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The Ruby
The Ruby

The Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July. It is a pink to blood red gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. The red color is mainly caused by the presence of the element chromium.
Rubies have always been held in high esteem in Asian countries. They were used to ornament armour, scabbards, and harnesses of noblemen in India and China. Rubies were laid beneath the foundation of buildings to secure good fortune to the structure.
June 22 - July 22

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The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Cancer

Cancers emotions are very powerful with ebbs and flows, but their intuition is the strongest.
- Cancer friendships last for a very long time.
- Mood changes can stress a friendship.
- In love, Cancers are cautious and don't rush into relationships.
- Once in love their romantic and sentimental side will emerge.
- Emotional security is important to a Cancer.
- Career wise, Cancers are determined, tenacious, and naturally shrewd.
- Cancers are hoarders and can give the "impression" of being stingy.
The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Leo

Leos are organized and really need to be in control of their lives.
- Leos are youthful in their relations to their friends and want everyone to enjoy being with them.
- Leos believe " it is better to give than to receive".
- When limited by budget, Leos become inventive and creative.
- Leos are faithful friends, and will keep in contact over long distances and periods of time.
- When it comes to love, Leos fall hard and often, and are generous to a fault.
- In careers, Leos are organized, disciplined, enthusiastic, and optimistic.
- Leos are very good at saving, but also have expensive taste.
The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
July 23 - August 23

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The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki Members Birthdays The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki

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Member: Izzy22
Charles Brandon
Happy birthday Iz hope you have a Cavillised day!!- love Neta07
Happy birthday Izzy! i hope you have a great day full of joy!!!-jes
happy birthday lizzy22 from Italy! I hope you have a very special day! princeedwardfan
Happy Birthday, have a fabulous day Izzy!!! Reggie19
Have a very happy amazing birthday Izzy! -queen_elizabeth_1533

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Happy birthday Jes I hope your day is blessed with many happy things!- love Neta07
Happy Birthday Jes, hope you have a great day and that you're spoiled rotten! love Izzy xxx
happy birthday Jes89! princeedwardfan
Happy Birthday Jes!! -queen_elizabeth_1533

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Happy Birthday Neta!!! I hope you have the best birthday and get loads of presents :D love Izzy xxx
Happy birthday Neta, it's great to work in team elizabeth with you, have a wonderful day! Jes
happy birthday Neta07! have a special birthday! princeedwardfan
Happy Birthday, have a fabulous day Neta!!! Reggie19
Have a wonderful special day, Neta! -queen_elizabeth_1533

Member: lady_lizbeth_sanson
The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
Happy Birthday lady_lizbeth_sanson, hope you enjoy it- Izzy
Happy birthday Lady_izbeth_sanson
happy birthday Lady_lizbeth_sanson! princeedwardfan
Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day. -queen_elizabeth_1533


The Tudors July Birthdays - The Tudors Wiki
Happy Birthday Edwardfan123, hope you enjoy your day- Izzy
Happy birthday Edwardfan123-Jes
happy birthday Alex, I hope you can tell this birthday was the best of your life! princeedwardfan
Have a great birthday edwardfan!!! I hope you get everything you want on your special day! -queen_elizabeth_1533

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Have a fun birthday over the ditch! hope you have a wonderful day - love Neta07
Happy birthday theothertudorgirl! Hope you have a great day love Izzy xxx
Happy birthday totg!hope that you have a blessed day-jes
happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! princeedwardfan
Happy Birthday, have a fabulous day!!! Reggie19
Happy birthday theothertudorgirl! -queen_elizabeth_1533

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