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Team's Jane Seymour and Cate Parr - Joint Page
This page is dedicated to two very inspiring women
who became the home-makers for Henry's family.

The Teams:

Pictures showing similarity & Explanation
The Tudors at ChristmasCatherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson
Both were very caring towards the King's already-living children.
Queen Jane and her beloved daughterQueen Catherine and Princess Elizabeth
Both brought one of Henry's daughters officially back into favour; Jane with Mary and Catherine with Elizabeth.
King Henry & Queen JaneHenry & Catherine
Both were considered Henry's true wives when he died.
Jane with her father & brotherCatherine Parr & Thomas Seymour
Both were Seymours: Jane by birth, Catherine by marriage (to one of Jane's brothers) .
Both died of childbed (puerperal) fever.
Anne gets told her execution is postponedkatherine howard's execution
Both followed Queens who were beheaded. Jane followed the very controversial Anne Boleyn, Catherine followed the frivilous and sweet natured Katherine Howard.
Both were native to England.

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Jane's Instance
Catherine's Instance
Jane and Anne
Jane was a lady-in-waiting to Anne Boleyn before becoming Henry's wife.
Mary Tudor & Catherine Parr - Season 4, Episode 6
Catherine was never a lady-in-waiting to her predecessor, but was part of Princess/The Lady Mary's household before becoming Queen.
Jane was a practicing Catholic.
Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr
Catherine was a devout Protestant, later writing texts promoting the religion.
Jane's Marriage to Henry was her first Marriage
Catherine Parr as portrayed by Joely Richardson
Catherine's marriage to Henry was her third as she had been married to
and widowed by Edward Borough and John Neville.
Jane and Edward
Jane had a child with Henry who ended up being his only living son.
Thomas Seymour & Catherine Parr - Season 4, Episode 6
Catherine didn't have a child with Henry; at the time, people thought he was impotent. But she did have a child with her last husband Sir Thomas Seymour.
Jane's death
Jane was the only wife to die while Henry was still married to her.
Catherine Parr mourns a husband
Catherine was one of Henry's two wives (the other being Anne of Cleves) who outlived Henry.

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