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Song Dedication - The Tudors Wiki
Song Dedication - The Tudors Wiki
Get "Between the Sheets" with The Tudors and let 'em know how you *really* feel. <a href="/thread/2758187/Enter+The+Tudors+Late+Night+Love+Song+Dedications+Sweepstakes+here%21" target="_self">Leave your sassy late night love (lust?) song dedication for the character of your choice</a> and you could win a hot Tudors prize pack!


<a href="/thread/2758187/Enter+The+Tudors+Late+Night+Love+Song+Dedications+Sweepstakes+here%21" target="_self">This sweepstakes is now closed. Click here to see all entries.</a><a href="../thread/2697580/Enter+The+Tudors+S%C3%A9ance+Sweepstakes+here%21" target="_self">

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Dedication for: Anne Boleyn to Harry Rex
Dedication: For every pain and every victory Anne dedicates "Hallelujah" by Kate Voegele to her love Harry Rex.

Song Dedication - The Tudors WikiEDITOR'S PICKS
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Dedication for: Charles Brandon
Dedication: Charles Brandon gets me all hot and sweaty so I'd like to dedicate "I Melt" by Rascal Flats to this hunk of burnin' love. (Touch My Body by Mariah Carey would work too, lol)
<a href="/account/.Bex." target="_self">.Bex.</a>Username: <a href="../account/.Bex." target="_self">.Bex.</a>
Dedication for: King Henry
Dedication: "Greetings Lords and Ladies of the realm. I'm Lady Rebekah and I'll be your host tonight. The first song we have up is for our Sovereign King Henry whom is on his third wife. Yes, that's right, his third wife. Watch out Ladies, this man means business. Here's 'I love you.. I'll kill you' by Enigma"
<a href="/account/Seriously%3F" target="_self">Seriously?</a>Username: <a href="../account/Seriously%3F" target="_self">Seriously?</a>
Dedication for: From King Henry to all the Ladies
Dedication: "His Majesty here. I don't usually stoop to calling radio stations, but another queen bit the dust recently and I'm feeling a bit lonely. I'd like to send this out to all the beautiful single ladies in the Kingdom tonight. Or even just the reasonably cute married ones. If you're listening...the door to my boudoir and my heart are open..."Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye."
<a href="/account/Innoruk" target="_self">Innoruk</a>Username: <a href="../account/Innoruk" target="_self">Innoruk</a>
Dedication for: King Henry
Dedication: "I like to dedicate "Area Codes" (Hoes) by Ludacris to King my main man King Henry VIII...Keep Pimpin!!"
<a href="/account/heverhoney" target="_self">heverhoney</a>Username: <a href="../account/heverhoney" target="_self">heverhoney</a>
Dedication for: King Henry
Dedication: "Yes, I'd like to dedicate a song to my main man you need to lighten up a little; all this crazy reformation and 'Church of England' talk...that's why Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation" is for you! *wink*"
<a href="/account/theladyV" target="_self">theladyV</a>Username: <a href="../account/theladyV" target="_self">theladyV</a>
Dedication for: Katherine of Aragon to Anne Boleyn
Dedication: "Kathy from Aragon to Annie B., "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man" by Loretta Lynn
<a href="/account/CicaB" target="_self">CicaB</a>Username: <a href="../account/CicaB" target="_self">CicaB</a>
Dedication for: To Buckingham from Charles Brandon...
Dedication: "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy

Bucky came in and he caught me red-handed
Sleeping with the girl he bore
Picture this, we were both butt-naked
Makin love on the castle floor

How could I have known that
He would take out his sword
After all he should know better
Than when dealing with this Lord

He said I took her flower (It wasn't me)
I only had her for that hour (It wasn't me)
Even did her in the Tower (It wasn't me)
Bucky, don't be so sour!! (It wasn't me)
<a href="/account/FMFJRMGRL" target="_self">FMFJRMGRL</a>Username: <a href="../account/FMFJRMGRL" target="_self">FMFJRMGRL</a>
Dedication for: To all the Queens' ladies in waiting from King Henry
Dedication: "This is a late night song dedication to all the Queens ladies in wating from HenryVIII_ "I want your sex" by Mr. George Michaels You know how I love those long boring nights with you all...especially when the Queen is preggers with my soon to be male heir of the throne..."The audience comments~"She loves you yeah yeah" by The Beatles...

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Winners will be randomly chosen and notified the week of May 11, 2009. Remember, every sweepstakes entry is a chance to take home one of two royally awesome grand prizes: The Tudors replica items!

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