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Mary Rose exhibit"I am delighted to offer my support to the new Mary Rose Museum appeal and would encourage everyone with an interest in British History to support it too, and perhaps contribute something towards the 35 million pounds which it will cost to transform the Museum into a wonderful contemporary space through which to explore our extraordinary past.

The discovery of Henry VIII's flagship and it's retrieval from the sea bed, with thousands of contemporary artifacts, is reason enough to reinvent and reinvigorate a Museum which already houses many iconic objects from our glorious naval history. So I wish the Trust well in all its endeavours to do justice to what was once lost and in darkness, but is now found and in public sight once more". ~ Michael Hirst - writer of the Tudors

Michael Hirst (one of the Creators of The Tudors) gave a talk on the show on
March 24th, 2011

Contact: Fiona Harvey at for more info.
(Thanks to Fiona & Simon of the museum for letting me see the costumes before the opening date so I had the opportunity to photograph and touch them while I was in the UK ~ MsSquirrly)

Katherine Howard's dress

Collage of Katherine's blue and yellow dress on the series
Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard - Season 4

Katherine Howard's dress
Katherine Howard's dressKatherine Howard's dress

The thing that struck me the most about this dress is how really tiny Tamzin Merchant is. The staff at the museum said it was difficult to find a mannequin that small as she must be less than a size zero.

The embroidery on the dress is beautiful and much more impressive in person than it appeared on screen. ~ MsSquirrly
Collage of Anne Boleyn's grey execution dress
Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn - at her execution Season 2
Anne/Jane -dress
(Also worn by Joanne King as Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford - Season 4)
Anne Boleyn dress
Close up of Anne Boleyn's dressside view of Anne Boleyn's dress
Close up of Anne Boleyn's bodice

Lovely dress in its simplicity and perfect for the execution scene. The dress has a mauve cast to it and the under sleeves are lavender.Natalie must also be a lot smaller in person both in height and size.

The dress is a little worn but then it was used in two seasons by two actresses and it looks like they may have had to do some altering by looks of the back of it. There was also a front piece at the execution which was removed. Still very exciting to see the actual dress! ~ MsSquirrly
Collage of Anne of Cleves dress
Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves - Season 3
Anne of cleves bodice
Anne of cleves side viewAnne of Cleves close up

This dress really is the showstopper. The fabric on the skirt is all heavily beaded and embroidered and weighed a lot! It must have been quite tiring to wear that for very long. It is much much more impressive in person than it appears on the screen. ~ MsSquirrly
Collage of Katherine of Aragon's dress
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Queen Katherine of Aragon - Season 1

Katherine of Aragon's dress
Katherine of Aragon's bodiceKatherine of Aragon side view
The most surprising thing about this dress is the colour. I had always thought this was a black dress when it is in fact a deep navy blue velvet. The blouse underneath is a lighter blue.

The dress is a little worn but I believe it was used in a couple of scenes and for numerous promo photo shoots.
The Tudors Costumes:Mary and Elizabeth Tudor -The Royal Sisters - The Tudors WikiElizabethPrincess Elizabeth
Elizabeth's dress
Elizabeth's dress close up

Beautifully beaded and in very good condition. ~ MsSquirrly
Collage of Jane Seymour's dress
Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour - Season 3
Jane Seymour's dressJane Seymour's dress

Again with this dress it is the colour that is surprising when you see it. It appeared as just pink on the screen but in person it has a gold/green duo chrome which shines over the pink. As the museum staff said, these costumes are really made for the bright lights and come to life when they have the spotlights on them.

Collage of Catherine Parr's dress

No real surprises with this dress appears in person pretty much as it does on the screen. Joely is very tall compared to all the other actresses and you can certainly see that when you stand in front of her dress. ~ MsSquirrly
Collage of the King's costume
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII - Season 4
The King
The KingThe King close up
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - boots

This costume is one which I think appears more impressive with the actor wearing it on screen. The detailing on it looks like metal but in actuality is a sort of pressed-out pattern in a type of rubber/plastic material.
His feet are not very big and the museum staff laughed when I picked up the boots...but didn't smell them. It seems most people do! ~ MsSquirrly
Black necklace by Sorelli
Coral necklace by Sorelli
Red necklace by Sorelli

Here are some close ups of the jewellery pieces used in the exhibition and on the series. All by <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Sorelli">Sorelli</a>

For more see : Jewellery of the Tudors page
Final Preparations for the exhibit's openingComments:

If you live in the UK or are planning a visit, its well worth checking out the Mary Rose Museum, not only for all the interesting 500 year old artifacts but also to take a gander at the gorgeous costumes from our favourite show!