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The History
Thomas Seymour

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  • Thomas Seymour quickly won the favour of the King, who gave him many grants of land and employed him in the royal household and on diplomatic missions abroad.
  • From 1540 to 1542 he was at Vienna, and in 1543 in the Netherlands, where he served with distinction in the war against France, holding for a short time the supreme command of the English army.
  • Henry may have sent Thomas away in 1543 because he was aware that Catherine Parr had become very fond of him and wanted to remove his influence.
  • In 1544 he was rewarded with the post of master of the ordnance for life, becoming admiral of the fleet a few months later, in which capacity he was charged with guarding the Channel against French invasion.
  • From the time he was made Lord High Admiral he was mainly occupied in intrigue against his brother the Protector, Edward Seymour of whose power he was jealous; and he aimed at procuring for himself the position of guardian of the young king,Edward VI.
  • Several matrimonial projects entered into Seymour's schemes for gratifying his ambitions, including Princess Mary Tudor & Mary Fitzroy nee Howard (Henry's illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy's widow). No sooner was Henry VIII dead than the Lord High Admiral tried to secure Princess Elizabeth Tudor (later queen) in marriage; and when this project was frustrated he secretly married the late king's widow,Catherine Parr, whose hand he had vainly sought as early as 1543. He also took steps to ingratiate himself with Edward, and proposed a marriage between the king and the Lady Jane Grey.
  • He entered into relations with pirates on the western coasts, whom it was his duty as Lord High Admiral to suppress, with a view to securing their support; and when the Protector invaded Scotland in the summer of 1547, Seymour fomented opposition to his authority in his absence.
  • Thomas developed a plan to kidnap the King. On the night of the 16th of January 1549, Thomas broke into the King's apartments at Hampton Court Palace. He entered the privy garden and awoke one of the King's pet spaniels. Alerted by the dog, the guards arrested Thomas, and he was sent to the Tower of London.He was convicted of 33 counts of treason, and executed on the 20th of March 1549.

Thomas Seymour - The Tudors Wiki

Thomas Seymour's connection to Princess Elizabeth Tudor :

In 1547, Thomas had ambitions to raise himself through a royal wife, either Mary or Elizabeth. His interest in Mary is mentioned in a report from the Imperial Ambassador, Van Der Delft, and his interest in Elizabeth is proved by correspondence from February 1547 where Seymour writes to Elizabeth:-

“I have so much respect for you my Princess, that I dare not tell you of the fire which consumes me, and the impatience with which I yearn to show you my devotion. If it is my good fortune to inspire in you feelings of kindness, and you will consent to a marriage you may assure yourself of having made the happiness of a man who will adore you till death.”

Elizabeth refused him stating her surprise and that her young age, she was not ready for marriage. However after her father's death and Thomas Seymour's marriage to Catherine Parr, Elizabeth came under their the guardianship. Thomas Seymour's ambitions would eventually lead to him being arrested for treason. Both Elizabeth and her governess Kat Ashley would be arrested and interrogated. Under this interrogation Kat Ashley stated that Thomas would get into bed with the teenage Elizabeth tickle her and stroke her buttocks. It was also said that Catherine Parr held Elizabeth whileThomas cut her dress to pieces with a sword. During Catherine Parr's
pregnancy, Thomas became more ardent and this became the reason that Elizabeth was sent away. Elizabeth denied anything untoward had happened and managed to survive unlike Thomas Seymour but she learned a great lesson in the adult world.

Thomas Seymour - The Tudors Wiki
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Thomas Seymour - The Tudors Wiki