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The Greatest Pearl In The Kingdom

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This is a place where members can "show their love" for Princess Mary Tudor and Sarah Bolger like a fan club. If you are interested in joining then sign up today! Please contact one of the Team Leaders if you have any problems whatsoever we are more than happy to help.

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This is a banner for members to add to their profile pages. Please add and link back to the Team Mary Homepage. If you have any questions please contact one of the Team Leaders.

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In the finale of The Tudors Princess Mary is set to be re-united with her mother Queen Katherine in which is a dream sequence however it looks as if they are talking to each other in the photos,what do you think?
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Update on Sarah
Since the Series Finale of The Tudors Sarah has been busy with numerous projects set for release in the coming year among them are: The Moth Diaries her character is Rebecca. Next year she has one project set for release As Cool As I Am playing Lucy Diamond, one she is presently filming Connemara Days playing Heather O'dea,and a her third project in pre-production is Starbright playing Pamela.

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Previous Poll Result
Princess Mary & Philip of Bavaria
With a massive 43% of the vote Team Mary decided that their favourite thing about Princess Mary in Season 3 was her relationship with Philip of Bavaria.
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