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The Tudors Fan Art - The Tudors Wiki
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The Tudors Fan Art - The Tudors Wiki
Created by: MsSquirrly
The Tudors Fan Art - The Tudors Wiki
Created by : MsSquirrly
Hans as Archbishop cranmer
Something to show my appreciation for Hans Matheson
Added by "Howardfan" 16/09/2008
dreams of smeaton
Another delicious photo added by me
I am getting better on photoshop and imageready HONEST
For the fans on this wiki
Howardfan 18/09/2008
Created by: Missie Tudor
Queens of Hearts and King of Spades

Queens of HeartsKing of Spades
Anne The Queen

Made by Lady_Kathrin
Anne Boleyn

Made by Lady_Kathrin
Anne and Henry

Made by Lady_Kathrin
King Henry & Charles Brandon
Charles Brandon - The Blond
Charles Brandon and King Henry, just before the kiss. ^^ King Henry and Charles "close"
and also wanted to try Charles Blond. LMAO. What do you think?
Edited by KingHenryVIII
Henry and Charles kissing
King Henry and Charles Brandon about to kiss ;)
Also made by KingHenryVIII. It's part of a slash/fan fiction I wrote with someone.
In case you wondered about the "gay" look
Tudor Collage Henry, Margaret and Charles
A collage I made some time ago.
edited by KingHenryVIII
Natalie by Seannaholic

"Natalie" Graphic Art by Seannaholic
Jonny by Seannaholic

"Jonny" Graphic Art By Seannaholic
I Must Have You by Seannaholic
"I Must Have You" Graphic Art By Seannaholic
Charles Brandon by Seannaholic
"Charles Brandon" Graphic Art By Seannaholic
Anne by SeannaholicHenry Poster
"Anne" Graphic Art By Seannaholic / "Henry Poster" Graphic Art By Seannaholic
Tudors Banner
"The Tudors" Banner art made by Seannaholic
With me...
With me...

Totally rubbish, but hey, I'm a beginner!

By HistoricQueen3
Mark Smeaton
Mark Smeaton
The Tudors Fan Art - Picture Blends - The Tudors Wiki
"Mark Smeaton" by Reggie19
I wonder if its become clear yet that i am developing an obsessions with Mister Smeaton?
Jane & Henry
"Jane & Henry" by Seannaholic
Jane Jane Seymour
Both pieces by Seannaholic
It's not easy being Queen

Beloved by a nation - Katherine and Jane

Katherine & Mary - by Neta07

The changing of tides .....

One's loss is another's gain
Kathryn Howard - Fan Art
Kathryn Howard - Fan Art
"Kathryn Howard" by Reggie19
How could anyone watch that recent trailer, and not be inspired?
Here's to Kathryn; Henry's Rose Without a Torn.

Cat Parr
Cat Parr - By : forgetful_blonde
henry viii and the six wives

anne banner by coronation

Princess Mary Banner - By Coronation
koa banner- by coronation

Katherine and Mary Banner - By Coronation

thomas more banner by coronation
Six Wives Banner - By Coronation

anne boleyn banner by coronation

henry and mary banner by coronation
By Coronation
Anne the Queen
by AnneTheQueen