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Team Merchant/Catherine Howard is an area for team members to 'show their love' for Tamzin Merchant & Catherine Howard. We are like a fan club!
If you are a fan - sign up and join in on the fun!

MEMBERS ONLY - no haters
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We Are Fans Of Catherine Howard & Tamzin Merchant and we are proud to be team members of this small but fantastic team!

We welcome anybody that is a member on the Wiki to join the team and help spread the Catherine/Tamzin love! We have quite a few fun things for you to do around here to please check them out and contribute!

Remember HAVE FUN! Catherine would want you to!
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Since leaving The Tudors Tamzin has gone onto star as Mary Rivers in the upcoming film Jane Eyre, the role of Lyra in the TV movie Red Faction: Origins. She also has in the works the project Stainless Steel in which she plays the role of Tammy Watts.