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The Tourmaline
The Tourmaline

The Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for the month of October. It is a silicate mineral compounded with aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. It comes in a variety of colors and it's name comes from the Sinhalese word "turamali" or "toramalli".
These brightly colored gems were discovered in Sri Lanka and brought to Europe by the Dutch East India Company.
September 23 - October 23

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The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Libra

Balance and harmony are extremely important to a Libra.
- Because of their need for balance they will often wait on decision making.
- They are natural diplomats.
- Libras are prone to procrastination.
- When they extend a kindness to a friend, they like a show of gratitude.
- In love, Libras are very romantic and tend to rush into relationships rather than allowing the relationship to progress at a normal pace.
- Career wise Libras do well in luxury trades or those that are glamorous.
- Libras love to spend money and shop!
The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Scorpio

Scorpios have the highest level of physical and emotional energy of the whole Zodiac.
- Scorpios are cautious when it comes to making friends.
- They love good food and wine and lavish entertaining.
- In love, Scorpios fall really hard, and are almost obsessive, and can be rather suspicious.
- Scorpios will do everything possible to make a permanent relationship work.
- In careers, they become extremely emotionally involved. They are natural detectives and researchers.
- Scorpios are very intuitive when it comes to investing money, and they are usually proven right.
The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
October 24 - November 22

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The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Members Birthdays The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

Add your best wishes for members celebrating their special day this month. For safety and security reasons, please members, do not put down your actual birthday.
Member: hrm_elizabeth
Princess Elizabeth

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Member: Tzakaria1The Tudors October Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

Member: AFERN anne elizabeth

rare, I share it with m oldest daughter

Member: freedom_girl
i have the same birthday as prince Edward thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!

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Please, add that David Alpay ( Mark Smeaton) was born on the 1st of October! =)
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freeadom_girl b-day 13 Nov 25 2009, 6:18 AM EST by Elliemental
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i share the same birthday as prince edward! that so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
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