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Lord Darcy, Thomas Darcy, 1st Baron Darcy of Temple Hurst as played by Colm Wilkinson

born 1467 - executed June 30th, 1537/8
by order of King Henry VIII
Character's backstory:
A person of some distinction in the reign of King Henry VII; Sent in May 1511 with a thousand men to aid Ferdinand of Spain in an assault on the Moors in North Africa that was abandoned before it was launched, Darcy had accomplished almost nothing and had let his men run amok in an embarrassing drunken riot in Cadiz. He held a command on the right wing at Therouanne in 1513; P.C., and in great favor with the King; subscribed the letter to the Pope praying for the King Henry VIII's divorce, but opposed the dissolution of the monasteries, and finally joined in Aske's rebellion, called the Pilgrimage of Grace. He had lic. on account of age and infirmity, 28 Oct 1535, to absent himself from Parl. Although, as Lord Darcy, he had had a general pardon as recently as 18 Jan 1536/7, he was convicted of high treason on the charge of delivering up Pontefract Castle to the rebels, and was beheaded on Tower Hill, 30 Jun 1537, when, having been attainted, all his honours became forfeited. He was buried in the Church of St. Botolph, Aldgate (as was, in 1561, his younger son, Sir Arthur Darcy), under a costly monument.

Gentility: Nobleman

Position: Knight of the Garter, knighted 1489; made a Knight Banneret by the Earl of Surrey in Scotland 1497, Constable of Bamburgh Castle Jun 1498; Capt. of Berwick 1498-1515; Treasurer of Berwick Sep 1501; Warden of the East Marches Oct 1511; nom. K.G. 18, and inst. 21 May 1509; Warden of the Forests North of Trent Jun 1509. He was summoned to Parl. certainly from 17 Oct 1509, and probably 5 years before, until 3 Nov 1529, by writs directed Thome Darcy de Darcy Chl'r, whereby he became Lord Darcy ofTemple Newsam or Temple Hurst. Barony by Writ. I. 1504 or 1509 to 1537.

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Thomas Darcy, Lord Darcy as played by Com Wilkinson

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Family members:
Father Sir William Darcy
Mother : Euphemia Langton, daughter of John Langton of Farnley, co. York,

1st: Dousabella Tempest, daughter & heiress of Sir Richard Tempest and Mabel Strickland(her brother, Sir Thomas of Sizergh married Agnes Parr)
: Elizabeth Edith Sandys, daughter of Sir William Sandys and Margaret Cheney (whom first married Ralph Neville, Baron Neville)

Children from first marriage to Dousabella Tempest
Son: George Darcy, First Baron Darcy of Aston
b. 1487 - 28 Aug 1558
Son: Sir Arthur Darcy b. 1505/1516 - 3 Apr 1560/61 (married Mary Carew, daughter of Sir Nicholas Carew and Elizabeth Bryan, sister of Sir Francis Bryan)
Son: Richard Darcy
Son: Henry Darcy
Daughter: Mabel Darcy b. 1502 - 20 Jun 1539

Children from 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Edith Sandys

Daughter: Elizabeth Darcy
b.? - 1539 (married Sir Marmaduke of Nuneaton)

Stepchildren through marriage to Elizabeth Edith Sandys
Step-daughter: Cecily Neville b.
Step-son: Ralph, 4th Earl of Westmoreland Neville b. 21 Feb 1497 - between 24 Apr 1550/14 May 1549/55
(married Catherine, Countess of Westmoreland Stafford, daughter of Edward, 3rd Duke of Buckingham Stafford and Eleanor, Duchess of Buckingham Percy)

Robert Aske
Thomas Wolsey (later Darcy betrayed him and helped write a report of accusations against him in 1529)

Henry VIII



Lord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson Lord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson
Lord Darcy as played by Colm WilkinsonLord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson
The Pilgrims Lord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson
The Pilgrims The Pilgrims
The PilgrimsLord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson
Lord Darcy as played by Colm WilkinsonHeads of Constable & Darcy
Lord Darcy
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Pontefract Castle
Pontefract Castle, Wakefield, Yorkshire (in the 17th Century)

Lord Darcy as played by Colm Wilkinson