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old books

My Lady of Cleves
About the Author: Margaret Campbell Barnes
[see above]
Submitted by: BlackNan

Comments: Even though it was fiction, it was nice to read something with Anne of Cleves. She is sadly ignored, or insulted by most writers, "the flanders mare" Here we start of at the Duchy of Cleves and follow Anne's life from there to Crown to humiliation and freedom. It also makes Henry almost human, instead of a monster. Very good read, especially if your an AoC fan or just want to know a bit more about her :)

Submitted by:


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Boleyn Inheritance
About the Author: Philippa Gregory (see above)
Submitted by: TheLadyNatalie

Comments: Wow, am I the only one who has read this? Well i havent read it in quite a while so i will try my best, sorry if some of this is wrong

Well, this story is the story of Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Jane Boleyn. Obviously it focuses on Henry as the fat old man we know him as and not the JRM type (as if he was ever a JRM type?) It gives a real inside view of KH and Culpepper's relationship. Not too many obvious historical inaccuracies (shocking for gregory!)

Over all, its a decent read

Submitted by: SixQueensofHenryVIII

Comments: I'm half and half on this story. I love the general storyline which obviously wasn't original, and the description andinsight on the characters is amazing, but it becomes really annoying having the narrative and point of view changing every chapter, it breaks concentration and the flow of the story. I hated the portrayal of Katherine Howard though I think that's the whole point, and I loved Ane of Cleves, which creates great sympathy for her. I'd give this a 5/10.

Submitted by:Oragami

Comments: For me, this was a bit hard to follow seeing as it switched from Anne of Cleeves to Katherine Howard to Jane Rochford/Boleyn. It wasn't very good, and I stopped reading about halfway through. It was interesting to finally find out the reason for Katherine Howard being exectued, and that Jane Rochford/Boleyn was too.

Submitted by: Queenmellybee

Comments: I enjoyed reading this book, but I did not like it as much as TOBG. I think that Gregory does a good enough job making each character and their storylines distinct enough to jump back and forth - and I especially enjoyed reading the perspective of Anne of Cleeves.
I think that Gregory is creative and descriptive in this novel, and brings the grittiness and opulence of the times to life.

My personal note on Philippa Gregory novels and those who 'dislike their historical inaccuracies'.......
I never really knew much about Tudor history. I was recommended TOBG and became so intrigued that I read up on the histories and facts myself. I found it fun to discern what was fact and what was FICTION. These are works of historical fiction - half the fun is in speculation and slight distortions to make the readers wonder "what if?" If I wanted 100% fact, I would read a non-fiction.
Most important of all...... books like these and shows like TUDORS, whether they mix fact and fiction or not.........if they are a springboard to get someone interested and involved with the history - then they accomplished a higher goal.

Submitted by:yddib

Comments:I actually really enjoyed this. I know it wasnt all factual but I did find it did a great job of making me live the story. Some of it was very sad.

Submitted by: Maggie-AnneB.

Comments: I did not enjoy this book. Not one of Gregory's best written, and just the story in general, I did not like. I do not recommned this book because it makes you feelreally sad for Anne of Cleves (which I do) but you'll end up hating Kathryn Howard a lot, and you'll feel bad for Henry. Which is something that I, personally, can not do.

Submitted by: Anne'sCurls

Comments: I haven't read this book in a long time, but for me it is the standard in Gregory's Tudor's books. Even though the book is told in the perspective of 3 people I was never confused and found myself wondering what was going to happen next according to each character. Compared to The Tudor's, the portrayal of Catherine Howard is quite good and sympathetic, she is a silly girl but not to such an extreme like how they had Tamzin act. My favorite part was definitely the final confrontation between Norfolk and Jane Boleyn when he tells her that all of Europe thinks badly of her because of what she did to George and some other stuff that comes up. Although Gregory is the resident historical liar when it comes to The Tudors, I do wonder where she got the idea of Anne of Cleves horrible homel ife.