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Predictions for Season 3
The Tudors Season 2 is ending in blood, but only 2 of the6 wives of Henry VIII have been covered so far! And don't forget Henry's children by Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn: Mary and Elizabeth.
What will happen in the upcoming season?
What faction at court will win the King's ear & how will they do it?
Share your thoughts & opinions for Season 3 of The Tudors!
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The King Himself: Henry VIII

Henry<a href="/thread/1524176/Will+Henry+share+his+feminine+side%3F" target="_self">Will Henry share his feminine side with side with his spawn?</a>
Posted by<a href="/account/antoinette2" target="_self">antoinette2</a>
Fat Henry<a href="/thread/1524203/Will+or+will+not+Henry+be+fat+in+Season+3%3F" target="_self">Will or will not Henry be fat in Season 3?</a>
Henry<a href="/thread/1542460/Will+Henry%27s+antics+in+the+bedroom+continue%3F" target="_self">Will Henry's antics in the bedroom continue outside of his current wife's chambers in Season 3?</a> the king is injured<a href="/thread/1524326/Henry%27s+Jousting+Accident" target="_self">How will the results of Henry's jousting accident in Season 2 affect him in Season 3?</a>

"I trust your loyalty to be true..."

Cromwell<a href="/thread/1524191/Will+Season+3+reveal+Cromwell%27s+actions+to+be+absolute+loyalty..." target="_self">Will Season 3 reveal Cromwell's actions to be absolute loyalty to the King, or something more sinister?</a> BrandonCharles Brandon: How will he handle Henry's actions in Season 3?
Thomas Boleyn<a href="/thread/1542478/Will+we+see+Thomas+Boleyn+again+in+Season+3%3F" target="_self">Will we see Thomas Boleyn in Season 3?</a> <a href="/thread/1551170/Which+character%27s+absence+will+have+the+most+negative+impact%3F" target="_self">George & Wyatt ArrestedWhich character's absence will have the most negative impact in Season 3?</a>
Posted by <a href="/account/QueenCatherine" target="_self">QueenCatherine</a>

"You think I should be Queen?"

JS<a href="/thread/1524147/Will+we+see+anything+remotely+resembling+a+real+Jane%3F" target="_self">Will we see anything remotely resembling a real Jane?</a>
Posted by <a href="/account/antoinette2" target="_self">antoinette2</a>
JS<a href="/thread/1521384/With+one+wife+divorced+and+abandoned+and+another+beheaded..." target="_self">With one wife divorced and displaced and another beheaded, how do you think the writers will portray Jane being treated by Henry in Season 3?</a>
henry&jane talking or about to kiss<a href="/thread/1549155/How+will+Henry+handle+Jane%27s+death+in+Season+3%3F" target="_self">How will Henry handle Jane's death in Season 3?</a> <a href="/thread/1549164/Jane+on+her+Deathbed" target="_self">The Tudors Predictions for next season - The Tudors WikiWhat concerns, worries, or regrets will Jane display on her deathbed, if any?</a>

"As for the Flander's Mare..."

<a href="/thread/1524159/Will+Anne+of+Cleves+be+made+beautiful..." target="_self">Anne of ClevesWill Anne of Cleves be made beautiful, or will she be Henry's "Flanders Mare"?</a> <a href="/thread/1552916/Anne+of+Cleves%3A+Strong-willed+or+Submissive%3F" target="_self">Anne of ClevesWill Anne of Cleves be portrayed as strong-willed or submissive?</a>
<a href="/thread/1534634/How+soon+do+you+think+it+will+be+before+Cromwell+begins+to+fall%3F" target="_self">Anne & CromwellHow soon in Season 3 will the downfall of Cromwell be depicted?</a> <a href="/thread/1552954/Will+we+see+any+weariness+on+Anne+of+Cleves%27+part%3F" target="_self">The Tudors Predictions for next season - The Tudors WikiWill we see any weariness on Anne of Cleves' part in marrying Henry?</a>

The Howards Rise Again

<a href="/thread/1524169/Will+we+get+a+glimpse+of+Katherine+Howard+in+Season+Three%3F" target="_self">Katherine HowardWill we get a glimpse of the charming but dim Katherine Howard in Season 3?</a>
Posted by <a href="/account/antoinette2" target="_self">antoinette2</a>
<a href="/thread/1524382/What+happened+to+Thomas+Howard%3F" target="_self">HowardWhat happened to Thomas Howard? And will he feature more prominently in Season 3?</a>
<a href="/thread/1565441/Henry+Czerny" target="_self">If Henry Czerny does not return for Season 3, who might portray Thomas Howard?</a> <a href="/thread/1565447/Katherine+Howard" target="_self">If she makes an appearance in Season 3, what actress do you believe might portray Katherine Howard?</a>

The Next Generation

<a href="/thread/1524220/Will+we+see+Bloody+Mary+arising+in+Season+3%3F" target="_self">MaryWill we see Mary, already emotionally damaged, growing into the disturbed, future Bloody Mary?</a>
Posted by <a href="/account/antoinette2" target="_self">antoinette2</a>
<a href="/thread/1524224/Elizabeth%27s+Unknown+Childhood" target="_self">Little ElizabethWill Elizabeth's unknown childhood reveal her development as a survivor?</a>
Posted by <a href="/account/antoinette2" target="_self">antoinette2</a>
<a href="/thread/1524231/Prince+Edward%3A+Sickly+or+Robust%3F" target="_self">Will Prince Edward be portrayed as a sickly child, or a robust young prince?</a> <a href="/thread/1524243/Mary%27s%2C+Elizabeth%27s%2C+and+Edward%27s+relationship" target="_self">How will Mary's, Elizabeth's, and Edward's relationship to one another be portrayed?</a>

Treading Where Others Have Gone Before: The Seymours

<a href="/thread/1529708/What+do+you+think+about+John+Seymour%3F" target="_self">Boleyns & SeymoursWill John Seymour be portrayed as ruthless and ambitious as Thomas Boleyn was?</a> <a href="/thread/1549171/The+Seymour+Scandal" target="_self">Seymours Will John Seymour's past "scandal" (his affair with his son's wife) be brought up?</a>
<a href="/thread/1565993/Thomas+Seymour" target="_self">Will we begin to see the ambitious competitiveness between the Seymour brothers, Edward and Thomas?</a> <a href="/thread/1565993/Thomas+Seymour" target="_self">Will we see Thomas Seymour in Season 3, and if so, who should portray him?</a>