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The Sapphire
The Sapphire

The Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for the month of September. It is another gem variety of the mineral corundum. The best known color is blue, however it also occurs in clear and the non-spectral shades gray and black.
Buddhist monks who moved to the Middle East introduced the Stone as "sani piriya" and eventually became "sapir" and "sapphire".
August 24 - September 22

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The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Virgo

Virgos are very energetic and are excellent communicators.
- In friendship, Virgos are lively and fun and are always available to help.
- In love Virgos are quite insecure and are genuinely modest.
- Since they are good communicators, they will freely express their opinions.
- In a career they thrive better with a job that requires detailed work, and can be in the service of others.
- Virgos are careful with their money and are enterprising.
The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Libra

Balance and harmony are extremely important to a Libra.
- Because of their need for balance, they will often wait on decision making.
- They are natural diplomats.
- Libras are prone to procrastination.
- When they extend a kindness to a friend, they like a show of gratitude.
- In love, Libras are very romantic and tend to rush into relationships rather than allowing the relationship to progress at a normal pace.
- Career wise, Libras do well in luxury trades or those that are glamorous.
- Libras love to spend money and shop!!
The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
September 23 - October 23

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The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Members Birthdays The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

Add your best wishes for members celebrating their special day this month. For safety and security reasons, please members, do not put down your actual birthday.
Member:LNor19 icon/Katherine of Aragon LNor19
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! princeedwardfan

Member:AB_Fan07Anne as Queen

mine is on the 30th

Tudors Season 3 | King Henry VIII
My Birthday is on 18th of September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday my Tudorswiki friend (sorry if it's a little bit late)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! princeedwardfan

Member: MeMaggie-AnneB.
I'm A Libra!

The Tudors September Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
Virgo!!My birthday is on 7th of September!!! (same day of ELizabeth I)
happy birthday Boleyngirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! princeedwardfan

Member: heverhoney

Right on the Virgo Cusp ;-) Sept 22
happy birthday! I hope you had a special day! (sorry, if I remembered it only two day after your birthday! princeedwardfan

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