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  • The Last Queen Of Henry VIII
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  • Henry's Sixth Queen...Katherine Parr that the influence katherine had over The Court, Henry and his children are shown during this final season! Henry trusted his last Queen enough to make
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  • The Last Queen of Henry.
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  • 6 Degrees Of Henry Cavill Was in the film " Last of the Mohicans " w/ Daniel Day-Lewis who was in the film " Gangs of New York " w/ Henry Thomas who was in the film " I Capture
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  • The Queens' Discussions Scripts The Queen's Discussions The Tudors Fan Scripts You finished watching the last episode of The Tudors, and you just know what
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  • queen_elizabeth_1533's Stories from His Majesty King Henry or my lady Queen Katherine Howard, saying that all is well, and I am forgiven. It must arrive soon. They cannot execute me
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  • The 500th Anniversary of Henry VIII's reign - Events Calendar and Intrigue at Sudeley : exhibition, and other exhibits related to Henry's wives, particularly his last queen, Catherine Parr (buried at Sudeley
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  • King Henry VIII's Pickup Lines Sweepstakes sugarboots Apr 1 2009, 6:25 PM EDT What do you imagine the wickedly delicious King Henry whispered to woo the corsets off the most gorgeous women
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  • HENRY I actually see it the other way around, Kathryn is to blame for Henry's decreasing health. He felt young and loved and joyful while being with her, he again went to huntings, just did all those things he loved and has not done since Jane's death and again took part in life. But then she betrayed him and it broke his heart; he had put all hope in her to be the last and give him sons and find peace with, and within an instant he lost all the joy in life again and went literally insane.

    She was no good for him! And then people just go "Poor Kathryn!" Being married to such a monster, when she was the monster in their relationship. And people would see that when they just looked at it closer and did not senselessly defend her just because she was pretty, naive and young. Poor Henry! That's how it should be.
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    Posted: Dec 26 2010, 4:18 AM EST by KingHenryVIII
  • The Queen
    "I started to watch the Queen but then I got sidetracked by something I don't remember what it was. I don't dislike nor like Elizabeth II she is just there. The whole concept of the British Royal family is strange to me, they are only glorified Pageant winners who wave and cut ribbons. But hey if the British are willing to pay so much money for them then more power to them. As for Elizabeth, her son, Diana and Charles, I think if Charles had been a stronger man who was as dedicated as his mother was then he wouldn't have ended up divorced from Diana. I doubt Elizabeth and Philip have always had a fantastic marriage all these decades but they grin and bear it. Charles and Diana were just two people who couldn't do that. "
    I'm not totally naive but I love the monarchy and the whole tradition as long as one is not a despot (who are we thinking of here lol). America could use some of their dignity. Even in "The Queen", she is concerned with not dragging every little thing out in public view. I have always thought England was the last vestige of good manners. Even their punks have more class. Again, it's said Charles exercised his royal prerogative with the mistress thing, but I think he was sloppy about it. Sorry I think CAmilla is a skank.
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    Posted: Jan 13 2009, 1:07 PM EST by karenofbethany
  • The last words of King Henry VIII
    "I read somewhere that the last words of Henry was 'Anne , Anne, Anne Boleyn!' and 'Monks, monks , monks!'.Is that true that he called Anne's name in the end?"
    Henry did not summon his family to his bedside. His last days were spent with his Councilors preparing for the reign of his son, Edward. Among his last words were "I will first take a little sleep, and then, as I feel myself, I will advise upon the matter." They were in response to the urging of one of his counsilors to call a priest. Sir Anthony Denny had bravely advised him that ' man's judgment', he had not long to live.When he woke, he sent for Cranmer, but by the time the Archbishop had arrived, Henry was paralyzed, no longer capable of speech. Henry's last gesture was to seize and grasp Cranmer's hand with all his strength in response to Cranmer's asking him for a sign of his faith in Christ's power of redemption. He did not mention any of his wives.
    During the last days he made plans for his burial next to Jane, but he made no provision for Queen Katherine Parr's burial.
    I think some later apologists told the story of Henry's last moments as they would have liked them to be.
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    Posted: Mar 10 2009, 10:21 AM EDT by angelosdaughter
  • The last meeting of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII
    "I'm watching again second season of 'The Tudors' and I'm really wondering about one thing.When last time Anne and Henry met? In which circumstances was it? Was it good and normal, or rather not pleasant event? Did Henry really believed on Anne's fault when she was arrested?Or he knew that she is innocent? Did he wanted to save her somehow?"
    Monday, May 1, 1536, the King and Queen were at a tournament at Greenwich preparing to watch a joust between George Boleyn and Sir Henry Norris. A message (the contents of which were not known) was brought to Henry VIII and he left suddenly with Sir Henry Norris. He said nothing to Anne. It was the last time they saw each other.
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    Posted: Mar 9 2009, 8:52 AM EDT by angelosdaughter
  • henrys wives of henrys wives there were eight
    and of these more than a few
    met a tragic fate
    for the man with the ax was ever at hand
    and henrys tastes were anything but bland
    for his wars he did relish
    his enemies he'd embellish
    and then salt their blood with sand
    his friends he enjoyed
    but then left them with elan
    thinking there'd be more where
    they came from
    oh henry: you could be as nasty as fate
    as hard as diamonds
    and oftentimes late
    but still when i think on those who've past
    its henry's legacy that comes to mind
    or as he put it "never finish last'
    so its henry we remember
    and his series
    which tho in the throes
    has left us not in the least weary
    henry: voila: at war and at peace
    yours graces hard pressed to pacify the beast
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    Posted: Mar 25 2010, 6:28 AM EDT by wleming
  • King Henry VIII . ~ King Henry's voice is heard in the opening sequence of the last episode from season 4 (this is a quote from a latin work by Bede
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  • Henry loses! A foreign princess would be safer than most - its one thing murdering a 'commoner' but quite another to be naughty with genuine 'royalty'. This may well have saved KOA's life - miserable though her last few years were bless her.
    I don't know about Henry Percy being a cad as such, but from what I've read he was a weak man (emotionally i mean). His marriage was an unhappy one and I don;t think he had much choice but to stand at Anne's trial. Apparently he collapsed at the trial and died not long afterwards himself. I am not defending him, but maybe he would have been a different person if he'd been allowed to marry Anne??
    I've thought of another queen for H8 - me!!! Big LOL! I would probably have ended up minus my head for being horrid to him, but I would defintely have enjoyed making him miserable - that is of course with the benefit of a modrn day attitude and knowledge of him. I need a time machine - send me to his time and return me just before my head goes on the block!!!
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    Posted: Jan 10 2009, 2:14 PM EST by Neveleo
  • Jane and Henry
    "Do you think that if Jane had lived, she and Henry would have had more children? Or do you think that it was luck that Edward was a boy, and that Jane would have had miscarriage after miscarriage?"
    Once Jane had Edward , it would not have matter. Henry VIII wasn't looking to have more kids, (according to most historian, he was going broke) he was looking to have a heir to the throne. So I believe after Edward it would have been Jane's choice. Jane might have had more kids, since she truly seem like she wanted children of her own, so I'm almost sure she would have had more if she had lived. Once Jane had Edward her positions as queen was secure, so even if she had miscarriage after miscarriage her position would not have change.

    According to historian David Loades, Henry VIII once thought that Jane would not give him a son, and he was thinking about naming Mary as his heir. ...he wasn't thinking about getting rid of Jane, or getting a new wife. So Jane might have turn out to be his last wife, even if she failed to give him , his long awaited heir.
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    Posted: Apr 14 2009, 3:49 AM EDT by luvprue2
  • Henry Fitzroy
    "My gut feeling is that they did this to simplify the storyline and to emphasize Henry's desire for a son.

    I think that the real Henry was very conscious of the fact that the Tudors were a very young dynasty and he felt that he needed a strong heir to follow him if the line was to survive. From our perspective, Mary being Queen in her own right isn't a problem but, from where Henry was sitting, it wasn't a safe option by any means. A queen regnant would have been a new experience for England. As well as that, Mary was going to have to marry if she wanted to produce an heir and, if she married a king or his heir, England would basically be her dowry and would come under her husband's sway. Fitzroy was the other option but putting an illegitimate child on the throne would also be tricky, at best, especially when there would have been quite a few nobles with royal blood knocking about who might take advantage of a tustle between Mary and Fitzroy over the crown and sneak the throne out from under them.

    Henry believed that he needed a legitimate male heir to follow him. Mary fulfilled one of the requirements and Fitzroy the other but I think that Henry was afraid that that wouldn't be enough."
    Given the weakness of the physical constitutions of Henry's male heirs and his own brother his concern was understandable; even his parents after the death of his elder brother Arthur at 15 were concerned enough about Henry's being the only male heir remaining forbade him to engage in one of his favorite pasttimes of jousting because of the possibility of its causing injury or death. On the other hand, Henry did at times consider the possiblity of Mary's being his heir. If he had named her so and dispensed with the drama and turmoil that occurred because of his pursuit of a male heir, she might have been as competent a queen as her grandmother Isabella and birthed strong heirs. Or Elizabeth unscarred by her childhood might have married and been mother to heirs for the dynasty. It didn't follow that a woman reigning in her own right had to accept a subordinate position to her consort. Queen Isabella of Castile was as example that Henry would have been aquainted with. But for him and many others of his time, women were inferior, unworthy and good only as brood mares and playthings. As it is, the Tudor dynasty turned out to be short-lived in any case. It began with Henry VIII in 1485. It ended with Elizabeth in 1603, 118 years. It lasted as long as it did only because Henry had two daughters who in spite of their mistreatment lived long enough to reign.
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    Posted: May 4 2008, 2:31 PM EDT by angelosdaughter
  • Henry the Welshman Unlike, I'm sure, many here better versed than I in British history, I did not know that the Tudor family started out in Wales. Assuming they were ethnic Welsh, in other words, Brythonic Celts, then Henry VII's ascension to the throne represents a taking back of the southern half of the island by the Britons. After all, they were conquered by the Romans, then by the Germanic tribes and largely pushed out of England to Wales and Cornwall,, then the Norman French conquered the Germanic English and became their ruling class. So it's interesting that someone who may well have been descended, and fairly recently, from a much more ancient British ethnicity began ruling England. Since H7's line continues today, I guess the Brythonic Celts got the last laugh, in a sense.
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    Posted: May 8 2010, 4:28 PM EDT by Boleynpatentpending
  • "Hot" Henry Henry was a "hottie" by Tudor standards, up intil the end of his marriage to Anne. The "Golden Prince's" robust hunting, jousting, and wrestling couldn't work off his weight gained by excessive feasting, and multiple illnesses for long! Towards the closing of Season 2, Henry would have been putting on some pounds. JRM has the facial hair, but I wonder when they will gradually start adding the padding? ( They may not do too much because viewers don't want to see "chubby" Henry love scenes!) I think part of Henry's appeal was that he was a bit of a bad boy, and he had power and wealth that no one could match. Also, in the good ole' days, Henry did say that he would pick Catherine of Aragon again as his wife "above all others". This feeling seems to have lasted until Henry realized he could have his cake and eat it too!
    As to his skills as a lover, Henry's lobido with his wives (and mistresses, for that matter) tended to wain after they had born a child. Also, wives were to be left 'untouched' so as to help ensure the full term birth of an heir (preferably a son). (remember season 2?) When wives were pregnant, Henry wandered. Anne Boleyn was somewhat of Henry's ideal woman (think of how long he fought for her!) but once she had a child, the chemistry wasn't as electric for him anymore. Poor Henry wanted a Queen, a mother to his children, and also a sexy, daring, pleasure loving dame, and he had to have it all at once, he just didn't seem to have it with one woman! Henry's ideal lover was a bit unnatainable.
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    Posted: Mar 3 2009, 11:41 AM EST by ElizabethRegina
  • Henry which?
    "I know Fitzroy was a bastard, but my question is, could Henry not legitimize him if he chose to? Your answer that he probably thought he could father more children seems like the reason he did not.
    Yes, he was in the process of doing just that. By naming Fitzroy as his legal heir, Henry was legitmizing his son - giving him the rights in accodance with a royal birth. But at the same time, Henry could never take the taint of "bastard" away which is why he still needed a heir born from a queen.
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    Posted: Feb 4 2009, 3:07 AM EST by beardedlady
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