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JRM as King Henry VIII & MDK as KoA - S1E2
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Season: 1

Original Air Date: 4/8/2007

: Michael Hirst

Director: Charles McDougall

Name of Episode: Simply Henry

Special Guests:


Henry contemplates an alliance with the recently named Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, King of Spain, despite recently claiming loyalty to the Emperor's hated rival - the King of France. This course of action threatens Wolsey's chance to become Pope since he is depending on the support of the french Cardinals. After receiving Machiavelli's "The Prince" as a gift, Henry wonders if it is better for a King to be loved or feared"

Full Recap

The episode begins with a recap of the previous events. Then Henry's voice is heard to say, "You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story you have to go back to the beginning."
The setting is 'Val d'Or' in English Occupied France. Henry approaches for the summit between himself and the King of France. Henry is to ride down alone and meet with the French King. He warns his regiment, "All of you, upon pain of death...stay!"
Henry declares that during the summit he is simply Henry, King of England. Francis counters with the statement, "I am just Francis King of France... and Burgendy." Cardinal Wolsey presides and has both Kings to swear on the Bible they will be true, virtuous and loving. They both swear.
Henry's daughter Mary is brought before the crowd and introduced to Prince Henri Phillipe... her future husband. The Kings' Knights duel with swords for sport and entertainment before gifts are exchanged between the Kings.
Mary Boleyn is told that King Henry noticed her and wants to see her. She tells Anne the good news. Henry praises the song of Thomas Tallis and pays him for his time. Boleyn bends Cardinal Wolsey's ear with Lord Buckingham's tales of treason.
The next days' festivities at the summit include wrestling as Francis tries to goad Henry with how much better France is to England. Henry challenges Francis to a wrestling match and infers that he is a coward. Henry's friend Anthony Knivert, asks, "What bet will you lay?" Compton replies, "2 Kings, 2 Queens and a fool." Knivert says, "Who's the fool?" Compton states, "I don't know yet, but it's a full house."
Henry loses and demands a rematch. He heatedly tells Sir Thomas More he will not sign the treaty. More grabs Henry to gain his full attention and tells him, "All right! If you want the world to know that the King of England is easily changeable, shallow, intemperate, incapable of keeping his word! Then of course I will go and tell them. After all, I am merely your majesty's humble servant!"
Lady Mary Boleyn is brought to Henry's chambers. She has spent the previous two years in the palace of France. Henry and Francis sign the 'Treaty of Universal and Perpetual Peace'.
Henry has a private temper tantrum after the ceremony, and the summit ends. He returns to Whitehall Palace, bringing Mary Boleyn with him. Henry vents to Cardinal Wolsey about the treaty and sends Wolsey to form a new treaty with the Holy Roman Emporer, allying against France.
Thomas Boleyn is summoned to meet Lord Buckingham to gather his opinion about Henry's actions while at the summit. Buckingham threatens Boleyn with feeding him to his dogs if Boleyn betrays him. Cardinal Wolsey reveals Buckingham's plot to Henry.
Henry tells Sir Thoms More he received Machiavelli's book "The Prince" which asks the important question of whether it is better for a King to be feared or loved. He then tells More that Buckingham is going to try and kill him.
Lady Blount is almost full term with Henry's child. Cardinal Wolsey tells her it is the King's decision whether to recognize the child. Her husband, however, will be made an Earl and given estates.
At Buckingham's Estate in Penshurst he is gathering a legion of those loyal to him. More and Wolsey are visiting and Wolsey reveals he is being sent to meet with the New Holy Roman Emporer to draw up the new treaty, uniting England against the French.
Buckingham arrives at the palace for the New Year's celebration. Lady Blount goes into labor. Tension is in the air as Buckingham greets Henry for the New Year. The child is born, a son.
Lord Buckingham is arrested on suspicion of treason. Henry prepares Buckingham's trial. Wolsey suggests Buckingham be convicted of something other than treason. Buckingham would be heavily fined and banished from the court. Henry agrees to the plan.
As Henry plays tennis, Boleyn discovers that Henry does not still visit his daughter Mary's chambers. Christopher Brandon is sent to tell Norfolk he will preside at the trial of Buckingham. Brandon gifts Norfolk with the ring of his father, a man who was executed by Henry's father.
The trial begins with Norfolk presiding. Norfolk sentences Buckingham to death, convicting him of treason. Wolsey seems startled by the verdict, but Buckingham protests the guilty verdict, publicly blaming Wolsey as the one behind it.
Buckingham is brought before the crowds for his beheading as Henry races to see the child born of himself and Lady Blount.
Henry is ecstatic to realize he has a son. Buckingham is killed.
There is celebration in the Palace for the birth of Henry's son. The child shall be known as Henry Fitzroy and is recognized by Henry officially. Queen Catherine enters the celebration and toasts Henry silently before departing.
At St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Pope Alexander is lying ill, dying. Bishop Bonnivet discusses the deal he made with Wolsey and decides as Wolsey is being sent to meet with the Emporer, Henry must be making plans to make the treaty. Henry's breaking of the treaty negates the deal Bonnivet made with Wolsey to support him in his wish to be the next Pope.
Catherine goes to the church for prayer. She desperately wants a child. A son. Wolsey is upset over his loss of being named Pope and is offered words of condolence by Sir Thomas More. The court prepares for departure from Whitehall, they are moving to Hampton Court.
Boleyn and his daughter, Anne, confer about her arrival in Paris. He informs Anne that Henry is tired of Mary and he wants Anne to catch his attention. He counsels Anne to imagine a way to keep Henry's interests prolonged.
Wolsey returns from his meeting with the Emporer, who has agreed to the treaty. Henry will once more be King of England, France and Ireland when he wins the invasion.

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Unanswered Questions

Best Moments

  • The wrestling match between Henry and Francis and Thomas More's subsequent "handling" of Henry.
    Henry and Francis: Strong Kings of Europe.
the kings wrestle

Henry Fitzroy

Henry & Mary

  • The execution of Edward Stafford,Duke of Buckingham
Episode 1.02 - The Tudors Wiki

Best Quotes

  • Princess Mary Tudor -"Are you the Dauphin of France ?
  • Prince Henry Philip-'Oui.'
  • Princess Mary Tudor-'Then I want to kiss you"

  • Charles Brandon -" I am thinking I should behave like the King of France. Which means I should slip readily into the gardens of others and drink water from many fountains "

  • Francis I-'Do you see that young woman over there? Dressed in purple and gold?
  • Henry VIII-'Yes'
  • Francis I-"Her name is Mary Boleyn,the daughter of your ambassador,with her sister Anne. I call Mary my English mare because I ride her so often"

  • Thomas More (to Henry)- "All right, if you want the world to know that the King of England is easily changeable, shallow, intemperate, incapable of keeping his word then of course, I will go an tell him. After all, I am merely his majesty's humble servant"

  • Henry VIII (to Mary Boleyn)- "I have heard a lot about you. You have been at the french court for 2 years. Tell me what french graces have you learned?"
  • Mary Boleyn-" With your majesty's permission? "
  • Henry VIII-''Granted."

  • Henry VIII ( to More) -"Nevertheless he asks an important question. Whether it is better for a king to be feared or loved."

  • Thomas Boleyn-"Mary, does the King still call for you at night? "
  • Mary Boleyn- "No, papa"

  • Henry VIII - "I have a son. I have a son . God, can you hear me? I have a son"

  • Henry VIII - " I always knew it wasn't my fault"

  • Thomas Boleyn-' There's something deep and dangerous in you Anne,those eyes of yours are like dark hooks for the soul.'

  • Cardinal Wolsey -'Thomas,let me give you a little advice.If you want to keep the love of a prince,this is what you must do:You must be prepared to give him the thing you most care for,in all the world.'
  • Thomas More -'The thing I care for most is my integrity.'

  • Cardinal Wolsey -'What did Lord Buckingham say about the King?'
  • Thomas Boleyn -'He told me he has a greater claim to the throne and that,as His Majesty has no male heir and will have none but he,Buckingham will succeed to the throne,but he also told me once that he has considered bringing that eventuality forward more quickly.'
  • Cardinal Wolsey -'In what way?'
  • Thomas Boleyn -'By assassinating His Majesty.'


  • Henry VIII and Francis I did have a wrestling match at the Field of the Cloth of Gold and Francis I did win.
  • The Palace at the Field of the Cloth of Gold was made out of canvas . It covered 10,000 m2 and above its 2m high brick base were 10m high canvas walls.
  • Red wine really did flow from the fountains at the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
  • Mary Boleyn's relationship with Henry VIII in the series is very shortlived but in reality it lasted for around three years ,at least, and it is believed that her two children were fathered by the King.
  • Anthony Knivert is a fictional character who may have been based on Sir Thomas Knyvert ,a favourite of the King ,who died in 1512.
  • Princess Mary was actually promised to the Dauphin in marriage when she was 2 and was a baby.This arrangement did not take place at the Field of the Cloth of Gold as in reality Mary did not attend the summit.
  • Edward Stafford,Duke of Buckingham,was executed on the 17th May 1521 and Henry Fitzroy was born two years earlier ,on the 19th June 1519.
  • Henry VIII's gun-in this episode we see Henry firing a flintlock,yet the first flintlock wasn't made until 1610.
  • Anne Boleyn was recalled from France to marry James Butler not to catch the King's eye.There is no evidence that Thomas Boleyn purposely 'pimped' out his daughters to the King.
  • Lady Blount did not marry her husband,Gilbert Tailboys,until 1522 and was single when she gave birth to Henry Fitzroy.
  • Bishop Bonnivet is fictional.
(source <a class="external" href="http://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.theanneboleynfiles.com)</a>

  • Just minutes after Henry Fitzroy is born,he is held up and the baby's navel has already healed instead of looking recently cut after the birth.
  • While Anne Boleyn is talking to her father, he is holding a hawk.It is actually a Harris Hawk ( Parabuteo unicinctus) of American origin,which wasn't known in England until the 16th century.
  • At the summit meeting, when Mary is meeting her future husband she gets up on the table and then it shows Wolsey saying Princess Mary and switches back to her getting back up on the table,which appears to be the same shot it showed before.Actually in the first shot,she's climbing up onto the chair placed at the end of the table.When the camera switches back she's stepping from the chair onto the table.
  • When Duke of Buckingham is being executed, Knivert pulls his hands from the chopping block and holds them out of the side,but in the very next shot you can see his hands still gripping the block.
  • When Duke of Buckingham is arrested the fur collar on his cloak goes from laying flat on his back to flipped up around his neck between shots.
  • This episode is rated TV-MA for violence and adult content.
(source<a class="external" href="http://www.tv.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> www.tv.com</a>)


Queen Claude of France was not the tall bronzed exotic goddess as she is depicted in the series. In reality Claude was short and hunchbacked due to Sclerosis of the spine and was almost constantly pregnant.

The "crook" Wolsey carries winds into a Tudor rose, however, he is a Cardinal and crooks (or croziers) are carried by Bishops.


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Henry with Francis I, King of France
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Princess Mary Tudor
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Anne & Mary Boleyn
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More focusses Henry after the wrestling match with Francis
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Henry notices Mary Boleyn
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Thomas Boleyn encourages his daughter Anne
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Henry is overjoyed, he has a son
Queen Katherine and Queen Claude
Queens of England and France, Katherine and Claude
Katherine and Claude
Katherine of Aragon and Claude of Brittany
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