Your Favourite scenes with Queen Katherine of Aragon

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Add your favourite scenes here of :Queen Katherine of Aragon as potrayed by the lovely: Maria Doyle Kennedy

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Feisty Queen Katherine. I loved this scene as it was nice to see Katherine fight back and show Henry she was no pushover. By far one of my favourite scenes from season one.
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KoA I loved this scene of Katherine giveing her speech at the Legatine Court at Blackfriars. She was so fiery and it was great to see her shame and defy Henry. Maria did a fabulous job potraying Katherine.
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Katherine - the Queen of Hearts Sir Thomas More said it best in this scene...Queen Katherine is a Queen of Hearts! :)
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Katherine of Aragon Queen Katherine is visited by Charles Brandon.

"If I had to choose between extreme sorrow and extreme happiness, I would always choose sorrow. For when you are happy you forget about spiritual things, you forget about God. But in your sorrow he is always with you."

I loved this scene, I thought it was sad but it was nice and inspiring to see how much Katherines faith meant to her.

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Katherine looking down at Wolsey
Wolsey Begs Katherine
Wolsey begs queen Katherine

"Chasity? You talk to me about chasity when you have a mistress and two children, your Eminence."

Ha! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Katherine tell Wolsey where to go in this scene!!

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Katherine and her rival Anne Boleyn Katherine asks Anne what she will do when Henry tires of her.

"He's infatuated by you, like men often are with new things but he will tire of you like all the others." to which Anne replies and what if he does not. Katherine then says "I did not give you permission to speak go now"!

I really enjoyed this scene.

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Katherine and Mary
Mary says goodbye to a dying Katherine.

I really liked it, cryed for 78 hours! It showed what Mary would do, stay with her mother, if she was given the chance. If only Katherine lived!

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