcoming projects:

Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas CulpepperTalk about...

Torrance Coombs


  • "It starts out very much as a lustful fantasy . . . he fancies Catherine above all else, and that’s the motivation behind some of the crazy things he does. The thing is that she kind of encourages him so although it starts out as a fantasy it gradually becomes more of a reality. What is amazing to me is that historically there is a man that had the audacity to think he could get away with this . . . his lust or, or his love or whatever is so strong that he just doesn’t care. They can’t help themselves, but there is really no way it can end well for either of them.”

  • "One of the best things about working on the show is that every scene presents a challenge of some sort. The text is rich with nuance in a way that most modern writing isn't. But there's a host of other obstacles that present themselves when you're doing a period piece.

    One scene that comes to mind is the one with the park-keeper's wife (the lovely Claire Brown). The acting was a challenge, but the technical details of it were tougher to nail. Stopping a horse on a mark, dismounting and finding a way to hand off the reins so the horse didn't escape, choreographing a slap, coordinating the chase on horseback, etc. ...

    We also experienced a number of rain delays (quite common shooting in Ireland.) On top of this, we had several farm animals on set that day, the most notable of which never made it to the final cut. It was a particularly angry pig that kept escaping from its pen and running amock. I don't know if you've heard an angry pig, but its squeals still haunt my nightmares.
    " - from Torrance's facebook

  • "They were a fantastic bunch to work with. Coming into the 4th season of an established show I could have felt like a real outsider, but they made me feel at home right away. Then again, given the nature of the show, I suppose they're used to a high turnover and a lot of new faces in the cast" - when asked what it was like to work on the Tudors on his facebook
  • "Maybe I'm lucky then, because I do consider The Tudors my best work. I feel like it's the culmination of everything I've been learning over the past several years. It's also the most challenging role I've played and for the widest audience.

    As for historical accuracy, let's put it this way. A lot of the history is very ambiguous, and everyone has their idea of how events played out. There's technically no proof Culpepper and Katherine had an affair. However, by all accounts they spent hours and hours during the night together alone in her room. In my opinion, it's more than likely that something did happen between them. And for TV's sake, it's definitely way more interesting if something happens between them.

    Where the history is ambiguous, it makes sense to go down the path of most drama for TV's sake. The show takes some liberties, but doesn't to as much steamrolling over facts as some might think."
    -from Torrance's Facebook April 21 at 5:08pm - answering this question : Most actors become well known for parts they don't really consider their best work. What would you consider your best work and why?

  • skills -Singing, Guitar, Horseback Riding, Some French, Dance: basic Jazz & Tap, Reads Music, Piano, Recorder and Computer Skills

Torrance Coombs

Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas Culpepper
Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas Culpepper
Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas Culpepper
Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas Culpepper
Torrance Coombs who plays Thomas Culpepper

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Torrance and Tamzin meet and greet fans
of the Tudors at CBC Live!

Torrance Coombs
HELLO magazine article
October 2010
and at right with Tamzin Merchant
Torrance Coombs and Tamzin Merchant in Hello Magazine Photoshoot
Torrance Coombs in Heartland
HeartlandTorrance Coombs in Heartland
Torrance Coombs (2008)
Torrance Coombs - The Tudors Wiki
at Screamfest November 2009 for the screening of the movie "The Familiar" which Torrance stars in
Torrance Coombs
Leo Awards 2010
Torrance Coombs
with Anna Cummer at the Elan Awards
Torrance Coombs
presenting at the Leo Awards, 2008

Torrance Coombs
with Emilie Ullenup (JPod) at Insight
Party 2007
Torrance Coombs
presenting the Electronic Game Category
nominees at the 2nd Annual Elan Awards

Torrance Coombs in Heartland
Torrance being fitted for a mike on "Heartland" (courtesy of the Cochrane Eagle)
Torrance Coombs
with Jessica Parker Kennedy from 'Smallville'
at the Leo Awards
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an episode of JPod with Torrance as John Doe
Torrance Coombs
with other JPod actors at the Insight Party

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Trailer for the upcoming short film THE FAMILIAR.
Sam has taken on a very unusual job: be the personal assistant to an unholy, amoral, neurotic vampire. Starring Torrance Coombs, Paul Hubbard and Rachel Sehl.
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another episode of JPod
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mention of another site - would that be us?
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Torrance brings his beheaded head while doing press in Canada.