The Tudors Jewellery: The Ladies

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The Ladies Jewels
Necklaces, chokers, pins, earrings, brooches
(Headdresses on Costumes page)

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Ladies in Waiting
Bessie Blount


Brooch & Earrings-Bessie

Anna Buckingham
Brooch- Anna
If anyone cares to notice, this looks just like one of the pieces that Henry had designed for Anne, that she sent back. ~Lady Phyre~

Ladies in Waiting
Madge Sheldon
Madge I love the necklace that Madge wears,it is beautiful. She is one of Anne's ladies in waiting I find who has rather pretty in her lady in waiting gowns and jewelry.
Eleanor Luke
[Untitled] I don't know why but Eleanor Luke always reminds of Anita Briem's Jane Seymour!
The necklace she wears here looks like the one Jane wore.
Except this one is a more peachy colour.

Jane Seymour's
Ladies in Waiting

Ursula Misselden played by Charlotte Salt

Ursula Misseldon
Because the dress was all wrong for her this just makes the necklace more uglier. Wresltgal
Lady Ursula Misseldon in Episode 3.01

Anne of Cleves
Ladies in Waiting

The necklace is pretty bu a bit large, in my opinion, but it looks wonderful with her outfit and other jewelery

Queen Claude
Queen Claude
I LOVE the necklace!!! It could be my obbsesion with Emeralds but I love it none-the-less!

This ensemble does nothing for her it makes her face look scrawny. Wresltgal
Princess Maragaret

Mary Boleyn

Mary Boleyn
This necklace is one of the few really Authentic Tudor pieces and worn by Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn) too - MsSquirrly

The necklace and the tiara are exquisite! The colours are nice, it looks rich and authentic. It suits Mary very well.
Marina de Champagne
Necklace & Earrings-Mary

Mary Boleyn

Brigitte Rousselot
Brigitte RousselotThouth I think it is a bit too modern, the set is gorgeous and the blue stones are flattering Brigitte's complexion.
Marina de Champagne
Brigitte RousselotThe set is lovely and it suits Brigitte very well!
Marina de Champagne

Lady Hertford