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The purpose of a crown or tiara has always been, to portray the wearer as someone special, someone ordained by the gods. Those origins are as ancient as society itself, and every culture had some form of headdress or crown. The term `tiara' originates in ancient Persia, where only the king was allowed to tie his tiara up so that it stood erect. It was tall and conical in shape and richly ornamented with jewels. Later papal tiaras had a similar shape.
Tiaras can be traced back to antiquity when they crowned heads of royal mummies in ancient Egypt, and Grecian goldsmiths created them for statues of their Gods and priests. The Greeks awarded tiaras to the victors of contests, and people of high rank wore them at special occasions. The Romans also adopted the tiara, and used it to denote rank and honour. In Napoleonic times, tiaras which were made for women of the court were inspired by ancient Rome, designs being symmetrical and simple, with decorative elements such as laurel and olive leaves.

*NB. In Tudor times, headdresses like hoods, coifs & hats were more common than tiaras
(See: HOODS & Headdresses on The Tudors )

Catherine Parr
Catherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr - JewelleryCatherine Parr - Tiara/JewelleryCatherine Parr - Tiara/Jewellery
Catherine Parr - Tiara/Jewellery Catherine Parr Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson

Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard as played by Tamzin Merchant Katherine Howard As Portrayed By Tamzin Merchant Katherine Howard as played by Tamzin Merchant
Katherine Howard - Season 4 Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard
Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard As Portrayed By Tamzin Merchant TIARAS of the Tudor Ladies Katherine Howard as played by Tazmin Merchant

Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves Tiara Anne of Cleves Anne of Cleves - Hair and Makeup

Anne of Cleves - Tiara

Jane Seymour

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
Jane's tiara
Jane - Tiara
Jane Seymour Queen Jane's Tiara - a copy of the Vladimir tiara
Wearing a tiara inspired by the famous Vladimir Tiara owned by Elizabeth II
*see below
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour as played by Anita Briem
Jane Seymour as played by Anita Briem

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Turquoise Tiara
Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn's tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn - Tiara

Queen Katherine of Aragon
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine of AragonKatherine of Aragon as played by Maria Doyle KennedyMaria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine of Aragon

Princess Mary Tudor
Mary - TiaraMary - TiaraPrincess Mary - Tiara
Mary - TiaraPrincess Mary as played by Sarah BolgerMary - Tiara
Princess Mary - TiaraMary - TiaraMary - Tiara
Princess Mary - Tiara
Princess Mary's Tiara

Princess Mary Tudor tiara

Mary - Tiara

Mary - Tiara

Princess Maragaret
Princess Margaret played by Gabrielle Anwar

Queen Claude
Anne Stanhope - Season 4, Episode 1
Ursula Misseldon as by played Charlotte Salt
Catherine Brandon's Tiara
Lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine ParrMary Boleyn Tiara
Jane Boleyn as played by Joanne King

Tiaras by Goffrey C. Munn
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

Tiaras actually worn by Royalty
Queen Elizabeth II owns the largest and most
valuable collection of tiaras in the world.
This section only has photos of the tiaras.
Information can be found at

Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara
[original design]
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

More photos and information on ALL tiaras:
More British Royal Tiaras

Vladimir tiara


TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki


Greville-Boucheron - Tiaras of the Tudors Ladies


Oriental Circlet of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Burmese Tiara of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Burmese ruby tiara was ordered to be made by the Royal jewellers, Gerrard's, by the Queen in 1973.

Burmese Tiara of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The design of the jewel is in the form of a wreath of roses, as the Roses of England (Lancaster and York). It is conventional, yet detailed. There are clusters of rubies in the centre of each flower, and the petals are made using brilliant diamonds.

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

The 96 rubies set into the tiara were a present from the Burmese people. The number of stones represent the number of diseases that the Burmese people believe can afflict the human body. They credit the ruby with prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness, but also against evil.

The tiara contains 9g diamonds and rubies done in the shape of flowers. The diamonds were a gift from the Nizam of Hyderbad.

When the Queen wears the tiara, she accessories it with her many ruby necklaces and bracelets. Since the passing of the Queen Mother, the Queen has worn the magnificent ruby necklace, known as 'The State Rubies', left to the Crown by Queen Victoria. The Queen Mother wore the Rubies often with the Oriental Circlet, also from Queen Victoria's collection.

HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen during a state dinner in 2009; with another Ruby collection.
Delhi Durbar tiara
HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck
The circlet was made by Garrards, especially for Queen Mary during the Delhi Durbar on December 12,1911 - hence its name. Durbar is Hindi, for a 'ceremonial gathering to pay homage'.
The gathering was to install King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India. King George V admired this piece and referred to it as "May's best tiara". It was originally worn with detachable emerald drops and at the Durbar, Queen Mary wore it over a crimson velvet cap.

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
The tiara was worn by the Queen Mother a few times after she became Queen consort. It wasn't her favorite.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in the Delhi Durbar Tiara
The tiara seems to be on permanent loan toCamilla, Duchess of Cornwallby the Queen. When Prince Charles becomes King, Camilla will have full access to all the royal jewels.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
Papyrus Tiara


This tiara was made in 1925. It was given as a wedding present to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She then gave it to her daughter Princess Margaret.
It is a tiara with papyrus-shaped mounts framed in scrolls separated with palmettes. The diamond trails arch above, surmounted by diamonds and a pearl.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother
Queen Mother as Duchess of York before her husband became King George VI.

HRH Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom
Princess Margaretwore the tiara frequently; this photo includes another favorite of hers,The Teck Necklace
The Lady Serena, Viscountess Linley, nee Serena StanhopeLater, it was lent to Serena Stanhope for her wedding to David, Viscount Linley (now Earl of Snowden); Princess Margaret's son, in 1993.

The tiara somehow made it's way back to Her Majesty as it has been seen on The Duchess of Cambridge a few times now, as well.

This tiara was purchased for
Sarah, Duchess of York.
Sarah, Duchess of York


Sarah, Duchess of York
Princess Anne

The Cartier Aquamarine
Pineflower Tiara
A gift from the Queen and subsequently shortened at the sides.

HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal
HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal
Princess Anne, Princess RoyalAutumn Phillips
Autumn Kelly, wife of Peter Phillips.

Fife tiara
Given to
Princess Louise of Wales

(below) on her marriage by her husband the Duke of Fife.
Louise was the aunt of George VI, the current Queen's father.
Princess Louise
The Illustrated London News of August 3, 1889 has the following description "The Prince and Princess of Wales presented their daughter with a beautiful tiara of fine brilliants, of elegant design of alternating and graduating rays, varying from nearly two inches long in the centre to half an inch at the extreme ends. By a simple arrangement it also forms a beautiful and graceful necklace."

More information:
More British Royal Tiaras

Poltimore Tiara


TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
Originally worn by the Baroness of Poltimore--it was made by Garrard in 1870.
The tiara went up for auction in 1959 by the Hon. 4th Baron Poltimore.

This grand tiara was famous mostly for its more recent owner, the queen's sister - HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden; who died in 2002.

It was recently sold by Christie's Auction House after the death of Princess Margaret

More information:
More British Royal Tiaras


TIARAS of the Tudor Ladies

This tiara was made for Queen Mary in 1919. It is not, as has sometimes been claimed,
called, "The George III/Hanover Fringe"; which would have been made with diamonds that had
belonged to George III and/or the Hanover monarchs. When Victoria became Queen,
the rule of the Kingdom of Hanover went to the next male heir, skipping Victoria. Her uncle,
Ernest Augustus, fifth son of George III, became King of Hanover after the death of William IV.
The jewels of Ernest's mother, Queen Charlotte were disputed--Victoria got the brunt of it.
Ernest thought, as a male heir, that he should receive the jewels. Victoria considered
them "Crown Jewels". Some jewels were returned, but Victoria mostly kept them by
declaring them to be "Crown Jewels".

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
[Photo: Courtesy of Ursula; The Royal Magazine]
Therefore, "Queen Mary's Fringe" re-uses diamonds taken from a necklace/tiara purchased by
Queen Victoria from Collingwood & Co as a wedding present for Queen Mary in 1893.
[Source: The Royal Collection © 2008]

The necklace was worn as a tiara on Queen Mary's wedding day. "The Adelaide Fringe", which
this tiara has also been called,used actual diamonds from the Hanover collection. It was owned
by Queen Adelaide, the last Hanover Queen Consort. The Fringe was personally gifted to
Queen Victoria. The Fringe passed to the Consorts--meaning, Queen Mary,
eventually had access to the Fringe.

Queen Adelaide, consort of King Willima IV, wore the fringe as a necklace.
After being used by Queen Victoria and Queen consort Alexandra,
Mary changed the Fringe back to a tiara--but, was not completely satisfied.
Therefore, Mary took her own wedding gift and had this tiara made just for her!
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
In August 1936, Queen Mary passed the tiara along to her daughter-in-law Queen Elizabeth
(later known as The Queen Mother - seen above). Her daughter-in-law would never wear
most of the collection of Royal Jewels due to Queen Mary outliving her husband AND
her own son, King George VI.

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
[HELLO! Magazine]

Queen Elizabeth later loaned it to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, the future Elizabeth II,
as "something borrowed" for her wedding in 1947.
Princess Elizabeth's gown was made of ivory duchess satin with a tight-fitting bodice and
heart-shaped neckline. The skirt and train were embroidered with thousands of pearls and
crystals in an intricate floral pattern.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
There is a famous story about how the tiara wire broke as the Princess was dressing for the wedding.
The court jeweller was standing by in case of any emergency and immediately took the tiara along
with several court policemen to a side room to fix the tiara. If you look at her wedding pictures
you can see exactly where the tiara broke as it is off.

Princess Anne's wedding in 1973
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The Queen Mother later also loaned it to her granddaughter Princess Anne for her first marriage to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.

The Queen Mother died in 2002 and the tiara passed to HM Elizabeth II. She has worn it a few times since her mother's death. No other Royal has worn the tiara since; at least, not yet!


TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The tiara is entirely a composite with the central element being a gift from Lady Sarah Spencer,
the great-aunt of Albert, Viscount Althorp (future 7th Earl of Spencer) to his bride,
Lady Cynthia [Hamilton] upon their marriage in 1919.

The two elements at the ends are said to have come from a tiara owned by Lady Francis,
Viscountess Montague. The two pieces somehow ended up in the hands of
Lady Sarah Spencer in 1875. Those pieces were also passed on to
Lady Cynthia and Lord Albert as well.

It was later remounted and four other elements were made to match the pieces
given by Lady Sarah Spencer in 1937. Diamond tulips and stars shapes surrounded
by scrolls became the final version. The tiara became famous for being
worn as a wedding tiara within the Spencer family. However, Diana's mother,
Frances, did not wear the tiara when she married into the family in 1954.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The tiara was worn by the 8th Earls daughter, Lady Diana Spencer,when she married
The Prince of Wales in 1981. Diana chose her family's tiara over the "Cambridge
Lover's Knot" which was her other choice for a wedding tiara. Diana complained
that the Lover's Knot was too heavy and it gave her a headache. Also, Diana
may have felt an attachment to her family's own tiara. It surely was stunning
and the lights in the Cathedral created a beautiful sparkle on Lady Diana's special day.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
[Source: <a class="external" href="http://people.com/royals/princess-dianas-spencer-tiara-history-and-photos/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">PEOPLE Royals</a>, 2016. Left to Right: Lady Sarah Spencer, Lady Jane Spencer and Miss Lockwood.]
It became a family favorite for weddings. Subsequently, Miss Victoria Lockwood wore the tiara
when she married Diana's brother, the future 9th Earl of Spencer, in 1989.
Diana's sisters, Lady Jane (m.1978) and Lady Sarah (m.1980), also wore the tiara at their weddings.

The tiara doesNOTbelong to the Royal family. It is the property of the Spencer family.
It was loaned out to Diana after she became Princess of Wales. She wore it frequently
as an alternative to the "Cambridge Lover's Knot". When her divorce from
the Prince of Wales was finalized, the tiara went back to the Spencer estate.
Sadly, Princess Diana would pass away in an automobile accident in 1997.
The tiara has not been worn by anyone since!
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki


TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
SOPHIE RHYS-JONES married the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Edward on the 19th of June, 1999, at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Edward was created Earl of Wessex and Sophie would take on the title of HRH The Countess of Wessex.Sophie descends from the Lancastrian King, Henry IV of England, son of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster [son of Edward III] and his first wife, Lady Blanche of Lancaster. That connection would make Sophie a distant cousin of King Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, and Catherine Parr. Sophie is also distantly related to the family of the Viscounts Molesworthby the descent of her paternal grandmother – Mrs. Margaret Patricia [Molesworth] Rhys-Jones (1904–1985) – from Robert Molesworth, 1st Viscount Molesworth [1656-1725]. Molesworth is also an ancestor of The Duke of Cambridge through his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Comments as to Sophie and Diana's similar looks have been made and continue to be.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
[Source: RJOTW, '<a class="external" href="http://members2.boardhost.com/royal-jewels/msg/archive/1425357348.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Regal Circlet - Queen Victoria</a>']

From Jewellery 1789-1910
by Shirley Bury
"In 1853, Queen Adelaide's Grand or Regal circlet was reconstructed by Garrard's, its crest of alternating crosses and fleurs-de-lis made detachable to allow for the insertion of the anthemion brooch and smaller matching devices (Plate 173)"

The regal circlet of Queen Victoria was actually made for Queen Adelaide [consort of William IV, uncle of Victoria]. In 1831, Adelaide commissioned the circlet from Rundell Jewellers. The circlet used the diamonds from Adelaide's dismantled Coronation Crown. The diamonds had originally been set in a large diamond stomacher that was commissioned by Queen Charlotte; William's mother. The stomacher featured Queen Caroline's diamonds and the Cumberland Diamond.
In 1837, the circlet passed to the new Queen, Victoria. In 1852, Victoria had the circlet dismantled. It was deemed easier to create a wholly new circlet than to try and remodel ‘Queen Adelaide’s Circlet’ to hold the Koh-i-Nor diamond. This new regal circlet also contained the Cumberland Diamond set in the front of the band.In 1857, it was changed again after Hanover won the claim for Queen Charlotte's jewellery--the diamonds, which included the Cumberland, were turned over to the King of Hanover. In 1858, the circlet was recreated with diamonds supplied by Gerrards and Queen Victoria. The Cumberland was replaced by a large diamond given to Victoria by the Sultan of Turkey.

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
[Queen Mary wore Victoria's circlet in 1911 (L)--then her own circlet thereafter (R)]

In 1901, the circlet was passed to Queen Alexandra who had her own circlet made--so, the circlet passed to Queen Mary in 1911. She wore it to the opening of Parliament. In 1936, Queen Elizabeth dismantled the circlet and used the stones for her consort crown. The dismantled circlet is now part of the <a href="https://www.royalcollection.org.uk/collection/75003/grand-or-regal-circlet" target="_self">MUSEUM OF LONDON</a>[RCIN 75003]
[Source: RJOTW '<a class="external" href="http://members2.boardhost.com/royal-jewels/msg/archive/1340930741.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">British Circlets</a>']
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The photo above this one shows the empty case without the Greek honeysuckle fillers. This photo shows the pieces of the Wessex tiara photoshopped into the empty fitted honeysuckle case for a visual guide.

"There were also four Greek anthemion ornaments, one of which was designed to accommodate the Koh-i-Noor in a frame of small brilliant-cut stones, which was detachable. " [Munn, pg 98]
According to Ingrid Seward in an article she wrote for Majesty magazine (vol.20 no.7 p.15):
"A diamond tiara from the Queen's private collection held the veil of silk tulle spotted with crystals in place even as it was buffeted by the wind."
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The Greek honeysuckle shaped pieces were made to replace the fleur-de-lis on the Regal circlet. After the circlet's stones were taken out, the honeysuckle pieces remained. Queen Elizabeth must have seen a use for them as part of a tiara -- as the pieces became the tiara Sophie wore at her wedding, etc. Personally, I do not like how the middle honeysuckle is mounted on the fourth piece of the collection.


Sarah, Duchess of York nee Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson was born into the aristocratic circle of Britain.Her father, Major Ferguson,descended from the 6th Earl of Buccleuch through his mother, Marian Montagu-Douglas-Scott. Marian wasthe first cousin of Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott who became HRH The Duchess of Gloucester upon her marriageto the current Queen's uncle, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
[son of George V and Queen Mary].
Even Sarah's mother, Susan, had aristocratic blood as thegranddaughter of the 8th Viscount Powerscourt.

Through her parents lineage, Sarah shared ties with her brother-in-law's wife, Princess Diana. Both had ties to illegitimate children of the Stuart Kings.

On the day of her wedding, Sarah rode to the Abbey with a garland of
fresh flowers on her head. She was escorted down the aisle by her father. She wore the garland throughout the wedding as a status that she was not yet a Royal Princess.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
It was only until after the signing of the marriage license in St. Edward the Confessor's Chapel
that she put on the tiara. Sarah walked into the Abbey as a commoner and came out a "Princess". Her official title was HRH The Duchess of York.

The tiara was picked out by Sarah. It was made by the Crown jewellers, Garrard's. The tiara was the one and only diadem that Sarah wore. For some reason she wasn't loaned any of the Queen's tiaras. There are theories--none have been confirmed. The actual design of the diamond tiara--made of leafy diamond scrolls and diamond collets mounted in platinum. It was a grand introduction for the British royal family's newest member, and for their newest tiara addition.

The couple was divorced in 1996. Sarah wore the tiara again in 2001 to Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.
The tiara hasn't been seen since.
Royal watchers hope that Sarah still has the tiara for her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, who are respectfully
Princesses of the United Kingdom in their own right.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki


TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
The ‘Halo Scroll’ tiaraby Cartier

Queen Mother in the Scroll Tiara

The 'Halo Scroll' was made for the Duchess of York, the current Queen's mother in 1936. The tiara formed as a band of 16 graduated scrolls set with 739 brilliants and 149 baton diamonds, each scroll being divided by a graduated brilliant, with a large brilliant at the center.
In the Cartier archive it was noted the Duchess bought the tiara herself on the 24th of August. From the time of her marriage, the Duchess, later Queen Elizabeth, had her own account with Cartier. Her purchases and commissions were written out by hand in large leather bound ledgers. Rather endearingly however, once a year, the balance owed was transferred over to her husband's account and he paid her bill.

The scroll diamond tiara is also known as the "Queen Mother's Scroll Tiara", it was one of a handful of tiaras that the Queen Mother wore after she was married.
[Source: <a href="https://www.royal-magazin.de/england/royalweddings.htm" target="_self">Royal Magazine</a>]

The tiara was presented to Princess Elizabeth (now The Queen) by her mother on the occasion of her 18th birthday.The Queen never worn the tiara. Instead, the Queen lent it out to her sister, Princess Margaret, until she received the Poltimore tiara. The Queen also lent it to her daughter, Princess Anne, until she was given the Greek Key tiara which belonged to the Duke of Edinburgh's mother, Princess Alice of Greece.
TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
On 29 April 2011, the Queen loaned Miss Middleton the Cartier Halo tiara for her wedding to her grandson, Prince William of Wales. William was bestowed the Dukedom of Cambridge.
Catherine's official title became HRH The Duchess of Cambridge upon her marriage.

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