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This Page is dedicated to two cousins who ended up being 2 very important Queens and Victims in Henry's reign.
The Teams

Team Dormer/Anne Boleyn
Team Merchant/Katherine Howard

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Featured Video: Anne Boleyn & Katherine Howard ~ Picked and Crushed by men
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<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="376" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="456" wmode="transparent"/> Editors Note:
The video is not edited the way I usually do. It's more "simple". The idea of doing a tribute about Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard was very constant in my mind but while I listened some music a year ago I could't find the proper song... So I decided to use an instrumental one and this one was the most striking for me and one of the most tragic in the moment. You can see it's linear from the start to the end, this lone aspect isn't original but the main theme was to point out the differents parallels and in fact, there is A LOT. I don't know how much time I spent just to detect the details and the differents reactions and other stuff like the cards and book of prophecy part. But the whole work gave me almost a year... lol, I should wear the name of Perseverance, just like Anne. Though it's a tribute about the two most unfortunate wives of the bloody tyr... erm Henry *apologies, your Majesty *, the video focused on the dynamics of the court, the manipulations and plots, the factions, the downfall of the previous wives and ministers. I know that the cases between Anne and Katherine were not really similar but I favourited the likeness.

Reason for Featuring:
- Fantastic Comparisons of Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard. So going to use some for our comparisons album.
- Just amazingly emotional.
Photo Album of Anne Boleyn And Katherine Howard
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Similarities Between the 2 women
Picture related to similarity
Thomas Howard Both women were nieces of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. He supported their relationship with King Henry to increase his own power, but when they fell from grace, he sacrificed them both.
Thomas Wyatt and Anne BoleynKatherine and Francis Both women were betrothed to other men before they caught Henry's eye: Anne to Henry Percy, Katherine to Francis Dereham.
Re-Used Jewels Both women were ladies-in-waiting to their respective predecessor, Queen Katherine of Aragon and Anne of Cleves, both from other countries than England, whose marriages to Henry were annulled in favor of the lady-in-waiting.
henry & anne b Katherine Howard and King Henry Both cousins caught the eye of King Henry and caused him to violently fall in love with them.
anne boleynKatherine Howard Both Anne and Kitty preferred the French hood to the English gable hood favoured by Jane Seymour.
Anne and Jane BoleynKatherine & Jane Both young queens were served by their kinswoman Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford. Jane helped Anne to get rid of a lady-in-waiting who was about to become Henry's love interest. She also helped Kitty to meet with Thomas Culpepper.
Henry CareyQueen Elizabeth I, c.1592. Both women cared for their younger relatives. Anne took her nephew Henry Carey under her wing and secured him a good education. Kitty took care of Anne's little daughter Elizabeth and often called her "kinswoman".
Anne and Mark SmeatonTorrance Coombs as Thomas Culpepper with Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard Both cousins were accused of adultery with several men, including one relative: Anne with Mark Smeaton, Henry Norris, William Brereton, Francis Weston and her brother George, Kitty with Francis Dereham and her cousin Thomas Culpepper.
Anne BoleynKathryn Howard Both women don't have that many portraits in existence. Portraits of Anne seem to have been copies of one portrait not in existence anymore. Historians debate whether Kitty is actually Kitty in her portraits.
Thomas MoreThomas Cromwell In result of their rise both women made a close friend of Henry's out of favor, with Henry eventually killing his friends.
Mary Tudor Both women never won the favor of Henry's eldest daughter Mary.

Mary never respected Anne as in her eyes she "Usurped" the throne of her mother and made her in disfavor with her father.

Mary never respected Kitty as she was four years Katherine's senior and never saw the need to call her "Mother".
hENRY'S COAT OF ARMS Both were native to England

Differences between the 2 women
Anne's Instance
Kitty's Instance
Anne received a formidable education and was very bright. Anne & Kitty - education Kitty didn't receive a proper education and wasn't intellectually fit for the role of the queen.
Anne broke up Henry's family that consisted of Katherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor. A Tudor Royal Family Kitty never broke up a family, just the marriage of Henry to Anne of Cleves.
Anne was a supporter of the Reformation. Anne & Kitty - religion Kitty came from the traditionally Catholic Howard family.
When Henry expressed his interest in Anne, she made him wait for six years. Anne & Henry
Team Anne & Team Kitty Joint Page - The Tudors Wiki
When Henry became interested in Kitty, they got married within six months.
Anne was made a Marquess, then crowned Queen. Anne & Kitty - Queens Katherine was never made a noble before marriage and was never crowned Queen, as Henry was waiting for her to fulfill the duty of bearing a son.
Anne got pregnant multiple times and gave birth to Elizabeth in 1533. Issue and no issue Katherine never had issue with the King as people thought he was impotent at the time of his marriage.
Anne's charge was trumped up. She didn't commit adultery. Anne & Kitty - charges Kitty's charge was founded on evidence, since she had fallen in love with Thomas Culpepper and compromised herself.
For centuries it has been assumed that Jane Rochford was responsible for George and Anne Boleyn's downfall. However, there is no historic proof that she betrayed them. Jane Rochford Jane Rochford's support of Kitty's affair with Thomas Culpepper is documented in a letter Kitty wrote to Thomas. It led to the young queen's downfall, as well as Jane's own.
Anne was beheaded with a sword. Anne & Kitty - Sword & Axe Kitty was beheaded with an axe.
Anne was followed shortly after with a lady-in-waiting, Jane Seymour. Jane & Henry Henry didn't have anyone waiting in the wings so-to-speak when he executed Katherine.