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Humorous Captions

Check out ALL the pages that follow
this is just the 1st in a series
of many funny pages to add to
Lords & Ladies, try your hand at penning your own gay or bawdy
joke in the caption boxes .

*One photo per page &
8 captions max for each photo*
The Tudors Image Captions - The Tudors Wiki
Photo # 1
#1 Caption:
ANNE: "Serious? Of course I'm serious, I'm always deadly serious when I wear this hat."

Sumitted by: Boudica

#2 Caption:If you tell me one more time that I am a homewrecker, I'll cut you a new one!

Submitted by: weasetta

#3 Caption: Don't you dare say I'm not useful anymore. I give my all to make him need me in every way. Tonight at dinner these fine embroidered napkins on my head will
be used to wipe the gravy from his amazed face. I never cease thinking of ways to captivate his attention!

Submitted by: MissAlexSays

#4 Caption: Exactly what part of "my rank is higher than yours" don't you understand?

Submitted by: offwithherhead

#5 Caption: "You're on, dad. I haven't lost a staring contest yet. I've made greater men cry with my fearful gaze."

Submitted by: queen_elizabeth_1533


Submitted: ClumsyXheart

#7 Caption:
ANNE: Grounded? GROUNDED?! You can't ground me! I'm the Queen of England!

PAPA BOLEYN: Do you want me to take you over my knee, young lady?

ANNE: Do you want to lose your head, old man?

Submitted by: Holly2

# 8 Caption : ANNE: What do you mean this hat looks stupid? Why this is
the very same hat that the Pope was sending to make
that old man a cardinal! I just went 'Project Runaway' on
it's ass and grilled it out! Gansta!

Submitted by : darrrrksunshine (sorry I forgot to sign it before)

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& to be fair it would be good to vote for someone else's rather than your own

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