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Season 3 was over faster than you can say "Pass me that axe," but you can keep the momentum going by testing your Tudors knowledge on our lively Tudors Superfan Quiz #3!!

The Tudors Superfan Quiz
Can you make it to the end or will you, too, fall victim to the madness of Henry VIII? Good luck and Godspeed, Lords and Ladies, on your treacherous journey to Tudors Superfandom!

King Henry VIII as played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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The Tudors Superfan Quiz
The Tudors Superfan Quiz
The Tudors Superfan QuizQuestion #1: Where was the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion located?
Take your time, Lords and Ladies -- you don't want to upset the King with the wrong answer...

A. Northern England

The Pilgrims

B. Ireland

C. Scotland

D. Southern England

The Tudors Superfan Quiz