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Team News
Date: 31/10/10 Posted By:Neta07 News: New Page, Deleted Scene
Princess Elizabeth & Queen Catherine
The leaders of Team Richardson/Catherine Parr and our team leaders have made a new joint page for our teams, you can check it out here: Team Cate & Team Elizabeth Joint Page. You can also check out a deleted scene here: <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Ireland TV3 Tudors Deleted Scenes</a>, as it features both ladies (and is pictured above).

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Compare our Laoise Murray to a portrait of Elizabeth
Laoise Murray vs Princess Elizabeth
Compare our Claire MacCauley to a potrait of Princess Elizabeth
Princess Elizabeth/Claire MacCauley
Compare our Kate Duggan to a portrait of Elizabeth
Comparison of Kate Duggan and Princess Elizabeth

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What do YOU think Elizabeth will talk about with her mother
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Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth Tudor
with 42.6% Team Elizabeth thought that Elizabeth and her mother would talk about Elizabeth's possible rule in their ghost scene.