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Showetime's The Tudors

The Tudors Cast - Supporting Actors

Familiar with the thespian behind the character?
Pay tribute to your favorite Tudors actor or actress by contributing what you know to their profile...
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Showetime's The Tudors
Showetime's The Tudors
Sebastian Armesto as Emperor Charles V of Spain
Sebastian Armesto | Charles V
Declan Conlon as Ambassador Mendoza
Showetime's The Tudors
Owen Day-Jones as Young Henry Howard
Owen Day-Jones
| Henry Howard
Gabriella Wright as Queen Claude of France
Gabriella Wright | Queen Claude
Ruta Gedmintas as Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount
Showetime's The Tudors
Anna Brewster as Anna Buckingham
Anna Brewster | Anna Buckingham
Showetime's The Tudors
Kate O'Toole as Margaret Pole
Kate O'Toole | Margaret Pole
Rod Hallet as Richard Rich
Rod Hallet | Richard Rich
James Gilbert as William Brereton
Showetime's The Tudors
Stephen Hogan as Henry Norris
Stephen Hogan | Henry Norris
George Irving as William Kingston
Serena Brabazon as Nan Saville
Serena Brabazon | Nan Saville
Showetime's The Tudors
Laura Jane Laughlin as Madge Sheldon
Laura Jane Laughlin | Madge Sheldon
Krystin Pellerin as Elizabeth Darrell
Joanne King as Jane Boleyn (Parker)
Showetime's The Tudors
Jane Brenann as Margaret Bryan
Jane Brennan | Margaret Bryan
Maude Hirst as Kat Ashley
Maude Hirst | Kat Ashley
Kevin Doyle as John Constable
Kevin Doyle | John Constable
Showetime's The Tudors
Peter Gaynor as Hans Holbien
Peter Gaynor | Hans Holbien
David Bradley as Will Somers
David Bradley | Will Somers
Colin O'Donoghue as Duke Phillip of Bravia
Colin O'Donoghue | Phillip of Bavaria
Showetime's The Tudors
Emma Hamilton as Anne Stanhope
Emma Hamilton | Anne Stanhope
Claire MacCauley as Princess Elizabeth
Claire MacCauley | Princess Elizabeth
Lothaire Bluteau as Ambassador Marrilac
Lothaire Bluteau | Ambassador Marillac
Showetime's The Tudors
Allen Leech as Francis Dereham
Allen Leech | Francis Dereham
Frank McCusker as Thomas Risley
Frank McCusker | Thomas Risley
Eoin Murtagh as Prince Edward
Eoin Murtagh | Prince Edward
Showetime's The Tudors
Jake Hathaway as Prince Edward
Jake Hathaway | Prince Edward
Laoise Murray as Princess Elizabeth
Laoise Murray | Princess Elizabeth
Catherine Steadman as Joan Bulmer
Catherine Steadman | Joan Bulmer
Showetime's The Tudors
Suzy Lawlor as Anne Parr
Suzy Lawlor | Anne Parr
Selma Brook as Brigette Rousselot
Selma Brook | Brigette Rousselot
Emma Stansfield as Anne Askew
Emma Stansfield | Anne Askew
Showetime's The Tudors
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