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The Tudors Around the World - United Kingdom - The Tudors Wiki

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The Tudors Around the World - United Kingdom - The Tudors Wiki
Welcome to
The Tudors

In the
United Kingdom
(England, Scotland,
Wales & N. Ireland)

UK Map

Tower of London

The Tudors Around the World - United Kingdom - The Tudors Wiki
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The Tudors Around the World - United Kingdom - The Tudors Wiki
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The Tudors Around the World - United Kingdom - The Tudors Wiki
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The Tudors Around the World - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Around the World - The Tudors Wiki
Why We Love The Tudors In The United Kingdom
It's our history!!!
The Tudors is some of the great history in Britain

Our Claim to Tudor Fame
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Actors & Actresses

London, England
Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn

Jersey Islands
Charles Brandon Henry Cavill
Leeds, Yorkshire
James Frain as Thomas Cromwell
Oxford, England
Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour

Dover, England
Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves

Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard

London, England
Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr

Middlesex, England
Gabrielle Anwar as Princess Margaret Tudor

Cambridge, England
Jeremy Northam as Thomas MoreSteven Waddington

London, England
Callum Blue as Anthony Knivert

Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Steven Waddington as Edward Stafford

Jamie Thomas King as Thomas WyattJames Frain

London, England
Joe Van Moyland as Thomas Tallis

Stornoway, Scotland
Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer

London, England
Simon Ward as Stephen Gardiner

Yorkshire, England
Max Brown as Edward Seymour

Andrew McNair as Edward Seymour

Omagh, N.I.
Gerard McSorely as Robert Aske

Staffordshire, England
Charlotte Salt as Ursula Misseldon

Glasgow, Scotland
David O'Hara as Henry Howard

Sebastian Armesto as Emperor Charles V of Spain

London, England
Gabriella Wright as Queen Claude of France

Ruta Gedmintas as Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount

Cardiff, Wales
Perdita Weeks as Mary Boleyn

Birmingham, England
Anna Brewster as Anna Buckingham

Tyne and Wear, England

George Irving as William Kingston

Warwickshire, England
Kate O'Toole as Margaret Pole

Lincolnshire. England
Kevin Doyle as John Constable

Maude Hirst as Kat Ashley

Northern Ireland, UK
Frank McCusker as Thomas Risley

York, England
David Bradley as Will Somers

Monmouth, Wales, UK
Emma Stansfield as Anne Askew

Catherine Steadman as Joan Bulmer

Michael Hirst - Creator of the Series, England
Michael Hirst

The historical Main characters of The Tudors are british.
Main Characters of The Tudors