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Humorous Captions Page 2

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Photo # 2
#1 Caption: "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1 million. If you guess correct you can touch her."

Submitted by: Boudica

#2 Caption: In case you didn't know, she has a horrible case of the crabs.

Submitted by: Weasetta

#3 Caption: ANNE: "You've been a naughty Boy Henry GO

Henry: "Y-Y-Yes sweetheart"

Jane: Queen Anne do you need Handcuffs?

Submitted by: ClumsyXheart

#4 Caption: Pull my finger!

Submitted by: Desiderata

#5 Caption: Is she looking at me?....does she look "ticked"?.....well then, my work here is done!

Submitted by: offwithherhead

#6 Caption: "That loser is staring at you again. Do you want to tell her off, or me?"

Submitted by: queen_elizabeth_1533

#7 Caption:
ANNE: Psst., Henry! Lady Eleanor totally has the hots for you. If you want to... you know, you go right ahead. I don't mind, honest. You're a man with needs after all.

HENRY: *uncomfortably* Uh... I could never do that, sweetheart. How could I look at another woman when I have you, my love?

ANNE (thinking): Reverse psychology really does work. Must remember this trick when Elizabeth hits the terrible twos.

Submitted by: Holly2
#8 Caption: Henry, my love, your codpiece is unfastened.

Submitted by angelosdaughter

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