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The Lady Natalie-Team Leader
I'm a huge Anne Boleyn Fan! What more can I say?
Neta07-Team Leader
Wow were to start i mean the whole second season was devoted to her and she owned that season.

I've been fascinated with Anne Boleyn for ages. So much has been written, yet she is still an enigma. Natalie Dormer really brought her to life for me. An amazing woman. An amazing actress. I'm fans of both!
Faye Shadow_in_the_Sun I love Anne!
I love Anne because she was ahead of her time, and natalie because she is a great actress, she won a new fan here \o
OMG! Because Anne was a @#!*% woman and Natalie Dormer did a FANTASTIC job portraying her in The Tudors. Thanks for inviting me!
I love Anne because she wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Also she gave birth to England's greatest ruler ever and a girl no less!
<a href="/account/howardfan" target="_self" title="howardfan">howardfan</a>
Naturally I am on Team Boleyn, so far she is the best character on the showtime show and the real AB is so controversial and fascinating! GO ANNE
I joined cause I am HUGE fan of hers. And Natalie did a WONDERFUL job portraying her.
<a href="/account/ciere" target="_self" title="Ciere">Ciere</a>
Anne Boleyn has always been my heroine, and I feel I can relate to her more than any of the other wives. And I love Natalie Dormer because she's just beautiful, intelligent and amazingly talented. She plays Anne like I always pictured her.
I've always been a huge fan of Elizabeth I, didn't know much about Anne Boleyn until the end of the first Season after I found out my relations to the Tudors. So I started watching the show and was very much intrigued with her. Elizabeth behaves a lot like her mother did. Both have infectious personalities, survived so much as a woman, and changed England in their own ways. Natalie's portrayal of Anne drew me in. She was the perfect pick. I'm so sad that she had to die. Ah, history.
As you may be able to tell from my username I absolutely adore Anne Boleyn! She is my true heroine and Natalie Dromer portryas her in the best possible way. I love the show as well!!!
I love Anne Boleyn!! and also love the work that Natalie did on the Show, Is a pleasure to be here
I love Anne because of how strong and independent she was she just didn't take any crap from Henry and I appreciated that and I love Natalie because she played Anne with such fire and grace and she is the best Anne by far she owned the character. She is a fantastic actress and she did a brilliant job.
Anna Bolena
I Love Anne because I know she had the personality to be queen. She was strong and very very educated, with a lot of culture and Inteligent.
I love Natalie Dormer in this character because she did it excellent and she really represented Anna Boleyn as she was. She is an excellent actress and I admire her a lot.
I have always admired Anne's courage. Her loyalty to friends and her great sacrifice for her child.
I don't have Showtime but I have caught bits and pieces online of second season and I do have season 1 on dvd.
Natalie gave Anne a unique perspective. I feel that one of the best parts I have seen of season 2 is Anne in the Tower. Incredible performance.
I am very surprised she was not nominated for an Emmy.
I first became intrigued with Anne when I saw that Natalie Portman was going to be playing her. I got online and started reading up on the character. Anne is so fascinating. I love the intrigue of the story and how in the end she triumphs through Elizabeth. When The Other Boleyn girl came out I was horribly disappointed with her portrayal. I Stumbled onto Natalie Dormer's Anne and to me she created the definitive Anne. She was so amazing in every scene. The show won't be the same without her.
I love anne boleyn! im the biggest anne nerd youll ever know. And natalie portrays anne so well, and shes hot :]
I am a hugeAnne Boleyn fan, in fact you could say I am slightly obsessed!
I strongly believe she should be exonerated 'crimes', along with the poor men who were executed for supposedly being her loves.
Anne Boleyn - the Queen Bee of Queen Consorts, may she rest in peace xx
Jacquie jmccoy5712 I love Anne Boleyn because of what she represents to me- human in every way. So much history tries to paint prominent people as "good" or "bad". She was neither. She wasn't perfect and she did what she felt she had to do to survive in a time where women had few choices- but she also never settled for second best. She loved her daughter and gave England one of the best queens in history.
Anne Boleyn was an independent, intelligent, motivated woman, ahead of her time. She took a brave risk not to be like other women, and her death was a sad loss and a horrible thing.
I've been an Anne Boleyn fan since I first learned the history of Henry and his six wives. She made such huge changes in her few short years. I often wonder what her life would have been like for her if she had given her husband his heir.
I love Anne Boleyn.She's my heroine!An amazing woman.The most influential and important queen consort England has ever had."Her daughter" Elizabeth the I ruler of the Golden Age greatest queen England has ever had...
Anne Boleyn was intelligent, a loving mother, strong, and courageous, even to the day of her death. Natalie Dormer's portrayal of Anne Boleyn is one of the best I've seen! It was just as I had imagined Anne Boleyn being.
An amazingly strong, intelligent and bold woman ahead of her time.
Just absolutely awesome. How can you not admire her?
Anne-An absolutely amazing woman waaay ahead of her time. She wasn't afraid to fight for what she thought was right, and she was intelligent, a loving mother..etcetc, the list goes on and on! Natalie-It is a travesty she didn't get an Emmy, because her acting in season two is some of the finest I haver ever seen! An actress for the ages I must say!
Lorraine Lorraine67 I love Anne Boleyn and the way how she was ahead of her time. She wasn't afraid of anyone and if someone stood in her way of achieving what she wanted she found a way to work around them. As for Natalie, she is a fantastic actress with a lot of talent yet to give the world.


<a href="/account/KingHenryVIII" target="_self">KingHenryVIII</a>
She was a great woman and Queen, very fascinating and intelligent. Yes she had her flaws but nobody's perfect. That is a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with me and her; sometimes I admire her, sometimes I dislike her.
Lanastasia Anne'sCurls She was a magnificent but flawed woman. I love Anne Boleyn for her flaws and for her attributes. She has always been my favorite of Henry's wives and I am happy that despite her ill treatment while she was alive she is now the most famous. No woman deserves to be murdered by their husband simply because they didn't provide a son and has the audacity to speak their mind! Another thing I love about Anne is that I believe that at the end she realized all the things she did wrong to everybody including Katharine and Princess Mary.
Regina Reggie19 Absolutely love Anne Boleyn, she was a woman centuries ahead of her time, and wasn't like the submissive and subordinate ladies of her era. She spoke her mind, expressed her opinions, and wasn't afraid to be herself no matter who (cough... Henry) told her otherwise.
Liz AnnebQueen I love Queen Anne!
Kate HeroineAddict I've loved Anne Boleyn for ages, and Natalie completely captured the complexity of this woman. She played her as intelligent, wilful, independent-minded, sometimes arrogant, sometimes compassionate, always fascinating - a flawed, completely believable human being. Love both Nat and Anne.
Maggie Maggie-AnneB. Anne Boleyn was the ultimate woman and she is one of my heroes. Natalie Dormer is a complete genius with the way she has brought Anne Boleyn back to life.
Becky Roxykat I've always been interested in the life of Anne Boleyn, and Natalie Dormer did a great job portraying her. Will miss her in season 3!
Claire FirstTrueQueenAnne Always been an admirer of Anne Boleyn and now also an admirer of Natalie Dormer thanks to her brilliant performance on the Tudors.
Melissa Truebloodvamp13 Anne has always been my favorite historical figure. Natalie did an amazing job of portraying Anne. She will be missed in season 3.
Jack MaccaJack Anne has been my idol since I was a very young child. Natalie portrayed her exactly as I had imagined and hoped for. I will miss her captivating presence in Season 3.
Cate BlackNan Anne Boleyn is an amazing woman who was fiery, passionate, educated, facinating, everything a woman shouldn't be. She captivated me as she did Henry VIII.
Amy theothertudorgirl Anne Boleyn was an amazing Queen Consort. Natalie was the best portrayer of Anne that I have seen and she will be sorely missed.
Emily forgetful_blonde How to summarise into one paragraph?Sorry, I just can't!
I'll just put it simply, I've joined the team because I absolutely love Anne Boleyn. As a matter of fact she was the main reason I got interested into Tudor I should actually thank her for that! *Thanks Anne*
Selene teenqueenselene I adore Anne Boleyn. She is unique and extraordinary. She doesn't conform to them, she makes them conform to her. I love that she gave birth to the greatest Queen.
Oh and Natalie Dormer is beyond words. She is the perfect Anne Boleyn none have come close.
Laura ladyinwaiting1986 She is my favorite of Henry's Queens. I feel for her.
She loved her daughter so much.
Emma AnneBoleynFan74 Well naturally i think she was a wonderful, smart, caring, powerful woman who I would have love to have met in person! She made English history with the reformation and the birth of her fantastic daughter Elizabeth. I believe we owe very much to Anne!
Ty AnneBoleynHero
I love Anne, everything about her is fantastic! I enjoy her sense of fashion, her B necklace, her ability to captivate a whole country. Her loving nature towards Elizabeth even though she was female. Her love towwards the art, and the love of her king. Anne truly was the Queen of England !
Judith tudor_rose um, can i sum this up in a paragraph? nah, let's just leave it at i love anne boleyn!
Victoria Hever Love Love her
Marisa automaticeyes I love Natalie Dormer as an actress, and Anne Boleyn is my absolute favorite historical figure, as well as my favorite wife of Henry VIII. She was intelligent, graceful, outgoing--everything that represents women today! She was what England needed. Unfortunately at the time, she came in the middle of a period where people loved their current queen. The false accusations against her were unjust, and if there was ever enough evidence to pardon her today, it would be fantastic to witness.
Veronica k_anne I like anne, she is my queen!. And i love Natalie, she is beautiful and excellent actress.
Raquel R DuchessRLR She is my favorite characterr and Natalie Dormer plays her in a way that is had to resist. She is willful and independant and at the same time, still at the mercy of men-so given her situation she shows shes strong. And its true that Anne Boleyn left her mark on history and Natalie was the perfect actress to show just how she did it.
Becky xbeckчч Anne is a very interesting character to have watched, she was so strong and knew how to speak up for herself. I loved Natalies portrayal of this historical figure, and I am also a follower of Natalies work, she was a a wonderful choice. I have to agree with Raquel R, Anne has left a mark in history
May MaryJuana Simple. Anne was an amazing person. And Natalie's acting was fantastic! (plus she had beautiful gowns)
nadine cromwellfan86 anne were the best woman on henrys side they were a sweet pairing
Catie Honeydutchess I love Anne she has a great personality and stole the show!
Alex Edwardfan123 Great actress and beauiful young lady

TheSecondWife Because I hope to learn as much as I can about this amazing woman! As well as support Natalie in her future work as an actress :-D
Emma Emma_GG Because it's all about Anne Boleyn. She is one my favourite ever historical figures and inspirations. Anyways, I chat loads about how much I love Anne so you'll here more about it.

As for Natalie, she was wonderful too! Beautiful and sexy and wearing the amazing dresses. Oh, and she was paired with JRM *sigh*
Emy QueenEmy191989 I'm soooo late in joining this team but of course I have to join as I loved the history of Anne B. RIP Anne Boleyn but anyways,I loved her personality in general,she tempted Henry with her beauty until finally they were together. Also I think Natalie is a beautiful and wonderful actress.
Celia TheLadyCelia Clearly, I'm a HUGE Anne Boleyn and Natalie Dormer fan. I'm a bit late in joining this team as well, but Anne has always fascinated me. She was a strong woman as well as an inspiration for any feminist- she knew what she wanted, and she got it. Her strength, personality, and courage were completely and utterly phenomenal! And, of course, Natalie's a FABULOUS actress!!
Sarah Vivala Beautiful, @#!*% , and complicated. Who could ask for more?
Anne-Laure Lady-Anne Anne Boleyn, a name that must sound familiary for you guys, but for a French chick like me, it was a bit blurry, like you know some part of foreign myth you only hear about when it comes to anecdots or fairytales...
I've become fascinated with this woman who fit so well in her time but also far far ahead!
I've seen her portrayed by Natalie Portman first and I was a bit confused: her Anne didn't looked like the one I had made inquieries on... And then came Natalie Dormer and every was just... right!
Sabrina LadytoAnneBoleyn She was a great woman who deserved to live out her life, and do more in the world. She is one of my heroes!!! I think Natalie did a wonderful job portraying her.
Caitlin caitthequeen what can i say, you guys are my PEOPLE!
Meg LadyBoleyn I LOVE Anne Boleyn! she's my all-time favorite historical figure, and always will be. her wit, courage, charm,determination, and strength are unmatched by anyone. She's both a role model and a heroine to me. She was an incredible woman who shall never be forgotten! & ofcourse, natalie's portrayal is wonderful!
Jessy Ajnor I'm also a bit late in joining the team. ;-) Natalie is an amazing actress and I really love her portrayal of Anne.
She has portrayed her as a strong, self-conscious and beautiful woman.
I have really enjoyed it to see her as Anne Boleyn. =)
Trisha JRMSLADY09 Anne Boleyn at first I didn't know much about her but since becoming a fan of The Tudors I have come to understand and admire her for being a strong, intelligent,and determined woman. Natalie is one of my favorite actresses she earned that distinction after I saw her in the film Casanova she did a marvelous job in that film as she did playing Queen Anne!
Amber QueenAmber Anne Boleyn wow my hero! She is everything i wanna be! I saw Natalie Portman's perfromance in "The Other Boleyn Girl" and it was astounding. So i started researching Anne, Henry Elizabeth, heck everyone from that era.Then i started hearing about the Tudors and at first I didn't know what it was and when i found out; OMG!! I saw Natalie Dormers performace and it was absolutely STUNNING! i loved it and i love her! Anne is my role model and m personal hero! I wish she was Edward's mom and I wish she didn't have to die but perhaps her tradgedy is part of what makes us lover her right?!
Becky HistoricQueen3 I think she was an extremely strong and brave queen to stand up to henry and to not shed a tear at her execution, I particulary loved her moving speech at her execution.
She also gave birth to the greatest queen england has ever known!
Anne Anne_the_quene She's the main reason for my watching The Tudors. I knew a lot about Anne Boleyn before, and I held her in great esteem, so I was wondering how does she look like in the series and the first episode, season 1, I found that Natalie Dormer is really interestedly beautiful woman, so I decided to watch the show and check if she is also a good actress, not just lovely. And she was excellent!! I sooo loved her playing Anne Boleyn that I have to love more Anne herself. I think I'm now quite obsessed with her... :)

I've also seen The Other Boleyn Girl. I enjoyed it, and Natalie Portman is my most favourite actress, but Natalie Dormer is a thousand times better Anne...I'd love to see more films with Dormer :)
Sabine Queen1536 Anne Boleyn was such a courageous woman who fought for everything she believed in an loved. She stayed every inch the queen, even at the scaffold!
Meagan Tudor_Queen I absolutely adore Anne Boleyn and everything she stood for. So little is known about her and no matter how many books I read I can never seemto get enough. The Tudor dynasty is by far the most intriguing and Anne Boleyn is my favourite Queen for everything she was, and I respect her for everything she endured at the court of Henry VIII including the grace with which she was executed.
Anna anne21 LOVE YOU ANNE BOLEYN !!!!!!!
TheLadyTudor While, Katherine of Aragon is DEFINATLY my favourite Queen, and I cannot condone what Anne did to Mary, Katherine, Thomas More etc. I find her a very interesting woman and can admire some aspects of her :)
Thomas ThomasMills I have become TOTALLY interested in all of the Tudor history but more focused on Anne Boleyn over all others. She is such an intruiguing, amazing, and fascinating person.. so far ahead of her time in your actions and demenor!
If there was one time period I feel I would fit in it is this time.. The plotting, deviousness, and overall hard life...It would be very cool!.
LoliE. Loli Esperanza Dear Miss Dormer, Your are as fascinating as the former Ann Boleyn. It is really good to see History with human characters and not only with final paints. Thank you to you to give me so many more interest than historians. With you it is possible to feel that Ann was not only the instrument of his father and uncle but a real in love woman. with all best wishes to you. Sincerely.
Melissa English-Rose I just had to join this team, Anne Boleyn has to be the most famous of Henry's wives, and I think she was such a fascinating character. I can relate to her a lot, since I am like her in many ways eg. ambitious, calculating, emotional and my brother says I look like her! Natalie Dormer is a brilliant actress, and I think her portrayal of Anne was extremely good. I think Anne's brutal end was totally unnecessary, and I don't believe any of the lies people made up about her, to me she is completely innocent and did not deserve to die. Long may you reign in heaven, Queen Anne!

(By the way, I've made my writing red because in my view, it's the colour which suits Anne best.)
Lexie thanx4venom She is the most fascinating person in all of Tudor history.
Kate MademoiselleBoleyn Anne was such a unique woman, very modern for her times. She has been one of my heroes since I first learned about her. I feel that Natalie Dormer did a wonderful job portraying Anne and I just wish that we had more than two seasons to watch with Anne in them.
Erica AnneNatalieBoleyn Anne Boleyn and Natalie Dormer are 2 fasinating women. Anne Boleyn was a strong willed woman who was wronged in so many ways. Natalie is a great actress an portraying Anne Boleyn. Natalie Portman did a great job as well. But Natalie Dormer was perfect. Ilove them both and The Tudors Show. GO TEAM ANNE BOLEYN AND NATALIE DORMER! =)
Karen karen2760 I've always been a big Anne fan. She had great charisma and presence and Natalie Dormer, I feel, gives the best portrayal of her ever.
Annabelle Annabelle_Jane I'm a big Anne fn and of course Natalie, i think she is very beautiful and excellent actress
Kristen TruTudorRose Queen Anne is a big inspiration to me, seeing as how she spoke her mind and didn't care what others said. And Natalie Dormer is the best Anne I've seen.
Anne Seductive Angel Anne Boleyn fascinated me all the time. Her courage and the way she managed her whole situation is truly inspiring. She was different - in a lovely way. To be a woman in that time was never easy but she got sth. that made her unique. Her secret power was her charme and her knowledge. In my opinion she was THE ONE for Henry and will always be. Yes - she made mistakes but I say it with Natalies words: "She was just a girl - a girl in a situation!" <3
Danielle AnneBoleyn14 I have beena hugefan of AnneBoleyn. Enough said.
Anique Anne's_lady I joined because I adore and admire Anne Boleyn. She was intelligent, gave birth to Elizabeth I, voiced her opinions, had strong beliefs, was a fashionista...she was ahead of her time. The world wasn't ready for a woman as strong as she was. She had flaws but that's one of the thing I love about her. She was human and completely her own person. A beautiful soul. Natalie Dormer's Anne is my favourite. So graceful and fierce at the same time. Mindblowing.
Queen Anne, my Queen.
Jonny jonnye29 Anne Boleyn was the main reason i got interested in The Tudors, and now it has become an obsession, i cannot believe i didnt join this team earlier!!, Anne is one of the most strongest willed person i have ever read about in History, Her passion for Henry and the passion for reformation is amazing! The tragic end she met is heart breaking, Her speech before the crowd at the scaffold was amazing. Also Natalie Dormer is my favorite Actress ever, and is the most beautiful woman i have seen!
Darien AnnaBolinaRegina I joined because Anne Boleyn is my role model, my idol, the woman ahead of her time and not afraid to flaunt her superiority over some men. The woman who fought for her place in the world, who was a loving mother, caring wife, and brilliant Queen, though people chose to look at her bad side instead of her good. A woman who was graceful, dignified, proud, and strong. She overcame great obstacles. And yet, when she could have contested her divorce, she willingly gave it up, because she knew that if she didnt, her daughter would suffer. She made enemies, and she had many flaws. But she was a woman who loved her family, her country, and herself. She refused to be a pawn, and made her own way. She was selfish and ambitious, but she was also caring, loving, charitable, smart, beautiful, and giving to those she loved. She suffered, but even one of her last requests was to try and protect her friends and daughter. She could be cruel, to Mary especially, but she was just being a mother, and fighting for her daughter's rightful place. And no matter what befell her, she kept her head up until it was cut from her shoulders. She had a temper, and was very witty. And when Cromwell tried to sell monasteries and nunneries for profit and personal gain, she stood up to him, though it helped contribute to her downfall. She never cared what people thought about her. And Natalie Dormer represents all sides of Anne, the good and the bad, better than anyone else could possibly. And this is why Im Team Anne/Dormer!
Ania anne21 Anne Boleyn is my hero!!! She was brave, strong intelligent and fascintaing woman!
Team Anne all the way!!!
Mary boleynpatentpending I'm fascinated by Anne Boleyn and I love Natalie Dormer. Anne was tolerant for her time. I think if Anne had been the monarch instead of Henry, the reformation would have been less bloody and divisive. The TV show and movies seldom show her how mutlti talented she was - languages, dancing, singing, composing, playing instruments, writing poetry -- or her political and religious ideas apart from wanting to be queen; she wasn't in favor of reform just so she could marry Henry. The 2nd season did a better job of showing this. Natalie Dormer is an actress almost any woman can relate to; she brought this amazing woman to life and put us right in her shoes.
Taylor balletbabe90 Anne was an amazing queen for her time. I admire her spirit and head strong personality.
Anna FalconQueen Ever since I started watching The Tudors, I’ve been hooked—Anne, ironically, used to be my least favorite wife, thanks to the horrible way she seems to be portrayed as a ***** and a homewrecker. Then, after seeing Natalie’s absolutely inspired performance, I read a brilliant biography of her a year or two ago and several other fictional books. She became my favorite wife: her strength, piety. courage and intelligence were remarkable. I genuinely believe she loved Henry, and that he loved her, and I found her love for her daughter especially touching. Anne was anything but a *****. She wasn’t perfect, she had her flaws, but everyone does. I’m proud to be a fan!
Leïla HALove Since I've known the Tudors's story, I've always loved Anne's character and Natalie makes her so real and plays her so well that Anne became my favorite historical character and my favorite Henry's wife. She's juts so interresting, she's clever, full of graces, an artist, indepedant, strong, a passionate woman and a loving mum : she has almost all !
God save the Queen !
Carol Royalfalcon Anne Boleyn has always been my favourite of Henry's wives and Natalie Dormer's performance is superb
Lea AnneTheQueen
Well, I'm pretty obsessed with Anne Boleyn. She was such a fascinating woman! English history would have been completely different if if it hadn't been for her. And Natalie Dormer made a pretty good job in making her alive again :-)
Anne Boleyn was an amazing woman who changed the world and history, I think sge was ahead of her time, she was intelligent and knew what she wanted. I have a lot of respect for her, from where she came to what she did. Natalie Dormer made a great job portraying her.The show is not the same without her.
Anne Boleyn was without a doubt a truly remarkable woman. She was sexy & flirty & I can see why the king fell head over heels in love with her. Natalie Dormer played her extremely well & I enjoy watching her act.
Kat QueenElizabethAnne There's something about a woman who after all this time can sitll evoke such powerful emotion's in me.
Rafeeah I'mTheCheesecakeHere She is my hero! But although some people say she didn't do anything for the country, I don't agree with them! Anne created the best queen England ever had: Elizabeth I!
Leanne XXXLEAXXX I'm a huge fan of Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth I, and i loved Natalie Dormer playing her in The Tudors, she played the part so well it was just as i imagined Anne would have been like in real life!!
Chloe Tudors_Girl I love Anne's attitude, she's beautiful and strong just like Elizabeth. I believe that Natalie Dormer was the best Anne that I have seen she has the sexy and flirty look. The way she played the role was truly AMAZING!!!
Hannah Elliemental As most others have already stated, she was a brave, and great lady.
RosieQueenAnnaBoleynShe was such a beautiful, inspirational and strong woman. She is my idol and I want to beexactly like her. I'm naming my first daughter Elizabeth Anne in memory off her.
GraceGrace_BI love Anne Boleyn!! She was immense and she is such an interesting char for this.

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