You Know You're Obsessed With Katherine Howard When...

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Katherine Howard - Obsessed
Add to the weird and wacky list of how YOU know you're obsessed with Katherine Howard
every time you hear somebody call "Kitty", you expect to see a girl in a French hood
- LadyLizzy
you have an expensive taste in jewellery and clothing just because she did
- theothertudorgirl
you get defensive when someone calls her a *****
<a href="/account/KittyHoward" target="_self" title="Kitty Howard">Kitty Howard</a>
You spend your time wondering what it was like to be chosen - from a crowd of other ladies - by the King of England. (And yes, I defend her all the time, too.)
- KingsRose

¹ Thank you very much for this important hint, KatherynHoward. As for the different ways to spell her name, please check out Katherine Howard - The Spelling of her Name. -LadyLizzy