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The Emerald
The Emerald

The Emerald is the traditional birthstone for the month of May. It is a variety of the mineral Beryl colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.
The word Emerald derives from Latin, Greek, Semitic and Sanskrit meaning "green".
In some cultures it is considered the traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.
April 21 - May 21

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The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Taurus

A Taurus is reliable, steadfast and desires a predictable routine.
- They have a lot of common sense and haste does not come naturally to them.
- They like routine and find it difficult to move on.
- Taureans are calm and placid, unless angered....then watch out!!
- A Taurus is a friend for life and very reliable.
- They are shrewd with money, but are not stingy.
- They have irresistible charm and are generally the most handsome and beautiful.
- Can fall into the trap of being a workaholic.
- They know exactly where they are going as far as money is concerned.
The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors WikiGemini

Geminis are multitaskers and often have several projects on the go at one time.
- As far as personality,they are the great communicators of the Zodiac.
- They are very logical and rational, but can also be very cunning and deceitful.
- They tend to talk a lot and don't always make good listeners.
- They are youthful and trendy.
- In love they communicate readily and immediately in new relationships.
- They are flirtatious.
- As for careers, they are suited for the Media and Sales.
- Money can slip easily through their fingers.
The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
May 22 - June 21

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The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Members Birthdays The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

Add your best wishes for members celebrating their special day this month. For safety and security reasons, please members, do not put down your actual birthday.
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The Tudors May Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
From one Taurus to another, May you have a Wondrerful Day.
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Happy Birthday!!! Luv Desilee O:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY or, in my languige, BUON COMPLEANNO!!!!!!!!! by princeedwardfan
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Happy Birthday, hope you get loads of presents and have a fab day! Izzy xxx
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Happy Birthday Reggie, hope you enjoy it!


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Happy Birthday, hope its a good one! Izzy
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