You Know You Are Obessesed With Thomas More When..

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Taken From Tudor

You go to catholic supply stores looking for prayer cards with him on it

Your favorite road to drive on? The Utopia Parkway of course

You've read all his writings, from every edition of Utopia to his Dialogue Concerning Heresies to his translation of The Life of Pico Della Mirandola

You became Anti-Richard III after reading his History of Richard III

You've seen both versions of A Man for All Seasons, and at least one version of the play

You look at Paul Scofield (or Jeremy Northam in our case) as theThomas More (Note From ClumsyxHeart: Paul Scofield did a good job as more but doesnt look like More's Twin HA!)

You get pissed off that Thomas More isn't in most Tudor movies/documentaries

You know the names of all his children...and their children too

You wear black on July 6 and do a moment of silence at around 9 in the morning

The Tudors Wiki additions

In a tough situation, you ask yourself, "What would Sir Thomas More do?"

Your favorite quote is "For if the lion knew his own strength, then no man could control him"

When you see the word "More" in a sentence and automatically think of Thomas More

You can't watch 2X05 of the Tudors without crying or wanting to bash Henry VIII's head in