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They Flee From Me
Thomas Wyatt and Anne Boleyn
Go easy on me guys, this is my first attempt at a Tudors' fanfiction, and one of the biggest issues i have with writing period drama stuff is the language, dates may also be a bit inaccurate. Been thinking about writing this one for ages, it's basically an Anne Boleyn/ Thomas Wyatt lovestory, and takes place during the time Anne was banished from court after the debacle with Henry Percy, and what happens between then and her return to court. Hope you like it!

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

She had been slamming her hands against the door of her bedchamber for far too long, the palms of Anne Boleyn’s hands were now red raw. She wept as she slid to the floor, wrapping her arms around herself as she did so. She flinched as she gripped her elbows; she only realized the stinging from her hands now.

Henry Percy...

Why had this happened..?

How could it be possible that she would never see him again..?

Anne asked herself the same questions over and over again, questions that she knew the answers to; Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, he was to blame, he was the one that had sent her away from her beloved Percy, but why? Maybe Anne herself had been right all along, maybe she was too far beneath the Duke of Northumberland’s standards, but she was the Duke of Norfolk’s’ niece, surely that had its benefits? Mary; perhaps it was Mary’s reputation that had preceded her, her whoring sister had not only been the mistress of the King of France, but the King of England also, and because of her behaviour abroad, Anne had little hope of ever making a good match, but she had captured Percy’s attention, and he had captured hers’, and not just her attention, far more.

Anne straightened herself up, wiped the tears away from her eyes furiously, and stood up from the hard floor of her bedchambers and marched to her window, pulling the shutters open. She briefly took in a deep breath of air, preventing the release of oncoming tears from her light eyes; she swung her head back so her dark hair swished over her shoulders. She looked down at her hands, her snow-white hands, gripping the windowsill; they continued to tremble, with what? Sadness? Anger? Anne wasn’t certain, it could have even been a combination of both – sadness at losing her Henry, anger at those whom had taken him away from her – she resolved that she wasn’t going to allow this.

She strode back to her bed and tore the sheets out from under the blanket, she began to furiously tear strips from the sheet, and Anne hadn’t known her own strength until now, as she successfully tore one strip after another, throwing them each to the ground after she had done so. Once she concluded she had enough, she knelt down on the floor, and began to tie one strip to another, knotting them tightly enough so they could support her weight. As soon as she assumed it was long enough, she tied the end of her make-shift rope to the post of her bed, gathered the rest up in her arms and tossed it out her window, watching as it unravelled and fortunately stretched as far as the gravel beneath her windowsill.

Anne breathed a sigh of relief, but before attempting her escape, turned to ensure no one was near her chamber to overhear her. With great difficulty, Anne swung her leg over her windowsill, gripping the rope tightly as she did so, with even greater difficulty, her other leg followed, Anne wasn’t just shaking with sadness and anger anymore, now she was also shaking with fear, what if she fell? No, she couldn’t think that way, she had to think of the reason she was doing this; Henry Percy. Her family, the Cardinal, no one was going to dictate her decision to her; she was in charge of her own destiny.

Terrified, Anne bounced against the walls of Hever Castle as she shimmied down the rope, continuing to grip it tightly as she did so. Her hands were already smarting from her very poor attempt at breaking her door down earlier, slowly fabric burn was beginning to set in, and Anne wasn’t certain she could hold onto the rope for much longer, but just as she was about to release it, she felt the gravel beneath her feet, and couldn’t prevent the smile from appearing on her face, without a moment’s thought she raced in the direction of her family’s stables, oblivious to any and everything around her. She swung around the corner of the stable, and without realizing it slammed forcefully into something.

“Woh, woh, woh” something had been someone, Anne looked up into the face of a young man, one not much taller than herself, holding her in place, and despite the fact he was wearing a billowing black cloak, she could tell that his arms were indeed strong, curly dirty blonde hair peaked out from under his black hat, a beard of the same colour covered his face, and darting from one inch of her face to the next his brown, green tinted, eyes searched her frantic expression.

“Anne?” she heard a familiar voice call and looked in the direction of the carriage, along with the young man, and saw a dear old friend. Lady Margaret Lee had been a great friend of Anne’s for a number of years, and as she descended the carriage Anne felt herself fall toward her friend, and collapse into her arms, Margaret held her, rocking her comfortingly from side to side, while Anne buried her face in the dirty blonde hair covering her friend’s shoulder.

“Oh, my dearest friend!” Margaret exclaimed, taking Anne’s face in her hands, and examining her friends’ heartbroken expression, her brown, green tinted, eyes welled up with tears at the sight of her most beloved friend.

“It’s going to be alright, everything will be fine” Margaret assured her, hating herself for building up Anne’s hopes, but what else could she tell her, the truth? The truth would only break Anne’s heart all the more, and Margaret couldn’t bear to do that.

“Come now, let’s get you back up home –” began Margaret before being cut off by Anne.

“No, no, please, I don’t want to go back up there” Anne sobbed and Margaret nodded her head understandingly.

“Would you prefer if I went up first and explained matters to your mother?” Margaret asked, she knew full well what Anne was doing out here, Elizabeth Howard wouldn’t have allowed her youngest daughter out of her sight, not this soon after being banished from court, Anne had been trying to escape, and Margaret knew all too well where she was intending to go, leaving Anne here alone was also too risky while she proceeded toward the house.

“Would you mind terribly staying here with my brother for a moment?” Margaret continued to ask, after Anne had agreed to her friend proceeding ahead and explaining the situation first, at this Anne turned to the young man whom she had run into.

“Thomas, Thomas Wyatt?” Anne asked incredulously, she had not seen Margaret’s brother since she was a child, and was shocked to see how he had grown.

“Lady Anne Boleyn” Thomas Wyatt bowed courteously.
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SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Anne Boleyn and Thomas Wyatt remained in the stable as requested by Margaret Lee, he leant against the carriage while she sat on a bale of hay in the corner, not a word was spoken between them, Anne was still astounded to see the little boy she had remembered tackling to the ground on a number of occasions, only for Thomas to battle back, grabbing her and tickling her furiously, reducing Anne to tears of laughter.

“It was in 1512” Anne heard Thomas comment wonderingly.

“Shortly after Christmas tide, I believe that was when I last saw you” Thomas commented and Anne nodded her head in agreement, that would have been correct, it wasn’t too long afterwards that she had been sent to Austria to attend the Archduchess Margaret.

“I remember asking Margaret where Annie had gone” continued Thomas, walking from the carriage to sit beside Anne on the stack of hay.

“And she told me that you had left England, that you had gone away to an exotic country” Thomas smiled and Anne laughed gently.

“Not exotic, just Austria” Anne replied shortly, and Thomas nodded his head understandingly.

“What was the Austrian court like, now that you’ve attended the English court, were there any differences?” Thomas asked interestedly.

“I was only in attendance for a year, most of which was spent under tutelage, having learned French I was transferred to France afterwards, as lady-in-waiting to Queen Claude, as could be expected, my French was improved, I often served as an interpreter to Her Majesty” replied Anne, rather arrogantly.

“Was it improved in the same manner as your sister’s French?” Thomas had asked in French, which Anne had understood perfectly.

“I’m not my sister, you’d be wise to remember that Mister Wyatt” Anne spat, his remark hadn’t hurt her, it had angered her, did Mary not realize that she didn’t just ruin her own reputation, but her sister’s as well, with her scandalous behaviour.

“I do apologize, that was rather disrespectful... actually it was entirely disrespectful, I am sorry” Thomas apologized.

“You only say what others say” Anne mumbled.

“That doesn’t excuse it” Thomas responded.

“I am... I am also sorry to hear about recent events, what happened between yourself and Henry Percy” Thomas comforted, choosing his words carefully for fear of upsetting Anne further, he had regretted his comment about her sister, the last thing Anne needed was a remark like that, when scandal attached itself to a family, even one member of it, it stigmatized the entire family, Anne would suffer severe difficulty in making a good match because of her sister’s behaviour.

“Thank you” Anne mumbled, staring down at the ground.

“Must be very difficult, for him too I expect, marrying that Talbot woman so soon after being separated from you –” but Thomas was immediately cut off by the sound of a crack, it had been Anne’s voice.

“What?” she asked hoarsely, Thomas quickly realized his folly, Anne had not known of this.

“He has already married?” Anne asked wretchedly, he had promised her that he would not listen to his family, that he would not listen to her family, not to Wolsey, not even to the King... but had Anne honestly expected him to uphold those promises, they were near impossible to keep.

“Oh no... I was certain that you had already been told” Thomas mumbled but Anne was already on her feet, fleeing from the stable, Thomas attempted to follow her but could only watch as she pushed through his sister and her own mother, racing across the grounds of Hever Castle.

“What have you done?” his sister was quick to turn to him, as she marched up to her older brother in a fury.

“I thought she had been told of Percy’s marriage –” but Thomas was prevented from continuing as his sister maddeningly stomped her feet.

“Oh confound it all, you bloody fool, she is already in a fragile enough state, now it has been worsened by your stupidity” Margaret snarled, proceeding to follow Anne across the ground, but Thomas instantly grabbed his sister around the wrist.

“Sister, allow me?” Thomas asked as Margaret’s eyes widened in shock.

“YOU” his sister couldn’t keep from screaming.

“It is because of you she is in this condition” she shrieked.

“Therefore it is my duty to amend it, please sister?” Thomas asked and Margaret swung her wrist from her brother’s grip.

“I warn you Thomas, if you upset her further, you’ll be the one carrying our carriage twenty miles back the road rather than the horses, do you understand?” Margaret threatened.

“Transparently” Thomas smiled and walked past his sister, bowing politely to Elizabeth Howard as he walked across the grounds.

Thomas found Anne under the great oak tree which they had played beneath as children, he, Margaret, George and Anne. Anne was in great distress, she held her knees to her chest, sobbing violently into them.

“Annie” Thomas teased, hoping to receive a response from her, any response would be satisfactory.

“Annie Bolena” he continued, he received a response this time, Anne sat up and grabbed a branch at her feet and furiously tossed it at Thomas, her reaction was so unexpected that it successfully made contact with Thomas’ face, getting him in the eye.

“Ow, good God woman” Thomas growled, holding his face in his hands, his fingers rubbing his eye vigorously.

“I am so sorry” he heard Anne apologize, the twigs and leaves crunched beneath her footsteps as she approached him, Thomas instantly felt her hand on his shoulder attempting to turn him toward her.

“May I take a look?” Anne inquired politely, and Thomas allowed himself to turn toward her, blinking his eye continuously to rid his eye of the pain.

“You will have to stop blinking” Anne recommended laughingly, placing one of her hands above Thomas’ brow, and the other on his cheek beneath his eye, she attempted to stretch his eye open to examine it, and he stubbornly allowed her.

“There’s a tiny splinter in there” Anne mused, quickly flicking her finger beneath his eye.

“There” and Thomas blinked several times further as Anne removed her hands from his face.

“Better?” Anne asked hopefully and Thomas smiled in response.

“Anne, I am deeply sorry, I was under the firm impression that you already knew of Henry Percy’s union, if I had any idea that you were not yet informed I would not have divulged –” began Thomas frantically.

“So you would have lied, and hoped I would never discover the truth?” Anne asked smartly.

“Of course not, you would have found out the truth eventually, just... now was too soon” Thomas explained desperately.

“Do you think me so fragile, Mister Wyatt?” Anne asked sceptically.

“If I thought such a thing, then I would have no excuse for how easily you could tackle me when we were children” Thomas replied humorously and Anne laughed happily, Thomas couldn’t help but smile at the change in her face when she did this, for a brief moment it was as if she had forgotten her heartbreak.

“Do you think that he still loves me?” Anne asked unexpectedly, Thomas thought about her question for a few moments before answering.

“Why do you hesitate Thomas?” Anne asked impatiently as Thomas looked up into her face, so full of hope for the happiness she had once experienced to return to her.

“Love is always a matter to be hesitant in, truthfully, I don’t believe any person, be they man or woman, ever truly stops loving their first” Thomas finally replied, it took a few moments for Anne to respond, but she finally smiled up at him, a sad smile.
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SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Anne Boleyn had read the letter over and over again, once every day in the last month, Anne had eventually succeeded in prying it from Margaret Lee, with much effort.

Please forgive me...

Father proceeded quickly on our return home...

Your father also seemed very compliant with the arrangements...

Wolsey believes it is for the best that we forget...

But I will never forget, Anne Boleyn...

Forever yours, Henry Percy

Anne wasn’t certain if Percy’s letter gave her hope, or cast her deeper into despair, there was perhaps some small chance of a future where the two of them would one day be reunited, his promise of being ‘Forever Yours’ however had the opposite effect on any sort of future Anne could look forward to, how would she ever carry on knowing that the man she loved still loved her, still wanted her? Anne had always thought herself lucky to capture the attention of the Duke of Northumberland’s son, especially after the antics of her sister in France, she couldn’t deny that she had initially been drawn to Percy for the title he would one day inherit, but that became of little importance soon enough. Anne felt herself fall deeply in love with the dashing young courtier, and laughed at his poor attempts at poetry dedicated to her, she adored teasing him as she flirted with fellow courtiers, he would always excuse himself of his present company just to be a part of her flirtations.

“Anne, you will drive yourself mad reading that letter” Margaret remarked, the two had been gathered in Anne’s bedchambers all morning, Margaret couldn’t see what use Anne had for her, all she had done was stare at that piece of parchment since she had arrived, surely she could do that without Margaret’s presence. Anne hadn’t cried once since that summer afternoon a month ago, Margaret believed she had made a pact with herself to never cry again.

“It provides me with closure” Anne responded quietly, in some ways it did, Anne was slowly beginning to realize that there was no hope for her and Percy, and even if there was, he was married. It was the hopelessness of the situation that saddened her, as well as assisted her, convincing her that everything that could be done to rip them apart had been done. There was a certain finality to it, which was starting to gradually push Anne away from any ideas of her and Percy, Anne was happy for them, but couldn’t deny that her heart was still wounded, to follow the infliction of losing her beloved Percy, she had been told of his hasty marriage to Mary Talbot, a woman he had been pre-contracted to since youth, while Anne knew that he hadn’t married because he had quickly fallen out of love with her, it still caused her pain.

“Mother, sister?” both Anne and Margaret looked up at the sound of a familiar voice, and proceeded slowly toward the source.

Anne stopped instantly on the staircase; however Margaret continued at her original pace, standing in the doorway, doormen gathered around her, carrying many travel bags, was Anne’s sister, Mary Boleyn.

“Lady Carey” Margaret greeted, walking up to Mary and embracing her stiffly, planting an impassive kiss on the older sister’s cheek.

“Lady Lee, how wonderful to see you” Mary smiled ecstatically; Anne doubted very much that Margaret’s presence was the cause of Mary’s happiness, what was she doing back at Hever? The last time Mary had been recalled home without a word, it had been as a result of her scandalous behaviour in France, had she still not learned from her poor example?

“Sister” Anne greeted Mary coldly, embracing her sister, and kissing her quickly on the cheek.

“I do hope you have composed yourself much since leaving court, the raucous you caused when you were escorted to the carriage” Anne had to bite her tongue at her sister’s words, she could be so thoughtless sometimes, perhaps Mary had forgotten the scene she had made when she had been dragged home from the French court, and Mary’s reasons for being banished to Hever castle were far less reasonable than Anne’s.

“I have sister” Anne smiled through gritted teeth, she and her sister had never really been affable toward each other, both were as different as night and day, although Anne and her brother were certainly on better terms.

“So, why the sudden return from court, we heard nothing?” Anne inquired, hoping to disguise her suspicion with curiosity.

“Well... I am pregnant” Mary beamed, Anne could feel her face start to drop; however she struggled to muster up a smile.

“Is it –” Anne began to question.

“The King’s, I am certain it is sister” Mary continued to grin that stupid grin, Anne could feel herself flare up, while she had been banished from court in disgrace because she had fallen in love, her sister had been occupying the King of England’s bed instead of her husband’s, and because of it she could be carrying a son, the longed for heir of England, should the young Fitzroy die, their family would receive favours beyond their wildest dreams, and all because of Mary, her foolish, frivolous and scandalous older sister.

“Mary, my beloved daughter” Elizabeth Howard raced to her eldest daughter, and gathered her into her arms.

“You did not notify us, how come?” Elizabeth asked in amazement and that sickening smile returned to Mary’s face.

“I have the most wonderful news mother, I am carrying the King’s child, the King of England” Mary couldn’t restrain herself as her news tumbled from her lips.

“Oh, my dear child, that is wonderful news, and we must celebrate, both your return, and this glorious gift God has bestowed upon us” Elizabeth announced excitedly, and claimed her daughter in yet another embrace.

“Where are father and George?” Anne inquired, pronouncing her brother’s name resoundingly, Anne adored the company of her brother, George Boleyn, they shared far more in common than either herself or Mary did, anything she confided in him he never spoke of again, he never shared her secrets with anyone.

“They shall be returning tonight” Mary replied distractedly and returned to gossiping with their mother, who had her hand placed on her daughter’s belly dotingly, her first Grandchild, and it could be the son of the King of England. Anne span around and marched up her bedchambers, while she handled her suitors delicately and cautiously, Mary simply opened her legs and did whatever they desired of her, and she was the one to bring honour to the family by having the King’s bastard child, while Anne was pushed aside.

Anne lay on her bed, resting delicately against the cushions plumped up beneath her head, gazing out her window, not at anything in particular, her mind was too preoccupied, preoccupied with thoughts that did nothing for her disposition. When would Anne Boleyn get her chance to shine? When would she get the opportunity to make her family proud? Anne was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even hear the sound of footsteps on her landing; she continued to stare out her window, watching as the trees swayed gently in the summer breeze.

“Lady Anne” and Anne turned her head slightly to see Thomas Wyatt standing in her doorway, leaning against the frame, his arms folded and a concerned expression masking his face.

“Mister Wyatt” Anne greeted, turning her head back in the direction of the scenery beyond her window.

“Why are you not rejoicing in your sister’s good news?” Thomas asked wonderingly, but Anne did not respond, she disappeared back into her thoughts yet again.

“I am” Anne finally replied dreamily, at this Thomas stepped toward her bed.

“May I?” Thomas asked politely, Anne simply nodded her head absentmindedly, and Thomas placed himself on the edge of her bed, making certain not to sit too closely.

“You seem sad” Thomas commented as Anne continued to stare out of her window, but she was still listening.

“I should be the one making my family proud, not her, I have handled myself with great dignity, while scandal follows my sister everywhere, and now she will become the mother of the King’s son” Anne muttered.

“May I ask how you are certain that your sister will give birth to a son?” Thomas asked curiously.

“My sister has already been in receipt of such fortuitous praise, as if she never committed a single sin in her lifetime, while I stand in the dark, disgraced and alone, and all because I dared to fall in love, a concept my sister doesn’t even understand” Anne snarled.

“Well, presuming she does give birth to a son, your family will indeed receive rewards and praise unlike that of which anyone has received, but the King already has a son of Elizabeth Blount, has he not, an illegitimate child at that, a bastard can’t be King, even so, the King would not permit himself to grant two illegitimate sons the opportunity of being King, civil war is, after all, his greatest fear, imagine two sons fighting for the right to be King of England after his majesty has departed this world” Thomas stated.

“That is not what concerns me” Anne admitted tearfully.

“Then what is?” Thomas asked confusedly.

“When will I have my opportunity?” Anne asked resentfully.

“Your time will come, I know it will Anne Boleyn, there aren’t many women like you, women who can capture a man with their boundless wit, their fiery temperament, their outspokenness, those eyes of yours would ensnare any man, that dark hair about your shoulders, everything about you, you, Anne Boleyn, will set this country in a roar one day” Thomas professed, Anne was no longer gazing out the window, Thomas had obtained her undivided attention, she was watching him so closely that he was slowly becoming uncomfortable.

“Lady Anne?” Thomas asked nervously after she refused to say anything for a number of minutes.

“Thomas, call me Annie, please, as you did when we were children?” Anne asked smilingly and Thomas bowed his head slightly in agreement.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

It was unlike Anne Boleyn to stand in the shadows while a celebratory feast was in progress, her father and brother had returned home shortly after Mary, and arrangements were soon underway to welcome her back to Hever castle. Friends, neighbours and relatives were all invited, the infamous Howard family, which Anne herself was a member of on her mother’s side, the Duke of Norfolk was Anne’s uncle, and was currently speaking with her father, both wore conniving smirks on their faces. The Wyatt family lived twenty miles away from Hever castle, at Allington castle, Henry Wyatt and his wife were present, their daughter Margaret and her husband weren’t, nor was their younger daughter Mary, but Thomas Wyatt was, and considering Margaret couldn’t attend, Anne was much pleased to see Thomas could.

“For goodness sake, at least attempt a smile” Anne’s eyes shot up to stare at her brother in contempt, of all the people Anne could rely on for support, George Boleyn should have been one of them, but since he had returned he had been causing Anne nothing but irritation.

“Mary’s child will bring this family untold prosperity and nobility” George stated, but Anne hissed under her breath and stormed away from her brother, she stalked across the dining hall, through the other attendants, her glass of wine in hand, sloshing over the edges and spilling to the floor.

“Lady Anne?” and Anne spun around in a fury that had refused to quell since she departed her brother’s company, and when she did so she unintentionally whipped the wine from her glass and into Thomas Wyatt’s face.

“Oh my God” Anne squeaked as she lifted her hand to her mouth embarrassedly, as Thomas ran his hands over his face to wash the wine from his face, Anne was much relieved to see him smile, but still felt humiliated.

“Strike two” Thomas warned her.

“Two, when did I throw wine in your face before?” Anne asked, unable to disguise her imminent laughter.

“Never, although you threw a branch at me several weeks ago” Thomas stated, and Anne laughed as relief washed over her.

“I want to introduce you to someone” Thomas grinned as he lifted his arm toward a young woman, auburn hair draped loosely over her shoulders, striking green eyes watched Anne reproachfully as the young woman walked into Thomas’ embrace.

“Anne Boleyn, this is my wife, Elizabeth Brooke” Thomas introduced and Elizabeth nodded her head slightly to greet Anne.

“Your wife?” Anne asked unexpectedly, she had not known that Thomas was married, why had he not told her?

“Yes, Elizabeth and I have been married for three years” Thomas replied as Elizabeth continued to watch Anne closely, Anne was beginning to feel as though she were trapped under glass as a result of this woman’s gaze.

“Have you any children?” Anne continued to question Thomas; she still couldn’t believe that he had failed to mention his wife, especially after being married for three years.

“Uh... yes, we have a son, he’s just turned two” Thomas explained, becoming increasingly aware of Anne’s shocked tone.

“And I am currently with child” Elizabeth added delightedly, wrapping her arm around her husband, almost possessively Anne noticed.

“Congratulations, on everything, the marriage, the children” Anne faked a smile, she sincerely didn’t like how this woman watched her, spoke to her, how she appeared to delight in how uncomfortable Anne was at this surprising news, how she wrapped her arm around her husband, as if she needed to remind others that Thomas was her husband, and not the possession of someone else’s.

“Darling, shall we go mingle?” Elizabeth asked Thomas, smiling broadly.

“Yes sweetheart, we shall” Thomas replied as Elizabeth twirled her arm from behind him to take his hand, and lead him away from Anne, at this Anne lifted her glass and took an enormous swig of the remainder of her wine.

Anne could no longer remain in the dining hall, she abandoned it in favour of the staircase, especially after she had downed a further four glasses of wine in an instant, she was feeling particularly queasy now, and every time she glimpsed Elizabeth Brooke excitedly telling one person after another of her pregnancy, she felt physically ill. Everyone was getting married, and having children, Anne wasn’t getting married, and she certainly wasn’t having any children, even Margaret Lee who was several years younger than her was married, she just couldn’t understand what it was that made her so clearly repulsive.

“I believe you owe me a dance, Lady Anne” and Anne looked up dizzily from her glass to see Thomas approach her.

“What for?” she asked incredulously.

“Well, I do believe I was gracious enough to let you get away with whacking me with a branch, throwing wine in my face... attempting to drown me in a lake when we were children” Thomas rambled on.

“I did not” Anne protested fiercely as Thomas laughed humorously to himself.

“How many of those have you had?” Thomas asked, indicating the empty glass in Anne’s hand.

“At least I’m enjoying myself” Anne stated, swaying slightly and swinging her glass in her hand as she did so.

“ANNE” and Anne and Thomas looked up to see a furious Thomas Boleyn standing in the doorway of the dining hall.

“Do you not have any control over your emotions – “began Thomas Boleyn, marching towards Anne and proceeding to grab her around the wrist?

“Uh... Sir Thomas, Lady Anne was just graciously accepting my offer of a dance, she was just about to accompany me back into the dining room, with your permission of course, I can certainly understand the protectiveness a father holds for his youngest daughter, my sister Mary endured it quite severely” Thomas Wyatt explained as Thomas Boleyn laughed in great understanding at the younger man.

“But of course you have my permission Mister Wyatt, your family is one of the most admirable in the land, and shares a very close bond with my own family” Thomas Boleyn smiled before looking back at his daughter, smiling dreamily up at him, still under the spell of the wine.

“Do ensure she remains propped up” Thomas Boleyn whispered urgently in Thomas Wyatt’s ear and the young man laughed as Boleyn proceeded back to the dining room, while Wyatt offered his hands to Anne to assist her in getting to her feet.

“Up we get” encouraged Thomas, lugging Anne up from the staircase who fell against him, and instantly burst into hysteria of laughter while Thomas struggled to hold her up.

“That’s definitely one glass too many” Thomas commented as Anne continued to cackle, struggling to catch her breath as she did so.

“Let us dance Mister Wyatt” she announced, attempting to stand up straight, only to fall backward, almost smacking against the staircase until Thomas grabbed her, and she erupted into yet another fit of laughter.

“You are a very gentle gentleman Mister Wyatt” Anne stifled her laughter.

“Thank you, Lady Anne” Thomas mumbled uncomfortably, Thomas never understood how men found a crying woman so trying, when a drunken one was definitely far more problematic.

“You have very beautiful eyes Mister Wyatt, do you know that?” Anne asked in great astonishment.

“You are too kind, Lady Anne” Thomas continued, uncertain of what he should do now, he was sorely tempted to simply carry her to her bedchambers, she was fairly drunk, and he feared escorting her back into the dining hall in her condition.

“Lady Anne, would it not be more logical to escort you to your bedchambers?” Thomas asked nervously.

“Is that a proposition Mister Wyatt?” Anne asked teasingly.

“It was a request, Lady Anne” Thomas blushed furiously.

“I am surely entitled to one dance, am I not Mister Wyatt?” Anne asked demandingly.

“Entitled or capable?” Thomas muttered under his breath.

“Do come Mister Wyatt” Anne requested, taking him by the hand and dragging him back into the dining hall, she practically skipped onto the dance floor, while Thomas followed embarrassedly behind her.

By the third dance, Anne became rather tired and very subdued, Thomas didn’t want to remind her that he had only requested one dance, she kept mumbling nonsense under her breath, and Thomas overheard her mention Henry Percy’s name a few times, while muttering her sister’s several times.

“Anne” Thomas whispered in her ear in the hope she would come to her senses and release him.

“Why did you not tell me?” Anne suddenly asked, lifting her head to look Thomas in the eye.

“Tell you what?” Thomas asked confusedly.

“That you were married” Anne snarled, however she managed to keep her tone to a minimum.

“You did not ask” Thomas smiled simply.

“Is it not something you are entitled to mention Mister Wyatt?” Anne asked incredulously, as Thomas’ eyes strayed across the dining hall, where he found his wife conversing and giggling with George Boleyn, touching his arm suggestively as she did so.

“Why do you not answer Mister Wyatt?” Anne asked impatiently.

“Because I did not want you to know” Thomas replied seriously, very seriously Anne noticed.

“Why not?” Anne asked concernedly.

“I had hoped you would come to that conclusion yourself” Thomas replied solemnly.
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SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Elizabeth Brooke was feeling particularly ill today, and requested the company of her sister-in-law, considering her husband had been called to Hampton Court today on official business for the King, and was most certainly going to be away until nightfall. Elizabeth had barely spoken a word to Margaret Lee since she had arrived, and Margaret had noticed, but was too preoccupied with her nephew to mention this. She was sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace, curled up on the rug with Tommy in her arms and reading to him from his storybook, when Elizabeth finally walked in.

“She’s an odd looking creature is she not?” Elizabeth suddenly commented and Margaret looked up from the book she and her nephew were holding.

“Who?” Margaret asked confusedly.

“Anne Boleyn” Elizabeth stated as if it were the most obvious thing.

“How do you mean ‘odd’ looking?” Margaret asked, rather baffled at her sister-in-law’s sudden outburst.

“Her eyes are very large, and her nostrils flare constantly, and did you notice how she scrunches her lips all the time” Elizabeth complained irritably.

“You wouldn’t be the first to make that remark, not many people find the Lady Anne beautiful, however she possesses other advantages, the ones that captured the Duke of Northumberland’s son” Margaret smiled admirably.

“Ones that have also ensnared my husband” Elizabeth muttered resentfully.

“What?” Margaret lifted her head instantly in bewilderment.

“I think they are having an affair” Elizabeth continued, more to herself than Margaret, and almost as if no one else was present.

“And you have proof of this?” Margaret questioned, this accusation had completely baffled her.

“He speaks of her constantly” Elizabeth snarled.

“She’s a friend from his childhood” Margaret stated.

“You haven’t seen the way he looks at her” Elizabeth growled.

“Elizabeth, are you certain you’re not just being paranoid, I’m not patronizing you, but when I was with child I accused my husband of all sorts, none of it true, I was just rather insecure, maybe you are too” Margaret tried to explain as gently as she could, but the glare she received from Elizabeth indicated the older woman did not take her words too kindly.

“I am not being paranoid, nor is it due to my pregnancy, I know she has caught his eye, and besides, he is away from home for hours” Elizabeth ranted, pacing up and down in the doorway.

“He runs errands for the King, our father was a dear friend of his father before him, and because of that he maintains a certain trust in our family, of course Thomas is going to be absent for hours at a time” Margaret argued, she could feel her nephews eyes on her now, she had taken too long in resuming the story.

“Why is Mama sad?” Tommy asked, peering up at Margaret.

“Because, darling, Papa is in love with another woman” Elizabeth remarked smartly and stalked out of the living room, as Margaret rolled her eyes and returned to her nephew’s story.

Thomas Wyatt breathed a sigh of relief when he returned home, finally he could rest. He walked through the entrance hall, and into the dining room to find his wife seated at the table, her arms folded in defiance, her leg crossed over the other so her foot bounced up and down. This was not a good sign, Thomas was aware that the pregnancy was taking its toll on Elizabeth, she had been very ill as a result of it for several days now, he had offered to call a physician on several occasions, but Elizabeth refused each time.

“Is Tommy still awake?” Thomas asked, approaching his wife and leaning in to kiss her briefly on the cheek.

“He should be” Elizabeth replied quietly, at this Thomas proceeded in the direction of the staircase, hoping his wife may be in higher spirits when he returned.

Thomas pushed in the door of his son’s bedchamber slightly so he could peer in; he instantly noticed his son stir and a mop of curly dirty blonde hair appeared from the depths of the blanket.

“Papa” grinned Tommy and Thomas smiled as he walked toward his son’s cot, who instantly sat up and threw his little arms around his father, squealing with delight when he lifted him up into his arms instead.

“How haps my darling boy?” Thomas asked, looking into his son’s striking green eyes, his mother’s eyes.

“You went away for a long time” Tommy pouted and his father smiled sadly.

“I was very busy” Thomas explained simply.

“Even Mama was sad” Tommy continued, at this his eye contact immediately dropped.

“Why was Mama sad?” Thomas asked curiously.

“Mama said you love another lady, that you didn’t love Mama anymore, I thought she was being silly, you love Aunty Margaret, and she’s a lady” Tommy babbled as Thomas nodded his head smilingly, disguising his contempt for his wife’s words as he did so, what her paranoid mind believed wasn’t his concern, but that she had been making utterances to their young son about it, that is what angered Thomas.

“Sweet dreams Tommy” Thomas smiled as he pressed his lips against his son’s forehead and lay him back down in his cot, covering him back up with his blanket again.

“I love you” whispered Thomas.

“I love you too Papa” Tommy yawned and he turned over in his cot, as Thomas tucked his blanket in around his shoulders, he took one last look at his son before sweeping out of his bedchambers, his black cloak billowing behind him.

Thomas attempted and failed in concealing his anger as he marched down the staircase, he was already muttering profanities under his breath, and his wife comprised every one of them, how dare she make such remarks to a child, and one who now appeared greatly disturbed by them.

“Elizabeth” Thomas called as he reached the end of the staircase, only to be forced to drop on all fours as a glass of wine came hurdling at him.

“WHERE WERE YOU?” Elizabeth roared, Thomas was instantly on his feet and proceeding toward her.

“Do keep your voice to a minimum woman, you have done enough damage to our boy today, what on earth possessed you to say such things to him, have you no sense?” Thomas questioned in frantic whispers.

“I’m the one who has done the damage?” Elizabeth asked hysterically as she erupted into a fit of laughter.

“YOU ARE THE ONE HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH THAT WOMAN AND I AM DOING THE DAMAGE” Elizabeth screamed as Thomas placed his forehead in his hand exasperatedly.

“Who am I supposed to be having an affair with?” Thomas asked exhaustedly, he didn’t know how long he could maintain his quiet tones.

“THAT *****, ANNE BOLEYN” Elizabeth shrieked, at this Thomas grabbed her viciously by the arms and looked her straight in the face.

“Firstly, keep it down, secondly, do not make such remarks while our son is attempting to sleep, and thirdly, I am not having an affair, and I am certainly not having one with Anne Boleyn” Thomas explained as calmly and rationally as he could, unfortunately it did nothing to subdue Elizabeth who broke down in tears in his arms.

“Darling –” Thomas attempted to comfort her, but she smacked him across the chest as she pushed him away from her.

“Elizabeth” Thomas tried to approach her again, but this time she slapped him across the face, so hard he stumbled backwards, the next thing Thomas heard was the sound of his wife’s footsteps as she marched out of the dining hall, but when Thomas looked up he realized she wasn’t just leaving the dining hall, but the house.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Margaret Lee was surprised that her presence was requested so late in morning today, and what surprised her even more was that it was Thomas whom had called upon her, normally it was Elizabeth; her brother would have been at court by now. Margaret had made arrangements with Anne Boleyn today, who was slowly but surely recovering from her heartbreak, and wanted nothing more than to escape her mother and sister at Hever castle, her father and brother had returned to court and were rarely home now, and when the family was reunited, they spoke constantly in excitement of Mary’s child, something which Anne had grown increasingly tired of.

As Margaret entered her brother’s home, Anne followed hesitantly behind her, she was still baffled as to why her brother had requested her presence, and so late in the day too. They examined their surroundings as they entered the dining hall, hoping some evidence would concede itself.

“Margaret” Anne indicated the staircase, and surely lying at the base of it was a glass of wine smashed to smithereens on the floor.

“Oh God” complained Margaret, proceeding in the direction of the staircase, only to be sent stumbling back as her brother appeared at the foot of it, her nephew in his arms.

“Thomas, thank God you are alright, how is Tommy? What happened here? Where is Elizabeth?” Margaret questioned frantically, all the questions she had bottled up in her mind stumbled from her lips.

“Everything is fine Margaret, Tommy and myself are alright, however, Elizabeth stormed off in a tantrum last night” explained Thomas, sitting down at the dining table, and welcoming Margaret and Anne to do so too, although he was initially surprised to see Anne.

“We arranged to meet today, normally Elizabeth contacts me much earlier, so I assumed she didn’t require my company today, so I made other plans” explained Margaret.

“Well, I apologize for disrupting those plans, but could you care for Tommy today, I have errands to run for the King, and I refuse to bring him with me to court” Thomas pleaded with Margaret.

“But of course, Anne, do you mind terribly?” Margaret asked.

“Of course not” Anne smiled in response.

“Where is Elizabeth, Thomas?” Margaret asked concernedly.

“I don’t know, and I don’t particularly care” Thomas replied angrily.

“Thomas, she is your wife, and she is carrying your child, you should care” Margaret argued ashamedly.

“Do you know what Tommy asked me yesterday? He asked me if I was in love with another woman, because his mother said I didn’t love her anymore, her temperament while she is pregnant is something I can handle, but when it affects our son it becomes another issue” Thomas snarled.

“Yes, I recall her making that comment, I too found it distasteful in the presence of the child, but she’s starved for affection Thomas, she is pregnant and you are away at court for hours at a time, surely you can understand her demeanour?” Margaret asked.

“When it’s directed at I, yes, but when it upsets our son, I can’t abide by it” Thomas replied.

“Did she mention when she would return?” Margaret asked as a knock sounded on the door.

“Hopefully that will be her” Thomas smiled hopefully, handing his son to Margaret as he proceeded toward the door.

“Why does she believe he is having an affair?” Anne asked incredulously.

“I made similar accusations to my husband when I was with child” Margaret replied as she rocked her nephew back and forth on her lap, wrapping her arms around him and gently tickling his stomach as he giggled delightedly, Anne couldn’t help but smile, soon she would be an aunt herself, and despite her resentment for her sister, she was adamant that she would not take it out on the child.

“George, what can I do for you?” Thomas grumbled as he returned to the dining hall, being followed by a large man with dark hair and a beard, his intense dark eyes bore down on Anne as he entered the room, she shivered under his gaze and attempted to disguise it.

“What have you done to my sister?” George Brooke demanded, Anne could feel the fury radiating from him like heat, she felt herself shifting slightly in her chair in an effort to move avoid being too near him.

“I have not done anything to your sister” Thomas replied exasperatedly.

“Then she appeared on my doorstep in tears last night for no earthly reason?” George asked suspiciously.

“We argued, your sister became upset, and she stormed off, that is all” Thomas explained tiredly.

“Why did you argue?” George questioned wonderingly.

“For the same reasons we have been arguing for a number of weeks, your sister is suffering greatly as a result of her pregnancy, I handle her directing her anger at me, but when she directed it at our son, which she did do yesterday, it escalated” Thomas explained exhaustedly.

“I believe an affair between his father and another woman would affect your son more than his mother’s current mood” George retorted smartly.

“So she told you?” Thomas asked.

“She did indeed” George replied.

“Why ask then?” Thomas asked.

“In the hopes you would admit to it, but you didn’t, which leads me to believe you are hiding something, poet” George commented.

“I didn’t admit to it because it is so preposterous I didn’t want to dignify it with an explanation” Thomas argued.

“Gentlemen, surely this too will affect the boy?” Anne remarked as she stood up from her seat, brazenly George noted.

“You’re correct Anne, George can we discuss this outside?” Thomas requested.

“Is this the *****, Anne Boleyn?” George erupted furiously.

“Do not call her that” Thomas ordered.

“How dare you, my sister has not been gone a day, and you welcome this harlot into your home –” George snarled maddeningly, but was cut off as the palm of Anne’s hand made blazing contact with his face.

“Anne” Margaret gasped, standing on her feet, as Tommy slid from her lap, to pull Anne away, but Margaret was too slow, and George retaliated instantly, and smacked Anne so forcefully across the face she was knocked across the room, at this Thomas grabbed his brother-in-law by the neck of his cloak.

“Don’t you dare demonstrate such violence in my home” snarled Thomas, but George soon swung himself free of Thomas’ grasp, and punched him across the face, sending Thomas stumbling backwards, but he was still on his feet.

“This is also my sister’s home, and you invite this concubine into it during her absence” George growled, launching himself on top of Thomas, causing both men to tumble to the floor, where George buried his fists in Thomas’ face over and over again.

“DON’T HURT MY PAPA” Tommy wailed as Margaret ran to him, gathered him up in her arms and fled upstairs, when they had vanished up the staircase, Thomas kneed George in the groin so the large man stumbled off him, he took this opportunity to grab Anne by the arm and drag her in the direction of the staircase.

“Stay with my sister and son, do not come back down here, do you understand?” Thomas pleaded with Anne through the blood masking his face, but George was quickly back on his feet, and Anne did not heed Thomas’ words, while George was still complacent, Anne raced at him and shoved him into the wall.

“YOU ******* *****” George roared at Anne, Thomas instantly grabbed her around the waist and lugged her toward the staircase.

“FOR GOD’S SAKE, LISTEN WOMAN” Thomas snarled, practically throwing Anne up the stairs as George grabbed Thomas by the hair, Anne refused to listen yet again, and grabbed one of the chairs from around the dining table, and cracked it over George’s back, at this the large man tumbled over and hit the ground with a resounding thud, unconscious.

Margaret went with George in the carriage back to his estate, to ensure his injuries weren’t so severe, and also in the hopes of speaking with Elizabeth. Anne remained behind with Thomas, watching him at the dining table as he dabbed the dreadful wounds on his face, flinching at every moment of contact.

“Here” Anne offered, standing up from her seat and approaching him.

“You won’t clean them properly on your own for fear of hurting yourself” Anne stated as she removed the cloth from his hand and dunked it into the water basin, wringing it before returning it to his face, patting his wounds gently with it.

“You should not have involved yourself in that” Thomas growled as Anne ran the cloth across his cheek.

“You were in dire need of assistance and I offered it” Anne countered, staring Thomas directly in the eye, who backed down under her gaze.

“So, what did all that mean, does your wife believe you are having an affair with me?” Anne asked curiously.

“So it seems” Thomas replied quietly.

“Why would she say such a thing?” Anne wondered.

“I do not know” Thomas responded

“There must be a reason for it?” Anne asked incredulously.

“I often speak of you I suppose, when my sister is around which she constantly is” Thomas replied smartly.

“Your wife is aware we were friends as children?” Anne asked.

“She is” Thomas replied.

“Papa” and Thomas instantly looked up to see his son standing at the end of the staircase.

“Come here my boy” Thomas smiled and his son trudged toward him and crawled into his lap, as Anne stepped back and dipped the cloth into the water basin again.

“Are you alright?” Thomas asked, cuddling his son to him as he whispered in his ear.

“I’m scared, why was Uncle George so mad?” the little boy asked, tears welling up in his little green eyes.

“Uncle George thought Papa had done something he didn’t, but it’s alright now, he’s gone away” Thomas assured his son, kissing him on the cheek and rocking him from side to side.

“I won’t apologize for helping you, however I shall for getting in your way, you seemed as though you needed assistance, and it appeared that tyrant wouldn’t stop unless he was put out of commission” Anne explained.

“Thank you for helping me Anne, but don’t ever involve yourself in brawls like that again” Thomas instructed.

“I shan’t” smiled Anne, flinching at stretching the muscles of her face, the swelling of her cheekbone only occurred to her now.

“Tommy, could you go upstairs for Papa and keep an eye out for Aunty Margaret, can you do that very important task for me?” Thomas asked, and his son nodded his head solemnly as he slipped off his father’s lap, and proceeded toward the staircase.

“Let me take a look?” Thomas asked, pulling his chair closer to Anne, and taking her face in his hands, he examined the redness beneath her eye, stretching across her cheek; certainly a bruise would present itself tomorrow.

“One thing’s for certain, it doesn’t look pretty” Thomas commented as Anne smiled derisively.

“The swelling I meant, not the face it’s occurring on” Thomas corrected himself.

“According to your wife it most certainly is unpretty” Anne commented sadly.

“What do you mean?” Thomas asked confusedly.

“Your sister warned me of the comments she made in relation to me, she felt it was her duty before I came to your house this morning, that was when we believed Elizabeth to be here, I have to admit I’m quite relieved she wasn’t” Anne replied hurtfully.

“What did she say about you” Thomas asked curiously.

“She said my eyes were very large, that my nostrils flare too much, and that my lips moved oddly” Anne replied offended.

“Elizabeth made those remarks about you?” Thomas asked ashamedly.

“According to your sister, but don’t me mad with Margaret, she informed me so I would avoid conversing with your wife” Anne replied, her face dropped in his hands as her eyes fell to the ground.

“You are certainly not ugly Anne, do not take heed of my wife, she made those remarks in an effort to make herself feel better I imagine, she feels as though I speak too much of you and too little of her, and perhaps I do, because you have other qualities that make you far more interesting” smiled Thomas.

“Such as?” Anne asked.

“You’re outspoken, opinionated, and temperamental, not like many of the women I’ve become acquainted with” Thomas replied.

“Do men not dislike outspoken, opinionated, temperamental women?” Anne asked teasingly.

“I don’t” Thomas responded whisperingly, at this Thomas felt himself fall against Anne, pressing his face into hers, kissing the cheek where a bruise would most certainly be the next day, planting another on the tip of her nose before moving downwards to find her lips, he quickly caught her mouth up into his as his hands slipped away from her face to curve around her neck. Anne lifted her hands to meet his, sliding in between his fingers as he continued to hold her in his lips, she could feel his warm breath against her cheek begin to increase, as his face brushed furiously against hers, wanting more of her, needing more of her, it was similar to how Percy had claimed her in his embrace, only in this one Anne craved more, so much so that when Thomas pulled away to breath, Anne was still clinging to him. Thomas fell back in his seat, refusing to make eye contact with Anne, breathing deeply in and out, Anne watched him closely, his hands still in hers, but when she attempted to get his attention, sliding her fingertips in between his knuckles, Thomas instantly stood up, and quietly walked in the direction of the staircase.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Despite how beloved their family was by the King, the Boleyn’s decided to spend Christmas tide at Hever castle. Mary would soon be full term, and subjecting her to the exertions at court was not an option. Thomas and George Boleyn were home for the holidays, and Thomas and Elizabeth Howard were also in attendance, along with their son, Henry Howard. Surprisingly, Mary’s husband, William Carey, had also made an appearance, this had been the first time the Boleyn family had seen him since Mary had returned home, they believed he visited on account that her child may still be his, although only time and resemblance would tell. The Wyatt family were also present; Henry and Anne Wyatt, however, much to the dismay of Anne Boleyn, their son and daughters were nowhere to be seen.

Anne hadn’t heard from Thomas Wyatt in five months, not a word was exchanged, not a letter sent, and she had barely spoken with Margaret in that space of time either. Although Margaret had been with child on four occasions, she had miscarried two of them, given birth to a stillborn, and on only one occasion had she borne a living child, which died days later. She had recently suffered another miscarriage, and losing her children was beginning to take its toll on her, and Margaret was only seventeen and had been married since she was fourteen.

Also, according to Anne’s calculations, Elizabeth Brooke was due to give birth very shortly, which she hoped explained Thomas Wyatt’s absence this last month, but it did not explain his ignorance over the course of the last five months. Anne knew, deep down, why she hadn’t heard from him, he wanted to forget what happened between them, and he had every reason to want. He had a wife, a son, and another child was on the way, whereas Anne had nothing, nothing but a family that ignored her in favour of her whoring sister. At least with Margaret and Thomas she could be the centre of attention for a few short moments, and she believed for a few brief minutes she was the centre of everything in Thomas’ eyes, but now she had faded away back into obscurity again, only this time she felt utterly alone. Anne could understand her parents’ ignorance, despite how furious it made her, Mary could be carrying the King’s son, but Thomas’ ignorance of her... it wasn’t that Anne didn’t understand the reasons for his avoidance of her, she just didn’t know what to think. Was the kiss they shared a moment of weakness? Or was it genuine?

Anne was most certainly fully recovered from the heartbreak she had suffered as a result of the separation from Henry Percy, which allowed her to think more clearly into the incident between her and Thomas Wyatt, and she realized it was that day her own heart had healed, she didn’t know it then, but she knew it now, and she desperately wanted to speak with Thomas. She didn’t care if he rejected her, as long as she knew of his feelings for her, if he viewed it as a mistake, Anne could simply move on from there, but if it hadn’t been a mistake... Anne wasn’t certain which she wanted more, to say it was accidental could help them both to move on, Thomas was married, he had a son, his wife was due to have another child shortly, and Anne had just recovered from one disaster, she didn’t possess the spirits to endure another.

As Anne excused herself from the dining table early, her older brother George caught her eye, Anne thought nothing of it as she ascended the staircase, until moments later she heard a rapping on the door of her bedchamber, and she looked up to see George.

“I do hate seeing you like this” George mumbled sadly.

“Like what?” Anne asked as George approached her.

“Heartbroken” George replied, lifting his hand to gently stroke her cheek.

“Please Anne, please just accept that you and Henry Percy were never meant to be, smile again, my sister” George practically begged.

“I have accepted that Henry and I were never meant to be” Anne responded quietly, she was tempted to tell George what was occupying her thoughts, he had never betrayed her secrets, never, if there was anyone she could confide in, then it was him.

“Then why so sad?” George asked confusedly.

“George... at court, do you speak with Thomas Wyatt?” Anne asked desperately.

“Very rarely, his business normally takes him away from the court, while I am constantly within it, why?” George asked bewilderedly.

“Does he speak of private matters with you, his family, anything of the sort?” Anne asked pleadingly.

“Anne, we rarely speak at all, he has been busying himself more so recently, constantly running errands he need not run, but considering his wife is due to give birth any day now it can be expected” George explained absentmindedly.

“I see” Anne murmured glumly.

“Why such questions?” George asked wonderingly.

“George, can I ask something of you?” Anne asked and at this George began to shake his head vigorously, rumours had been abound at court concerning his sister and that poet, but George had initially believed they were completely unfounded, now he was slowly beginning to realize they had some basis, and he was terrified for his sister, Henry Percy had been an issue in itself, but at least he wasn’t married, Thomas Wyatt was, and with a child no less, and another soon to be born, Anne had already damaged her reputation with Percy, anything that occurred with Wyatt would ruin it beyond repair.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no” George complained as he buried his face in the depths of his hands.

“George, I would not ask something of you if it wasn’t important, and I have never asked anything of you before now, but I need to know his views on what happened between us, whether he believes it was a mistake or not, please George?” Anne begged as she descended on her knees, holding her brother’s hand adoringly in her own.

“What did happen between you?” George asked sceptically and Anne lowered her eyes to the ground ashamedly.

“Anne, tell me you did not share his bed?” George pleaded.

“Of course not, brother” Anne denied embarrassedly.

“Then what did happen?” George inquired impatiently.

“We kissed” Anne replied.

“Oh Jesus Christ” George swore as he blessed himself.

“George, please, as you love and care for me, do this one thing for me, I have never asked anything of you, and this will be the only thing I will ever ask of you, I promise” Anne begged.

“If father finds out –” George began, but his sister was already on her feet, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

“I will tell him it was all my doing” Anne finished delightedly.

“Fine, I shall then, but you owe me a great debt” George stated as Anne turned her head to plant one kiss after another on his cheek.

“Oh, thank you brother, thank you dearly” Anne screamed excitedly, George would have happily held his sister in her embrace, but he stood stock-still, his arms limp at his side, if father discovered this he would be furious, but if the King found out...

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

George Boleyn made certain to take leave of Hever early that morning to avoid any suspicion. He had been speaking with Henry and Anne Wyatt last night, and had discovered that their family was at Allington castle for the holidays. This relieved him as Allington was much closer to Hever than the estate Thomas Wyatt and Elizabeth Brooke shared. He rode hard for an hour, and was relieved when he reached the gates of Allington; it was cold enough without the wind blowing through his face. George rode up the gravelled pathway, and quickly dismounted as he reached the doorway, and knocked fiercely. He could remember Allington from his childhood, and it was as vast in size as Hever, and it took some time for the door to be answered, if it had even been heard.

Thomas Wyatt had been chasing his lively son around the castle of Allington all morning, he was always this active during Christmas, the fact that he remained the only grandchild of Henry and Anne Wyatt also contributed to this, his grandparents had him spoiled.

“Come here, you little demon” teased Thomas as he caught his son up in his arms, who screamed with laughter.

“You couldn’t catch me, could you Papa?” Tommy giggled.

“Your Papa is getting old little one” Thomas stated as he carried his son to the doorway to answer it.

“George?” Thomas asked in surprise.

“Thomas, make I speak with you a moment?” George asked, forcing as much politeness into his voice as he could muster, he felt rude imposing on another family on Christmas day of all times, and seeing Thomas Wyatt with his young son only caused a sad smile to creep across George’s face, his sister wasn’t the only one going to be hurt here, an entire family could be destroyed.

“Only for a moment” Thomas stated, and he placed his son on the ground.

“Tommy, could you go play with Mama?” Thomas asked his son, who nodded his head enthusiastically, happy to do anything that would please his father George noticed, and as the child disappeared back into the house, Thomas stepped outside, and closed the door behind him.

“What is it you want George?” Thomas asked irritably, the last thing he wanted was any concerns of the court to disturb him on Christmas day.

“I shall make this as short a visit as possible, I’m here for my sister” George replied.

“Which one?” Thomas asked.

“Anne and I believe you know why” George replied knowingly, raising his eyebrows at Thomas.

“George, anything your sister has told you, I would really appreciate if you kept it to yourself” Thomas requested guardedly.

“I have never broken my sister’s trust, and I’m certainly not about to start, Anne has suffered enough, she does not need to endure our father’s wrath again” George assured him.

“What does your sister want, George?” Thomas asked, his eyes darting between his family home and George uneasily.

“She wants to know whether you consider the occurrence between you either a mistake, or an intention?” George asked, sensing Thomas’ nervousness.

“Of course it was a mistake, I have a wife and child –” Thomas began only for George to bring him to a halt as he raised his hands.

“That is the answer my sister had hoped for, now she can happily move on from here, Happy Christmas Thomas” George bid Thomas farewell as he prepared to mount his horse.

“Move on from what?” Thomas asked curiously as George slowly turned from his horse’s saddle.

“I do not know what, why do you ask?” George asked incredulously.

“No reason, Happy Christmas George” Thomas smiled as he turned toward his home.

“Thomas, are you in love with my sister?” George asked worriedly and Thomas glanced back at him over his shoulder.

“Would it matter if I was?” Thomas asked.

“It may matter to her” George replied, he knew he shouldn’t delve deeper into the matter, this was too sensitive and too dangerous a situation, but despite his fear of their father, George wanted to see his sister smile again, and after everything that had befallen her, she surely deserved it.

“Why would it?” Thomas asked incredulously.

“Because I believe she too is in love with you” George replied with a deep sigh.

Anne had resigned herself to the falcon house earlier that morning; she had taken a great interest in falconry as a child, so much so that her crest became that of a falcon’s. She removed the oldest of the females from its enclosure; she was in need of more exercise than the others, carrying it on her gloved arm, a scrap of meat in her other hand, she tossed it into the air, and the falcon, with a clap of its wings, ascended up into the air in search of its meal, catching it before it hit the ground with a single swipe. She quickly soared back to Anne’s arm, and upon landing began to tear at the meat with her hooked beak.

“What’s her name?” and Anne looked up at a familiar voice and turned to see Thomas Wyatt standing mere inches away from her, Anne felt her heart flutter at the sight of him, a brief smile appeared on her face that she quickly put a halt to.

“Elizabeth, after my mother, although we refer to her as Beth” Anne replied as she walked toward the falcon’s perch, brushing her down from the glove that she proceeded to remove, the piece of meat firm in the falcon’s talons, but as Anne turned around, she turned into Thomas’ chest, who took her in his arms and held her tightly, one hand on her back, the other on her head, his fingers running through her long dark hair, as he kissed her forehead furiously. Anne could no longer impede the smile on her face, she lifted her own hands to run them across his cheeks and into his blonde curls, as Thomas kissed down along the bridge of her nose, returning Anne’s quiet smile, but when he lifted Anne up off her feet in a loving embrace, she could no longer hold her silence and laughed with delight.

Thomas Boleyn looked on from the living room window, watching his own daughter and that poet in a deep, warm kiss, clutching desperately to each other as if any moment they would be torn apart, something Boleyn had every intention of doing. Anne did not learn, Boleyn had watched her open displays of affection with Percy, as if she did not know that people would speak of such things, and she was doing it yet again with Wyatt, and it infuriated Boleyn, he watched as they smiled and laughed with each other, Wyatt running his hands from Anne’s face to her shoulders, down along her arms so he could take her hands in his, as Anne pressed her body up against Wyatt’s and kissed him gently, Thomas’ arms crept around her waist as they disappeared into another ardent kiss... Anne just couldn’t see the path her father had laid out for her, he had greater expectations for her than a poet or the son of a Duke even, the King of England himself was beginning to show an interest in Boleyn’s youngest daughter, and he would make certain she made a greater marriage than the match she was clearly hoping for.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Henry and Anne Wyatt sat around the dining table at their son’s estate, watching as he paced up and down at the window. Sitting across from them sat George Brooke, his chin resting in his hand, a contemplative look masking his face, to Henry it always seemed this man were conspiring something. The younger Thomas Wyatt sat at the end of the table, watching his father pace up and down confusedly, he had descended into fretful sobs earlier at hearing his mother’s cries. Elizabeth had gone into labour last night, and since then her howls had been echoing throughout the household. It was now the evening time of the following day, and still there was no child. This worried the elder Thomas Wyatt, his wife had not been in labour this long when she had given birth to their son, Henry tried to assure his son that there was no reason to be concerned yet, that it wasn’t unusual for a woman to be in labour for this long a time. Margaret was with her also, and this, as well as his father’s advice, did reassure Thomas somewhat, Anne had also added that she was in labour for longer this time because she wasn’t having another son, but giving birth to a girl, and Thomas had been saying for months how he wanted a girl. Finally, Elizabeth’s screams faded to be replaced by the wails of a baby, Thomas instantly stopped pacing and raced in the direction of the staircase, he ran into his sister on the landing, nearly knocking her to the ground in the process.

“Elizabeth has finally given birth to a healthy baby girl” Margaret smiled ecstatically as her brother’s face lit up with the happiest smile she had ever seen.

“A girl?” Thomas asked in disbelief, looking between his sister and the bedchambers he and his wife shared.

“A girl” Margaret assured him with certainty, at this Thomas walked around her and into the bedchambers. Elizabeth sat in a mountain of cushions and pillows, and in her arms she held a bundle of white sheets. Immediately, Thomas was at his wife’s side, looking into her face with worry, her complexion was ghostly, the sweat made the paleness of her skin shine, shadows could be seen beneath her eyes and her posture was slumped in exhaustion. Then, at the sound of cooing, Thomas looked down at his daughter, her little fists clenched tightly, she stared up at the new figure that had entered the room, her tiny dark eyes sparkling in the winter sunlight, a few strands of auburn hair swept over her head.

“A girl?” Thomas asked again as if there were no other words in his vocabulary.

“A girl, I want to name her Anne, after your mother” Elizabeth smiled sleepily, her head swaying slightly with fatigue; Thomas lifted his hand to her cheek to hold her head in place.

“Thank you sweetheart” Thomas smiled gratefully at his wife, looking back down at his daughter in adoration.

“You may hold her” Elizabeth stated as she wearily sank back into her cushions and pillows, and Thomas slid his hands under the bundle that was his daughter and lifted her into his arms.

“My dear Anne” Thomas whispered, glancing back at his wife briefly to see her eyes slowly closing.

“Shall we leave your mother to sleep?” Thomas asked his daughter who blinked up at him as if she understood what he had said.

“I shall have to take that as a yes” Thomas smiled down at his daughter before he stood up from his bed.

He slowly descended the staircase to come face to face with his mother and father, George too was on his feet, Margaret stood at the window, her nephew in her arms.

“Mother, father, you have a granddaughter” Thomas explained and his parents smiled delightedly, Henry squeezed his son’s shoulder proudly, while Anne took her grandchild and namesake in her arms, smiling over her as she rocked her from side to side.

By the following morning, Elizabeth’s appearance had improved greatly, some colour had returned to her face, the shadows beneath her eyes had dissipated, but she was still exhausted, so Margaret had arrived that morning to assist Thomas with the baby.

“You remain in bed, allow Thomas and I to tend to sweet, little Anne” Margaret soothed as she lifted the bed sheets up around Elizabeth, Thomas sat on the edge of the bed, cradling Anne in his arms, refusing to remove his eyes from her. Elizabeth had just fed her, and she was much satisfied with herself now, then Thomas was forced to look up at a knock on the door.

“I shall see to that” Margaret insisted and her brother smiled his appreciation as she left the room.

“Is she not the most beautiful little girl you’ve ever seen Elizabeth?” Thomas asked his wife; Anne continued to captivate his gaze.

“You do love me, don’t you Thomas” Elizabeth asked suddenly, the proud expression on Thomas’ face instantly changed as he looked up at his wife.

“Thomas, Anne and George Boleyn” Thomas heard his sister call from downstairs.

“I’ll see to that, and leave you to get some much needed rest” Thomas smiled at his tired wife as he stood up from their bed.

Thomas made his way down the staircase, holding Anne dearly to him, who grunted her annoyance.

“Would you like me to take her?” Margaret asked as her brother reached the end of the staircase.

“Thank you Margaret” Thomas smiled as Margaret took Anne in her arms.

“You are to be congratulated Thomas, a son and a daughter” George grinned as he patted Thomas on the back.

“Thank you George” Thomas smiled appreciatively.

“What is her name?” George asked interestedly.

“Anne, after our mother” Thomas replied and George laughed.

“Seems that’s three women named Anne who are close to your heart” George nudged and winked Thomas who threw him a warning glare.

“May I hold her?” Anne asked, walking up to Margaret who passed her niece to Anne.

“You may want to grow accustomed to that, it’ll be Mary’s turn next” George advised and Anne smiled.

“Hello little Anne” Anne cooed over the little girl, who blinked furiously up at yet another strange face.

“Papa, papa” young Thomas had finally grown tired of all the attention his sister was receiving.

“Come play with me” the young boy pouted.

“Allow me, Mister Wyatt” George volunteered and he walked toward the little boy, kneeling down in front of him as he stood at the end of the staircase.

“Your Papa is very busy right now little man, would you like me to play with you instead?” George asked and Tommy shook his head nervously.

“Why ever not?” George asked, injecting hurt into his voice.

“You’re a stranger, and I’m not supposed to play with strangers” Tommy pouted to receive a chorus of laughter from Thomas, Margaret and Anne.

“Well, my name is George Boleyn” George gave Tommy his hand to shake it, and Tommy did.

“Now, I’m no longer a stranger” George smiled.

“Just because I know your name doesn’t mean you’re not a stranger” Tommy stated.

“Come sweetheart” Margaret lifted her nephew into her arms.

“Would you prefer if both George and I played with you?” Margaret asked and Tommy paused to contemplate that.

“I suppose it will have to do” Tommy replied grumpily as everyone chuckled at his tone while Margaret, carrying Tommy, and George disappeared upstairs.

“Congratulations Thomas” Anne smiled as she continued to cradle his daughter in her arms.

“You must be very happy” Anne continued.

“I am, I’ve always wanted a daughter” Thomas smiled his response.

“That certainly makes a welcome change, most men desire a son above all things, all I constantly hear about is the importance of a son” Anne rambled in annoyance.

“I’m fortunate to be in a position where a son isn’t entirely vital” Thomas smiled as he watched Anne with his daughter fondly.

“I am very sorry to have to put you through this” Thomas whispered as he placed his hand on Anne’s.

“I have already accepted that this was going to pose some difficulties” Anne whispered her reply, enfolding her hand around Thomas’.

“But what will we do?” Anne asked interestedly.

“I do not know” Thomas replied exasperatedly as he leaned into Anne and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Then I shall have to resign myself to being the mistress” Anne mumbled disappointedly.

“No” Thomas refused.

“I want you to know that you mean more to me than that” Thomas assured Anne, stroking her cheek as she smiled up at him.

Elizabeth had slept the whole day and night yesterday, and was recovering more and more with each day. Thomas awoke as he felt her stirring beside him, creeping into his arms and resting her cheek upon his chest.

“How are you feeling today?” Thomas asked sleepily.

“Much restored” Elizabeth replied, looking toward Anne’s crib beneath the windowsill.

“She has been quiet all night” Elizabeth commented, unlike their son who would keep them awake for hours at a time after he was born.

“She has indeed” agreed Thomas as he slipped out of bed from beside his wife so he could dress himself.

“I would like to visit my family shortly, to introduce them to their granddaughter” Elizabeth explained, stretching beneath the bed sheets.

“Most certainly darling” Thomas agreed, fully clothed, as he walked toward his daughter’s crib to peer in over it, smiling down at Anne as she slept soundly, he lifted his hand to stroke her cheek, but instantly recoiled after touching her skin, it was stone cold.

“Thomas, what is the matter?” Elizabeth asked, sitting up in their bed.

“Elizabeth, send for a physician” Thomas mumbled absentmindedly.

“Thomas?” Elizabeth asked confusedly.

“GO” Thomas roared, at this Elizabeth shuffled out of their bed, raced from their chambers and downstairs, as soon as she had disappeared, Thomas lifted Anne from her crib and held her motionless body to him, her eyelids didn’t flutter open, her fist didn’t clench at being held as it normally did, and as Thomas shifted her upwards to his cheek, not a single breath left his daughter’s mouth, and he let out a dreadful sob.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

My dearest Anne,

I am so sorry to write you this late, every other letter I have written and rewritten proved unworthy of your attention; hopefully this one will be satisfactory.

I have returned to court, and intend to remain there for the time being, never have I been more thankful for it in my life, as you know well of my feelings for the atmosphere of that place. I do not know when I shall see you again, and I am sorry for that, if not anything else, but I do not want to burden you with my current state of mind, which still undergoes much unrest. I have chosen to remain here to relieve my wife of my presence; I have done nothing but cause her further grief, as if she has not endured enough.

want to say that I shall send for you upon my return, but that would be unfair to you my love, for by the time I may return you will have forgotten me, and have found a much better man, one that is deserving of you in every possible way for I am not this man. But if you deem me so then I shall know of it upon my return, until that time I wish you all the love, happiness and fortune in the world, and in your life.

Yours in mind, body and soul,

Thomas Wyatt

Anne Boleyn sat beneath the oak tree on the grounds of her family home at Hever castle, the letter had been delivered early that morning, but Anne had only summoned up the courage to read it now, and she did not know what she was supposed to think. Made a better match? Did he think she was so superficial that she could not bear to be apart from him for some time, especially for reasons that were completely understandable, she remembered seeing him that day, the day he had found his daughter dead in her crib, and he appeared as though he was waiting for others to leave so he could collapse in a heap of misery. One that is deserving of you in every possible way for I am not this man – that was not his assumption to make, that belonged to Anne.

“There you are” Anne looked up instantly in the hope of laying eyes on Thomas, but was dismayed to see her brother George instead.

“You’ve read it then?” George asked, he knew how his sister had waited day after day, longing for some word of Thomas Wyatt.

“Yes” Anne replied sombrely, handing George the letter who read over it hastily.

“Well sister... perhaps it is all for the best” George remarked and Anne immediately turned her head to George.

“Anne, you know as well as I do that father, nor uncle, would permit such a relationship to continue, Mister Wyatt is married, he has children... a child” George quickly corrected himself.

“No matter how much you want it, he would never divorce the sister of a baron, the Wyatt’s are both a prominent and popular family, whom are now closer to nobility through that match, as well as that, if father were ever to discover your affair with Mister Wyatt... well, need I even point out the dangers of such a revelation” George scoffed, he had intended to be gentle with his sister, and had evidently failed miserably as she threw him a thundering glare.

“THIS IS MY LIFE GEORGE – mine and Thomas’, not yours, not father’s, nor Norfolk’s, and I will do as I see fit with it, as will Thomas” Anne barked before storming off, pushing the drooping branches of the oak out of her way as she did so.

The King was intending to send Thomas Wyatt on a brief embassy to Spain, so the poet had to return home quickly to inform his wife and son. He disliked the fact greatly that the first time he was to see his family in a month, was to tell them he was to be leaving the country for a time. Elizabeth was not going to be pleased, and Thomas did not know how brief this embassy was going to be, sometimes they could go on for months at a time, even years.

He rode his horse down the gravelled pathway of his estate, and dismounted quickly, he wasn’t intending to stay for too long a time, just long enough to bid his wife and son farewell.

“Elizabeth” Thomas called as he entered his household, sweeping his hat from his head as he walked into the dining hall, but he heard nothing, not his son racing to the door to greet him, nor his wife.

“Elizabeth?” Thomas called again, this time he did hear something, and it was coming from upstairs.

“Darling?” Thomas called as he ascended the staircase, but the closer he came to the landing, the more he wanted to turn and flee the house, the sounds emitting from his and Elizabeth’s bedchambers were all too familiar. Thomas’ hand trembled as he reached for the door handle, but when he opened it he almost collapsed.

“Thomas” Elizabeth shrieked as she clambered off her lover, a man Thomas certainly didn’t recognize, nor did he want to remain to become acquainted with him, he furiously slammed the door of the bedchamber shut and marched down the stairs in a rage. As he stood in the dining hall, he wasn’t at all certain what to do, he felt as though he should be doing something... but Thomas remained still, breathing slowly in and out, before sitting down at the dining table, that’s when he crumbled and buried his face in his hands, but no tears came, Thomas believed Anne’s death had caused him to weep to the point of barrenness.

“Thomas” Elizabeth cried as she appeared at the end of the staircase, Thomas lifted his head slightly to see her standing there, wearing her night cloak, the sweat drenching her face sickened him, as did her lover standing behind her, at least Elizabeth hadn’t strayed too far from her husband, her lover was clearly a coward too.

“Thomas” Elizabeth sobbed as she approached him, kneeling down in front of him, placing her hands on his knees, running them up and down along his thighs soothingly, her lover managed to creep past behind her and leave the house.

“Thomas –” Elizabeth began.

“Is just want to know one thing” Thomas cut across her and Elizabeth nodded her head vigorously.

“Thomas is mine, I know that much, but what of Anne, was she my daughter?” Thomas asked, driving his fingernails into his skin to prevent himself from lashing out at his wife, Elizabeth paused, opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, which was as good a reply as any.

“You ******* *****” Thomas spat, standing up and knocking her to the floor in the process.

“Thomas, please, I had no one when she died, you just left us and returned to court, and I needed someone to tell me that everything was going to be alright” Elizabeth pleaded tearfully.

“No one better than her real father Elizabeth” Thomas snarled before storming out of the house altogether.

Anne had no intention of remaining inside of doors all day, Mary was currently lying in and would soon give birth, the reason her father and brother were present at Hever instead of court, her uncle had also been visiting more and more leading up to the event, as well as William Carey, who did nothing but sulk upon each visit. Her father and uncle were overbearing enough in the situation concerning Mary’s child, but in combination with her mother, they were migraine worthy. Anne had decided she was going to go riding, George had volunteered to go with her, but Anne refused and explained she wanted to be alone. Anne did not require comments she needed to hear at the present time, only comments she wanted to hear, and George would not serve that purpose anymore she imagined. Anne couldn’t help but harbour wishful thoughts, no matter how they had destroyed her previously, she refused to learn from it, but Thomas hadn’t said he was never returning, just that he would be absent for some time, Anne could wait until that time, she would wait until that time.

“Annie” there was no hoping for Thomas this time, he had been the only one to call her that since her departure from court, and there was no mistaking the voice in this instance, no matter how addled her brain was, that was one thing she acknowledged clearly. She peered around her horse and saw him standing in the doorway of the stables.

“Thomas” she smiled and in an instant she was in his arms, holding him tightly, receiving one kiss after another upon her brow, being swung to and fro in his embrace.

“When did you return?” Anne asked, unable to contain her excitement as she looked up at him.

“Moments ago, I had to see you” Thomas replied as Anne smiled happily up at him.

“Who told you I’d be here?” Anne asked.

“George” Thomas replied.

“Thankfully, if my father knew I was going out riding I’d have a guard following me; he still thinks that every time I leave home I am meeting with Henry Percy” Anne replied with a pout.

“He can’t be too sceptical about it, he still allows you to leave unwatched” Thomas stated.

“Thank God” Anne laughed, burying her face fondly in Thomas’ chest who planted a kiss on top her head.

“Oh, I love you Anne Boleyn” Thomas mumbled absentmindedly, at this Anne instantly lifted her head and stared into his face.

“Do you mean that?” Anne asked in shock.

“I do” Thomas replied, stroking Anne’s cheek, whose eyes welled up, only Percy had ever told her he loved her, she didn’t believe it possible that anyone would ever tell her again, especially not after suffering such disgrace at being separated from him.

“Now, crying women I can handle so much better than drunken women” Thomas remarked and Anne laughed as she threw her arms around his neck.

“Oh Thomas” she laughed delightedly, kissing his cheek furiously.

“I thought for a moment you were never coming back” Anne continued, he did not have the heart to tell her he was leaving for Spain, just as he knew he shouldn’t have told her he loved her, it had just slipped out.

“I would have always returned for you, I just did not know when that would be” Thomas mumbled.

“I would have waited, no matter how long, I would have awaited your return” Anne assured, releasing her arms from around his neck so she stood on the ground in front of him.

“But what of Elizabeth?” Anne asked.

“Let's not speak of Elizabeth” Thomas replied, kissing her gingerly on the lips, but Anne didn’t want trepidation, and pulled him into her, and as if Thomas had been in a deep sleep for the last month, and had finally awoken, in a blaze of passion, he returned her forceful grasp, wrapping his arms around Anne and lifting her up from the ground, pressing his lips powerfully against hers, his tongue shot in between her lips, as her legs went around his waist, confining him to her, pleading him to devour her.

Anne ran her hands from the strands of Thomas’ beard to the fastener of his cloak, and unclipped it so it fell to the ground. She didn’t hesitate, never had she been more certain of anything in her life, not even Percy, she had never felt she could give herself fully to him, but she wanted Thomas to possess her entirely. Thomas continued to carry Anne in his arms, stumbling forward with her to push her against the horses’ strapping post, so he wouldn’t have to carry her weight any longer, and so his hands could venture elsewhere. Anne, too, was aware of this; she instantly took hold of Thomas’ hand and directed it to the lacings of her gown. Thomas didn’t require telling, he quickly unravelled them as Anne’s kiss grew more urgent, and she began pulling the buttons of his shirt undone, pulling him closer to her in the process as she tightened her legs around his waist. She wanted him, craved him, as he did her, he was burning for her, longing to feel her skin against his own, and he grew ever closer as he pulled her gown from her shoulders, sliding it down along her arms so all that remained was Anne’s corset and shift.

Once unburdened of her dress, Anne shivered in the cold spring air, but Thomas soon drew her closer to him, so she slid down along his body to the ground, where she was enveloped in his warm embrace. His hands soon went to the bindings of her corset as they lost themselves in yet another deep kiss. Anne’s own hands went to Thomas’ shirt and slid inside of it and over his strong chest, she could feel his heavy breathing, his breathing of longing for her, as Thomas removed Anne’s corset, lifting it from around her stomach, Anne shuffled his shirt down from his shoulders, and drew him back with her and into the hay stacked in the corner of the stable.

Anne inhaled deeply as she felt Thomas slip in between her legs, instinctively Anne’s hands went to the buckle of his belt, although she fumbled with it a while, she didn’t come to a halt, and neither did Thomas. He brought his hands to her ankles, gripping the base of her shift to push it up along her shins and knees until it reached her thighs, as he brought himself up closer to her, she finally unbuckled his belt, at this both Anne and Thomas caught their breath.

“You do mean it when you say you love me, don’t you Thomas?” Anne asked.

“I love you with every fibre of my being Anne” Thomas whispered, leaning down and kissing Anne on her forehead, and trailing down along the bridge of her nose, before settling upon her lips again, escaping into her kiss once more. Thomas could feel Anne’s body moving beneath him, tantalizingly, slowly she lifted her legs, sliding her knees along his ribs, and in one quick motion, Thomas moved up and into Anne, a gasp escaped her lips, she slid her hands up along Thomas’ back, digging her nails into his shoulders as he continued to move within her. The pain shocked her, never before had she imagined it was cause her this much pain. Thomas was whispering against her lips, but Anne could not hear a word he uttered, the blood was roaring furiously in her ears, she gripped and grasped at the skin on Thomas’ back, however, she managed to restrain her painful yelps, she did not want Thomas to leave her, she wanted him to remain, no matter what. It took some time for the pain to finally subside; now Thomas had moved from Anne’s lips to her ear, at last, now she could hear him.

“I love you, I will always love you, no matter what befalls me, you will always be the keeper of my heart, always” at his words, Anne turned and kissed his cheek, nuzzling through the golden strands of his hair. This time, when Thomas moved again, Anne didn’t stiffen in pain, but writhed in pleasure, an enjoyable moan slipped from her lips, a wave of relief washed over Thomas. He did not know how much longer he could endure the sight of Anne in such pain, especially when he was the cause. Thomas continued to move over Anne, slowly but surely, she groaned excitedly as he moved within her. Anne began to gradually respond, moving in rhythm with Thomas’ body, as he slid his hand along Anne’s stomach and cupped it over her breast, Anne covered his hand with her own, pressing her body up against Thomas’, driving her knees into his ribs, urging him on. Anne’s breathing soon ascended into irrepressible moaning, she could no longer hold Thomas’ mouth in her own, but she kept her face against his, gazing open-eyed at him, watching as he gasped and groaned, his eyelids flitting open and shut to glimpse her as longingly she held him in her gaze. Anne’s shift was now clinging to sweat drenched body, hers’ and Thomas’.

When it was over, Anne continued to hold Thomas to her, which required little to no effort, as his own body collapsed on top of hers, he continued to breathe heavily, Anne’s own breathing matched his as she buried her lips in his hair, while he began to kiss along her shoulder and neck, his hands slipping under her so his arms could gather her up against his body.

“I’m going to divorce Elizabeth” Thomas whispered and Anne’s eyes lifted to look into his face.

“You are sure?” Anne asked in disbelief.

“With one hundred percent certainty” Thomas replied and Anne’s face broke into a broad smile.

“In which case your father could not protest against such a match, as I would no longer be married” Thomas explained, Anne’s smile couldn’t possibly waver, and she threw her arms around Thomas, laughing in delight.

“My darling Thomas, oh my beloved Thomas” Anne cried with happiness.

SCRIPT TITLE: They Flee From Me

Mary had given birth to a baby girl little less than a month ago, and Anne was thankful for the distraction, but she couldn’t deny she was indeed glad it hadn’t been a boy. She remembered how upset she had been when Thomas had told her he would have to travel to Spain for a time, but thanks to little Catherine Carey, Anne was no longer thinking of his departure, but awaiting his return. William Carey had abandoned Hever castle several days ago, he was under the firm impression Catherine was not his, and instead decided to return to court. With his return, the Boleyn’s received word that the King intended to visit, this surprised the Boleyn’s, Henry barely paid that much attention to his legitimate daughter, but they had an alternative theory.

Anne received several letters from Thomas in the time he had been away, and as well as helping her sister care for her daughter, it was proving helpful in distracting her from the worst, Thomas was thinking of her, thinking of her quite a lot judging by the number of letters he had sent. In every one of them he professed his never-ending love of her, and assured her he would obtain a divorce and marry her the instant he was successful. In the month since he had left, Anne had walked the distance between the stables and the old oak tree several times a day, she hadn’t forgotten that time they had shared together, that night awakening in Thomas’ strong arms, his eyes fixed on her face and her face alone, his gentle kisses on her shoulder as he delighted in her awakening. Anne couldn’t remember much of how she had reacted to the news of his leaving, she recalled breaking down in violent tears, the thought of being abandoned with Mary soon to give birth was unbearable, but the thought of Thomas in another country where he could get up to anything was crippling, but each letter she received filled her with hope, and anticipation for his return, and especially with Elizabeth no longer occupying their estate, Anne was thankful for somewhere to spend with Thomas away from prying eyes, somewhere she could express herself fully in every possible way.

Thomas Howard couldn’t understand why his brother-in-law was so anxious in awaiting the King’s visit, surely the fact he was continuing to show some shred of interest in his daughter was a positive thing, but neither could deny the real reason the King was visiting, and it wasn’t for Thomas Boleyn’s daughter or the child she had borne.

“We all foresaw his interest in Mary waning, she gave herself to him too quickly, Anne on the other hand, she is a born tactician” Howard explained.

“I can only wish” Boleyn muttered under his breath.

“I don’t understand?” Howard asked confusedly.

“Surely you have prevented contact between her and Percy?” Howard asked.

“Percy is not the problem, I am certain she is having an affair with Thomas Wyatt” Boleyn admitted.

“Thomas, Sir Henry’s boy?” Howard asked perplexedly.

“Yes, the poet, the married poet, the married poet with a child” Boleyn rambled irritably.

“Now, now, now Thomas, you and I both know a wife and child won’t prevent a man from straying” Howard laughed.

“You may know it, but I have seen them together” Boleyn snarled and Howard’s eyes widened in surprise, up until this point he believed Boleyn’s ramblings to have been a result of his paranoia.

“When did you see them together, how did you see them together?” Howard demanded fiercely.

“Christmas day, I found them kissing and embracing, and I’m almost certain Anne is no longer a maid, I found bloodstains on one of her shifts” Boleyn rambled embarrassedly.

“Now Thomas, let’s take this one step at a time, I can accept that you may have found them fornicating, but that Thomas has already had her, the blood doesn’t prove anything, she could be experiencing her monthly bleeds” Howard stated rationally.

“Do you not think I have already broached that as a possibility, she’s not bleeding, I’ve inspected her sheets, she’s been lying with him, I am certain of it” Boleyn continued in humiliation.

“The King need not know of this” Howard stated.

“He is a poet, do you not think he’ll write of it” Boleyn growled.

“We’ll just have to ensure he doesn’t, now calm down... but I can’t help but wonder; if you’ve known of this for as long as you claim, why did you not do anything sooner?” Howard asked wonderingly.

“Separating her from Percy was a difficult enough task, something I don’t believe she would have wholly recovered from were it not for Lady Lee, she being Mister Wyatt’s sister, to separate her from Thomas, would entail separating her from Margaret as well” Boleyn argued.

“You are far too soft” grumbled Howard.

Anne had received a letter from Thomas a few moments ago; she was reading it as she walked from the gateway and through the grounds. She couldn’t help but smile; now as she was reading Thomas’ words, he was already aboard a ship to England. He had enclosed a set of keys to his estate so Anne could be there upon his return, he longed to see her, and had also enclosed one of his works, which he wanted Anne’s opinion on, but had warned her it was not finished so not to be too critical.

That Brunet had; she hath and ever shall...

She from myself now hath me in her grace...

She hath in hand my wit, my will, my all...

My heart alone well worthy she doth stay...

Anne was so absorbed in Thomas’ words that she barely noticed the royal guard galloping up the pathway to her household; the King had arrived to visit her sister no doubt. Anne was surprised to find he was taking an interest in an illegitimate child that was girl, an illegitimate girl that may not even be his.

Anne finally reached the doorway, having stopped to reread Thomas’ letter yet again, just to ensure he was indeed returning tonight. She stopped at her doorway to find her father and uncle speaking with the King of England himself, Henry VIII. He stood tall and proud, an alluring smile on his lips, his blue eyes sparkling in the afternoon sunlight, his glossy black hair shimmering in the rays of the sun. As soon as Anne had appeared, his attention was soon directed away from Thomas Boleyn and the Duke of Norfolk, and captivated by Anne. Henry had not laid eyes on Anne in almost a year, and had ever since been longing to gaze upon her face once more, those striking blue eyes, those dark, almost black, strands of hair, to be this close to Anne, and to not touch her was suffocating the King.

“Your Majesty, I believe you know my youngest daughter” Boleyn grinned as Henry’s eyes lit up and he stepped toward Anne, taking her hand in his to plant a kiss upon it.

“Lady Anne” Henry beamed.

“Your Majesty” Anne swept into a deep bow, keeping her eyes to the ground.

“Your presence has been sorely missed, as a matter of fact, with your father’s permission; I would like you to return as lady-in-waiting to her Majesty once more” Henry smiled devilishly, looking between Thomas Boleyn and his daughter, whose eyes had been lifted from the ground instantaneously at the King’s words, to return to court could permit Anne to see Thomas more often, Anne could barely contain her delight at the prospect of seeing Thomas every day, as he had been spending most of his time at court since his daughter’s passing, and still wasn’t too open to the idea of staying for too long a time at home. At court Anne could also escape the watchful gaze of her family, as there were more places to flee to, Thomas’ chambers would most certainly be ideal.

“Why thank you, your Majesty, it gives me great pleasure to allow my daughter to return to the service of the Queen” Boleyn smiled appreciatively, Anne smiled ecstatically at this.

“Lady Anne, may I speak with you a moment, with your father’s permission again?” Boleyn bowed his allowance of this.

Anne was feeling significantly uncomfortable now, why had the King requested her company, especially when her sister was awaiting his visit, to add to that the last time Anne had seen the King was when she was being dragged kicking and screaming from court, the humiliation still stung. Then, suddenly, Henry grabbed Anne’s arm, holding it tightly in his grip.

“I do mean it, when I say your presence at court is greatly missed” Henry insisted.

“I can’t imagine how so, your Majesty” Anne responded, gripping the letter that was still in her hands as tightly as he held her arm.

“Anne, how can you not know of the affect you have on a man, on any man?” Henry asked, stopping and spinning Anne around to look him directly in the face.

“Your eyes, your hair, your lips –” began Henry, lifting his hand to Anne’s face, who broke free from his grasp, and slapped his hand from her face.

“Your Majesty, I have no intention of becoming your mistress, my sister has already delivered you a daughter, and in any case I have already given my maidenhead into my husband’s hands” Anne argued.

“You would deny me?” Henry asked in shock.

“Yes, I would, your Majesty” Anne replied defiantly.

“Then... it should please you to know that my love for your sister has sprung and spent a long time ago” Henry assured Anne, taking her hands tightly in his.

“That matters not, my reputation and prospects have already been ruined enough, I will not obliterate them completely by treading the path my sister has travelled, I have seen where her methods have gotten her, being called the ‘Great Prostitute’ by everyone” Anne argued.

“Do you have any idea of who it is you speak to?” Henry asked, almost threateningly, but Anne refused to back down.

“You could be the Pope, and still I would not give in to your demands” Anne snarled, and marched off as Henry stared after her, dumbfounded.

Anne was worried at creeping out of Hever castle tonight, for if her father discovered her disappearance overnight, she would surely suffer dearly for it. She wrapped up the key to Thomas’ estate, his letter and the poem he had sent her in a pouch, which she buried in the depths of her dress, but just as she had finished organising herself, she found herself looking into the faces of her father and uncle in the doorway of her bedchamber, and they did not look pleased, they couldn’t possibly know what she was planning, could they?

“Father, uncle” Anne greeted with a slight bow of her head, hoping to disguise what she had been doing in the process.

“We have been speaking with the King” her father began; if they did indeed know of Anne’s plans, then that had been an odd way to open the conversation.

“How dare you speak to him in such a manner” her uncle scolded, and Anne lifted her head, breathing in a discreet sigh of relief as she did so, so they didn’t know of her plans.

“What manner?” Anne asked.

“What manner – outright rudeness” her uncle snarled.

“He would not take no for an answer, I did not want to give him false hope, so I gave him a straight answer, although blunt” Anne explained.

“Give him false hope – you put the King of England in a place he is unaccustomed to” her uncle growled.

“Now he no longer is unaccustomed to it” Anne retorted smartly.

“**** IT ANNE – I did not raise you to speak your mind” her father spat.

“I refuse to be the King’s mistress” Anne stated defiantly.

“Yet, you serve as one to that poet” her father snarled as he approached her, Anne felt her knees buckle beneath her, so they did know, but how? Thomas and herself had surely been discreet, perhaps George had told them?

“I am not his mistress” Anne explained through gritted teeth.

“Of course you are, that is the position you resume when you bed a man that is not your husband, or is that of another” her uncle bellowed as he too launched himself upon her.

“Because you’re such an expert” Anne sneered in her uncle’s face, who instantly grabbed Anne around the neck, and ran her into the wall, making certain to slam her head against it.


“You are currently paving your way toward a lifetime of misery, here’s a few interesting facts about your lover, he whores, he gambles, he’s loose with his tongue, do you really desire a life that entails the constant anxiety of your husband’s whereabouts, is he squandering money on women, at cards, or is he in fact serving time in the tower for treason, awaiting his execution, in which case all your belongings will be repossessed and forfeited to the crown, and you’ll die in poverty, a lonely demise as a result of starvation, and we shan’t be there” Norfolk spat in Anne’s face, shoving her face deeper into the wall so Anne released a desperate sob.

“Do you understand?” Norfolk growled, a hint of finality in his voice, and Anne nodded her head vigorously so he released her.

“Anne, please child –” her father began, sitting next to her as she slipped onto the edge of her bed.

“You refuse to be the King’s mistress for fear of ruining your reputation, yet you fail to see that this affair with Mister Wyatt will do just that” her father stated.

“He’s going to divorce his wife, and marry me” Anne argued through the tears streaming down her face.

“The sister of a baron, be realistic Anne, his father would never allow such a thing” Norfolk laughed at the very idea.

“How can you be certain?” Anne asked.

“The Howards and the Wyatts have been close for a number of years, and to add to that I am Thomas’ godfather, do you not think I know him well enough, know his father well enough?” Norfolk asked rhetorically.

“Anne, why do you not learn from experience, Percy was betrothed to another, Mister Wyatt married to another, must you always seek out the impossible?” her father asked exasperatedly.

“I fall in love father, I fell in love with Henry, and I’ve fallen in love with Thomas” Anne smiled, a sad smile.

“Then now is the time to end it” Norfolk stressed fiercely as Anne clenched her eyelids tightly, preventing herself from crying anymore tears, it was happening again, just like with Percy, only this time Anne refused to allow it.

“What if I don’t” Anne asked, barely audible, her voice was just above a whisper.

“Then we shall ensure it comes to an end, as his godfather I know things about Mister Wyatt you could never imagine, one of which being his reformist leanings, ideals that could have him charged with heresy, oh how easy it would be for me, as a close friend of his father’s, to gain access to his offices and place damning material among his possessions” Norfolk threatened as Anne slowly lifted her head to stare into his face, this was not an empty threat.

“Surely you would not see him burn?” her father added as Anne turned her head to him next, her expression pleading silently with him, she did not want to be the King’s *****, to give birth to bastard children whom would never share their father’s company, Thomas would divorce Elizabeth, and he would marry Anne like he promised, she would have his children, children that wouldn’t be embroiled in a struggle for lands and titles, children that would be loved for who they were and not what they were worth.

“We shall leave you to consider Mister Wyatt’s fate” Norfolk muttered as he marched from Anne’s bedchambers, followed quickly by Anne’s father, leaving her to stare across her room, the tears glazing her eyes yet again, at this Anne jumped up from her bed and raced across her chambers to her writing desk, pulling out one drawer after another until she finally came upon the silver locket her mother had given to her as a child, it was intended to be handed into the keeping of her future husband, and Anne would ensure that was where it would be.

Thomas Wyatt smiled as he opened the doorway to his estate, it had been unlocked, Anne was surely here already, the weather was indeed dreadful as Thomas entered his household, finding puddles resembling footsteps leading into the dining hall. Thomas removed his hat from his head as he followed the trail, placing it on the edge of the dining table, he hoped Anne had not attempted to travel here in this weather, if so it had been taken on foot, there was no sign of her thoroughbred mare in the stable.

“Anne” Thomas called, walking through the dining hall, the light from the moon was the only thing illuminating the vast estate, and then a mop of dark hair appeared in the living room, standing slowly up from the floor, her large gown causing her to slump under the weight of the rainwater, her skin seemed almost transparent in the line of the moonlight.

“Anne” Thomas gasped concernedly, proceeding toward her, but Anne was already submerged in his arms before he could proceed further, sobbing violently into his chest, Thomas held her shivering body tightly to him, whispering assurances in her ear.

“I tried to light the fire” Anne explained through her rattling teeth as Thomas held her face in his hands to examine her complexion, feeling the bitterness of her skin against his palms, he covered her face with one kiss after another as she giggled at his attempts to warm her.

“Here” Thomas unclipped his cloak and swept it from his shoulders, wrapping it tightly around Anne, just as he remembered doing that night not too long ago before escorting her back to Hever castle... it had been the last time he’d laid eyes on her before departing to Spain.

“Sit down and I’ll start the fire, alright” Thomas explained and Anne nodded her head in agreement, and followed him back into the living room, as Thomas knelt down at the fireplace, Anne curled up in a ball on the seat, watching as the fire came to life, Thomas shifting the logs of wood with a poker.

“Thomas” Anne called and he looked up from the fire at her, holding a silver necklace in her hand.

“I want you to have this” Anne explained as he crawled toward her, stopping to kneel in front of her so she could place the locket in his hand.

“What is it?” Thomas asked curiously, discovering the necklace was in fact a locket instead, he opened it to find a dark haired woman, with startlingly blue eyes and creamy white skin, a miniature image of Anne, he turned the locket over to find the initials A.B on it.

“No matter what should happen” Anne began, closing Thomas’ hands around the locket.

“Remember that I love you” Anne explained tearfully.


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