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Cardinal Von Waldburg as played by Max Von Sydow
Based on the historical figure Cardinal-Bishop Otto Truchseß von Waldburg

Born: February 26, 1514 - Died: April 2, 1573

Character's backstory: Historically, Cardinal-Bishop Otto Truchsess von Waldburg was an imperial councillor and was awarded the Title of St. Balbina by Pope Paul III for settling a major dispute between the Pope and the Imperial Emperor. Though characterized as a good and moral man, Protestants hated Von Waldburg for protesting the Peace of Augsburg in 1555, which effectively allowed that Lutheranism be recognized as an official religion along with Roman Catholicism.

On Season 3 of The Tudors, Cardinal Von Waldburg is a fierce critic & adversary of Henry VIII and the English Reformation. According to a Showtime news release, his family was murdered by Protestants revolutionaries and Pope Paul III called upon Waldburg to lead the first Inquisition to crush the Reformation. Historically, Pope Paul did not establish the first Inquisition, but he did create what would later be known as the Roman Inquisition which lasted from 1542 through the mid nineteenth century. Cardinal Von Waldburg was appointed in 1559 head of the Roman Inquisition.
*In 1536, Cardinal Von Waldburg would have only been 22 years old so the series shows him as a much older man.


Position: Cardinal-Bishop of Augsburg

Personality type: He was a moral, religious man, of much force of character, to whom half measures and shiftiness were foreign who incurred the hatred of the Protestants. He was also known as a collector and patron of the arts.

Signature look:

Endearing trait(s): was known to be an avid art collector and supplied the Duke of Bavara with fine artwork

Annoying trait(s):
Cardinal Von Waldburg as played by Max Von Sydow


Family members:


Pope Paul III

King Henry VIII
Thomas Cranmer



Cardinal Von Waldberg as played by Max von Sydow

Cardinal Von Waldburg - The Tudors Wiki

Max Von Sydow

Cardinal von Waldburg

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Cardinal Waldburg and Reginald Pole

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Cardinal Waldburg
Cardinal Pole and Cardinal Von Whalburg Max Von Sydow