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of The Tudors

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And will you leave me thus?
Say nay, say nay, for shame.
To save you from the blame
of all my grief and grame
And will you leave me so?
Say no, say no.

And will you leave me thus?
And have no more pity of he
that loves thee?
Alas your cruelty.
And will you leave me thus?
Say no, say no

[season 1 episode 3)


Thomas Wyatt & Elizabeth Darrell

Would God thou knewest the depth of my desire!
Then might I wish though nought I can deserve,
Some drops of grace to slake my scalding fire

[seaon 2 episode 2]

This is actually a poem written by
Sir Walter Raleigh called "A poem put into Lady Laiton's pocket.
ZvX10eYpfXKnhJ2CddFzmw13633.jpeg Lady, farewell, whom I in silence serve!
Would God thou knewest the depth of my desire!
Then might I wish though nought I can deserve,
Some drops of grace to slake my scalding fire;

But sith to live alone I have decreed,
I'll spare to speak, that I may spare to speed!"
Smeaton & Wyatt
Mark Smeaton recites the words
as Thomas Wyatt writes them

If thou wilt mighty be,
flee from the rage
Of cruel will and see thou keep free
From the yoke of sensual bondage

[season 2 episode 8]


Thomas Wyatt writes
Thomas Wyatt writes

These bloody days have broken my heart
my lust, my youth did then depart
For your wit alone, many men would bemoan,
And since it is true,
many still cry aloud

[season 2 episode 9]

Thomas Wyatt - Circa Regnat Tonat - "Around the Throne the thunder rolls" - written in the Tower as he witnessed the executions of the innocent men, William Brereton, George Boleyn, Mark Smeaton, Henry Norris & Francis Weston who were accused along with Anne Boleyn

Sir Francis Bryan
Francis Bryan to Ursula Misseldon
Here is the real Danaë
she would kindle your lust even higher
with a touch, one mere touch of her body
and your limbs melt in the fire

[season 3 episode 1]


"I might perceive a Wolf as white as whalèsbone,
A fairer beast of fresher hue, beheld I never none ;

Save that her looks were coy, and froward eke her grace :
Unto the which this gentle beast gan him advance apace,

And with a beck full low he bowed at her feet,
In humble wise, as who would say, 'I am too far unmeet.'

But such a scornful chere, wherewith she him rewarded !
Was never seen
Sith that a Lion's heart is for a Wolf no prey,
With bloody mouth go slake your thirst on simple sheep, I say,

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (the lion)
from a poem 'A lady that refused to dance with him"
about Anne Stanhope (the wolf).
For more of the poem see : Henry Howard's Poetry page

" The happy life be these, I find:—
...the quiet mind;
The equal friend; no grudge, no strife;

...wisdom joined with simplicity;

The night discharged of all care"

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