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Team Wyatt & King Homepage
Team Wyatt/ King Homepage

General Notice
Team Wyatt/ King is an area for team members to 'show their love' for the Court Poet, Thomas Wyatt, and the actor who plays him, Jamie Thomas King.
Basically, it's a fan club, and if you are a fan, you are more than welcome to sign up!
Members ONLY - NO Haters

Team Leader: <a href="/account/Reggie19" target="_self">Reggie19</a>
Supporting Leader: <a href="/account/ravenhair" target="_self">ravenhair</a>

Team News
Posted By: <a href="/account/Reggie19" target="_self">Reggie19</a> (Team Leader)

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Team Pages
Fan Pages:
Members of Team Wyatt/ King
Team Wyatt/ King Ideas and Suggestions
Team Wyatt/ King Holiday Messages
Team Wyatt/ King Past Polls and Results
Fan Videos of Thomas Wyatt
More Fan Videos of Thomas Wyatt
Fan Art of Thomas Wyatt
Fan Icons of Thomas Wyatt

Pages of Thomas Wyatt:
<a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">The Life of Sir Thomas Wyatt (external link)</a>
Historical Profile of Thomas Wyatt I
Historical Profile of Thomas Wyatt II
Poetry of Thomas Wyatt
<a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Poetry of Thomas Wyatt (external link)</a>

Pages of Jamie Thomas King:
Biography of Jamie Thomas King/ James King
Gallery of Jamie Thomas King/ James King
Jamie Thomas King's Many Other Faces

Pages of Thomas Wyatt (in the Tudors):
'Poetry in Motion' Thomas Wyatt's works in The Tudors
Thomas Wyatt in Season 1
Thomas Wyatt in Season 2

Pages with Other Teams:
Team Cromwell and Team Wyatt - Joint Page
Team Cromwell/ Brandon/ Wyatt - Partnership Page

Timeline of Thomas Wyatt:
Poet, Diplomat, Statesman, Soldier, Scholar