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The King & The Duke
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JRM as a child

Little Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Young Henry Cavill
Little Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill
Sexy JRM
Henry Cavill
Sexy Henry Cavill


Secret Agent Rhys Meyers

Henry Cavill
Secret Agent Cavill
JRM Knight in Shining Armor
King In Shining Armor

Knight In Shining Armor Charles Brandon
Duke In Shining Armor
JRM masqerade ball scene
King Henry as Honesty
Duke Of Suffolk
His Grace as Gentleness

King Henry JRM

The Ladies Love King Henry,
It's good to be King!
Duke Of Suffolk

The Ladies Love The Duke as well,
It's just as good to be Duke!
King Henry VIII
King & Queen
A Kiss between a King & Queen
Duke Brandon & Princess Margaret
A Kiss between a Duke & Princess
The King with his weapon of choice ;)
Duke Suffolk
The Duke prefers his trusty bow & arrow :)
The King as Father

King Henry & Princess Mary
The King with his eldest child, Princess Mary Tudor
The Duke as Father

Duke Suffolk & his son

The Duke bonding with his son.
Henry Fitzroy
The King's illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy
Duke Suffolk & his son
Duke Suffolk & his son
The Duke as a Father

JRM & his mom
Jonathan with his Mom, Geri Meyers-O'Keeffe,
who died in 2007 at the age of 50 after a short illness
"a small woman, with a big heart."
Henry Cavill and his mom
Henry with his Mom