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Inside Hampton Court Palace

Great Hall of Hampton Court

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The Great Hall is the largest room in the palace. 106 ft (32 cm) long X 60 ft (18 m) high. Up to 600 people ate here in two sittings twice a day.

The Great Watching Chamber is the first of the King's state apartments beyond the Great Hall where the Yeoman of the guard were stationed to "watch" and control access.

Great Hall of Hampton Courtceiling of the Great Hall
Windows in Great HallWindows in Great Hall
Great Hall of Hampton CourtWindows in the Great Watching Chamber
Inside Hampton Courtceiling inside Hampton Court

Hangyng aboute the walles clothes of golde and palles,
arras of ryche array, fresshe as flours in May
~ John Skelton 1521-2 [palles - cloth covering; arras - fine tapestry]

Tapestries : King Henry VIII amassed an immense collection of tapestries which were his greatest treasures. By the time of his demise in 1529, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey had amassed some 600 tapestries. Wolsey's taste influenced the young King's taste and when he took over Hampton Court, all those tapestries became his.
Henry's collecting was in another league and by his death in 1547, he owned over 2,000 tapestries. Today fewer than 30 remain from his great collection.

Tapestry in Hampton CourtTapestry in Hampton Court
Tapestry in Hampton CourtTapestry in Hampton CourtTapestry in Hampton Court
Tapestry in Hampton CourtTapestry in Hampton Court

Paintings in the Palace

Henry VIII at Hampton CourtMargaret Beaufort - Henry VIII's grandmother
Henry VII at Hampton CourtElizabeth of York