PREDICTIONS for the Tudors Season 4

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Predictions for Season 4

Henry VIII and Katherine Howard - Season 3

The Tudors Season 3 is once again ending in blood,
but the story isn't over yet!
Two more Tudor Queens are yet to be portrayed
and the Tudor children are all in their formative years.
What will happen in the upcoming season?
What faction at court will win the King's ear
& how will they do it?
Will Henry voice any regrets on his deathbed?

Share your thoughts & opinions for Season 4 of The Tudors!
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All the King's Horses, and All the King's Men...

Francis Bryan and the King
<a href="/thread/2963875/What+will+become+of+Francis+Bryan+in+Season+4%3F" target="_self">How will Francis Bryan fair in the upcoming season? Will he pay for picking Katherine Howard as Henry's new bride?</a>
Katherine Howard

<a href="/thread/2963881/Introducing+Thomas+Culpepper%3F" target="_self">How (or will) Thomas Culpepper be introduced?</a>
Thomas Cranmer

<a href="/thread/2963884/Will+we+ever+see+Thomas+Cranmer+again%3F" target="_self">Might we see Thomas Cranmer again this season? Or will we continue to hear that he is "off on business?"</a>
Charles Brandon Season 3

<a href="/thread/2963888/Bromance+for+Life%3F" target="_self">Will Charles Brandon continue to be the King's BFF? Or is nothing sacred?</a>

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Cardinal von Waldburg and Reginald Pole

<a href="/thread/2963896/Henry+VIII+and+Rome+in+Season+4" target="_self">How will the Catholic Church react to Henry this season? Will there be anymore plots?</a>
Reginald Pole as played by Mark HIldreth

<a href="/thread/2963950/Reginald+Pole%3A+Forgiveness+or+Revenge%3F" target="_self">Will Reginald Pole seek revenge for his family's deaths? Or will he reach out to the King, or possibly, to Princess Mary?</a>
Henry's Ulcer

<a href="/thread/2963906/Henry+and+the+Ulcer" target="_self">How much more grief will Henry's ulcerated leg continue to give him?</a>
Henry VIII
<a href="/thread/2963910/Henry+at+War+with+France%3F" target="_self">Will we see Henry's war with France, and if so, will we see him lose his most precious naval vessel, the Mary Rose?</a>

The course of true love never did run smooth...

Charles & Catherine
<a href="/thread/2963934/What+will+Catherine+Brandon+do+now%3F" target="_self">Will Catherine Brandon continue to put up with her husband? And if she doesn't, will Charles take another? Submitted by karenofbethany</a>
Henry screams as More is executed
<a href="/thread/2963937/Will+we+feel+sorry+for+Henry+when+Kitty+cheats%3F" target="_self">Will we feel sorry for Henry when we find out that Katherine Howard was cheating on him? And if so, will our pity last? Submitted by frogy23</a>
Philip of Bavaria
<a href="/thread/2963958/Will+we+see+Duke+Phillip+of+Bavaria+again%3F" target="_self">Will we see Duke Phillip of Bavaria again, come to continue his pursuit of Princess Mary? - Submitted by audietudor and PrincessCordelia</a>
catherine parr
<a href="/thread/2963964/Catherine+Parr%3F+Anyone%3F" target="_self">Who will portray Henry's sixth and final wife, the survivor Catherine Parr? Will she be involved at any point in the series with Thomas Seymour?</a>

Sibling Affection...Sibling Rivalry

Mary & Elizabeth
<a href="/thread/2963977/This+is+the+Tudor%22s%22%2C+right%3F" target="_self">Will we see more of the Tudor children this season? Or will we only catch occasional glimpses of them once again?</a>
Henry & Edward
<a href="/thread/2963984/Edward%3A+Like+his+father%2C+or..." target="_self">Will Edward be portrayed as a healthy young prince who was his father's son, or as a fragile young boy who is destined to die young?</a>
Thomas Seymour as potrayed by Andrew McNair

<a href="/thread/2963992/Thomas+Seymour+and+Princess+Elizabeth...ick" target="_self">Will we see any interaction between Princess Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour?</a>
Mary and Edward

<a href="/thread/2963996/The+Tudor+children+and+their+religion" target="_self">Will we see more of the religious leanings of each child this season?</a>

I'm sure your Majesty's reign will always be remembered...but correctly?

Catherine Brandon

<a href="/thread/2964013/Catherine+Brandon+-+Closet+reformer%3F" target="_self">Will Hirst develop Catherine Brandon as the closet reformer she truly was? Submitted by Reggie19</a>
Jane Boleyn/Rochford played by Joanne King in Season 3

<a href="/thread/2964022/Lady+Rochford%27s+Role+in+Kitty%27s+downfall" target="_self">How will Hirst Lady Jane Rochford's role as go between for Kathryn Howard and her lover(s)? Submitted by kiki52</a>
<a href="/thread/1565441/Henry+Czerny" target="_self"> </a>Catherine Brandon
<a href="/thread/2964024/Henry+going+after+Catherine+Brandon%3F" target="_self">Will we see Henry pursue Catherine Brandon this season, possibly after Brandon's demise? Submitted by SEVERAL members</a>
Charles Brandon<a href="/thread/2964029/Will+we+be+surprised+about+how+Brandon+dies%3F" target="_self">What new spin will Hirst take on Charles Brandon's death, will he be blamed for the matching up of Henry and Kathryn and be imprisoned in the tower, or will he die of natural causes? Submitted by Reggie19 and CicaB</a>

I hope you had the time of your life...

Henry at Jane's death bed
<a href="/thread/2964042/Will+Henry%27s+mind+begin+to+wander%3F" target="_self">Will Henry's mind begin to wander as The Tudors closes? Will he be haunted from images from his past? Submitted by tjb22</a>
<a href="/thread/2964044/Will+we+get+flashbacks+from+before+Season+1%3F" target="_self">Will we perhaps be treated to flashbacks that existed from before Season 1 began?</a>
Henry, Mary & Elizabeth
<a href="/thread/2964051/A+glimpse+into+the+young+Tudors%27+futures%3F" target="_self">Will we perhaps see glimpses into the younger Tudors' futures?</a>
Henry misses Jane
<a href="/thread/2964053/How+will+everyone+react+to+Henry%27s+death%3F" target="_self">How will everyone react to Henry's passing? Will it be with sadness, relief, or a little of both? And what will his death scene be like?</a>