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The Peridot
The Peridot

The Peridot is the traditional birthstone for the month of August. It is the gem quality variety of forsteritic olivine. The origin of its name is suggested to be an alteration of the Anglo-Norman "pedoretes" (classical Latin paederot), a kind of Opal. It occurs in only one color- basically an olive green. The darker the green, the more valuable the stone.
It is the only gemstone known to be found in meteorites.
Peridot is mostly mined in Burma and Arizona.
July 23 - August 23

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The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Leo

Leos are organized and really need to be in control of their lives.
- Leos are youthful in their relations to their friends and want everyone to enjoy being with them.
- Leos believe "it is better to give than to receive".
- When limited by budget, Leos become inventive and creative.
- Leos are faithful friends and will keep in contact over long distances and periods of time.
- When it comes to love, Leos fall hard and often, and are generous to a fault.
- In careers, Leos are organized, disciplined, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
- Leos are very good at saving, but also have expensive taste.
The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Virgo

Virgos are very energetic and are excellent communicators.
- In friendship, Virgos are lively and fun and are always available to help.
- In love, Virgos are quite insecure and are genuinely modest.
- Since they are good communicators, they will freely express their opinions.
- In a career, they thrive better with a job that requires detailed work, and can be in the service of others.
- Virgos are careful with their money and are enterprising.
The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
August 24 - September 22

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The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Members Birthdays The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

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Member: princeedwardfan
August, 21th
Happy Birthday princeedwardfan!! =) by Ajnor

Member: Conyle

The Tudors August Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
happy birthday Conyle! by princeedwardfan