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Team Joely Richardson & Catherine Parr
Team Catherine Parr is a place for members to show their love for Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's last Queen and the wonderful actress playing her, Joely Richardson. We are like a fan club.
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Team Leader #1: <a href="/account/Neta07" target="_self">Neta07</a>
Team Leader #2: <a href="/account/theothertudorgirl" target="_self">theothertudorgirl</a>
Team Leader #3: <a href="/account/GoldenAged.ER" target="_self">GoldenAged.ER</a>
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Team Parr News
Date: 23.08.2011 Post: Neta07 News: Leader Update
Hey Guys!, I am officialy back, no I didn't desert you I had no internet. I would like to say a big thankyou to
for holding the reigns!
I will be adding more fanart and seeing what I can do soon - I promise!!.
Hope you all have a joyous tudory day!.

Team Poll
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Previous Poll Result
What relationship are YOU most looking forward too, that might be explored in the series?
Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr
with 32.0% Team Catherine were looking forward to seeing Catherine's relationship with her step-daughter Elizabeth