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Sir Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley as played by Andrew McNair

born c. 1508 - executed March 20, 1549
by order of Edward VI's privy council
Character's backstory: 4th son of Sir John Seymour & brother of Jane Seymour & Edward Seymour. His connections ensured his promotion, and he quickly won the favour of the King, who gave him many grants of land and employed him in the royal household and on diplomatic missions abroad. From 1540 to 1542 he was at Vienna, and in 1543 in the Netherlands, where he served with distinction in the war against France, holding for a short time the supreme command of the English army. In 1544 he was rewarded with the post of master of the ordnance for life, becoming admiral of the fleet a few months later, in which capacity he was charged with guarding the Channel against French invasion.

Gentility: Gentry

Position:Master of the ordinance for life, Admiral of the fleet.
King Henry VIII left Seymour a legacy by his will, and is said to have directed that he should be raised to the peerage.In February 1547 he was accordingly created Baron Seymour of Sudeley and appointed Lord High Admiral

Personality type:strong, handsome man who was esteemed as a good magnate by his peers because of his strength in tournament and war.
"Thomas Seymour was high-spirited, violent, bold and unscrupulous. To be successful, such persons must have good looks, accomplishments and immense physical vitality. The Admiral had all these, in addition to many of the graces, without the qualities, of a fine gentleman. His boisterous humour was combined with an instinctive realization of what people wanted. If it suited him, he provided it." ~

Signature look: Historian David Starkey describes Thomas thus: 'tall, well-built and with a dashing beard and auburn hair, he was irresistible to women'.

Endearing trait(s):A prominent Tudor courtier, Sir Nicholas Throckmorton described Thomas Seymour as 'hardy, wise and liberal...fierce in courage, courtly in fashion, in personage stately, in voice magnificent, but somewhat empty of matter'

Annoying trait(s): Headstrong & Impetuous. Ambitious for power, a jealous and a seditious nature

"I have heard say, when that good queen [[[Catherine Parr]]] that is gone had ordained in her house daily prayer both before noon and after noon, the admiral [[[Thomas Seymour]]] getteth him out of the way, like a mole digging in the earth. He shall be Lot's wife to me as long as I live. He was, I heard say, a covetous man, a covetous man indeed; I would there were no more in England. He was, I heard say, an ambitious man; I would there were no more in England. He was I heard say, a seditious man, a contemner of common prayer; I would there were no more in England. Well he is gone; I would he had left none behind him" - a sermon of Hugh Latimer's called "Observants"

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Thomas S4

Seymour Coat of Arms

“Forgetting God to love a king Hath been my rod
Or else nothing: In this frail life being a blast
of care and strife till in be past.
Yet God did call me in my pride
lest I should fall and from him slide
for whom loves he and not correct
that they may be of his elect
The death haste thee thou shalt me gain
Immortally with him to reign
Who send the king Like years as noye
In governing His realm in joy
And after this frail life such grace
As in his bliss he may have place.”

~ A quote from Thomas Seymour in the Tower:
Linda Porter, “Katherine the Queen: The Remarkable Life of Katherine Parr”

An apocryphal legend has it that upon hearing his death
Princess Elizabeth Tudor is said to have remarked:

'Today died a man with much wit
and not much judgment.'


Family members:
Father : Sir John Seymour
Mother: Margaret Wentworth
Paternal grandfather: Sir John of Warden Seymour
Paternal grandmother: Elizabeth, Lady Seymour Darrell

Maternal grandfather: Sir Henry Wentworth
Maternal grandmother: Anne Saye

Sister : Jane Seymour
Brother: Edward Seymour
Sister-in-Law: Anne Stanhope
Nephew: Prince Edward Tudor

*For ancestry, see: Ancestors of Jane Seymour

Marriage (s):
Catherine Parr

Lady Mary Seymour

Mary Fitzroy nee Howard, widow of Henry Fitzroy
Catherine Parr

Princess Elizabeth Tudor


Edward Seymour
Anne Stanhope
Catherine Parr
Prince Edward Tudor
Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Lady Jane Grey

The Boleyn's
Edward Seymour [after the death of King Henry, there was a huge riff between the two brothers due to Seymour's schemes to appoint himself Lord Protector. Seymour's wife, Anne, also did not help when Thomas married to the Dowager Queen]

Anne Stanhope [see above]





Thomas Seymour as played by Andrew McNair
Season 4
Thomas Seymour
Thomas Seymour by unknown artist at the National Portrait Gallery in London

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Thomas Seymour as played by Andrew McNair
Season 3