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Team Matheson/Cranmer
All Credit for the Banner goes to the Fantastic LNor19
Team Matheson/ Cranmer Homepage

General Notice
Team Matheson/ Cranmer is an area for team members to 'show their love' for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, and the actor who plays him, Hans Matheson. Basically, it's a fan club, and if you are a fan, you are more than welcome to sign up!
Members ONLY - NO Haters

Team Leaders

Team Leader 1: <a href="/account/HeroineAddict" target="_self">HeroineAddict</a>
Team Leader 2: <a href="/account/Reggie19" target="_self">Reggie19</a>
Team Leader 3: <a href="/account/Boleynpatentpending" target="_self">Boleynpatentpending</a> (Mary)
Any questions, suggestions or ideas please let one of the team leaders know by sending them a message!

Team News
November 13, 2010:
For those Americans who can't find the historical fiction film, Bathory, which co-stars Hans Matheson and takes a sympathetic look at the alleged serial killer Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, you can go to Ebay and do a search... it's being sold in black and white by a store in Thailand. The price is reasonable, shipping is free and FAST. The movie is very interesting and Hans is at his most utterly gorgeous in it. his acting is pretty good too. ;p

If anyone has any news of post-Clash of the Titans productions that Hans has been in, do tell; his fan page and imdb have no information.

Luv, your team leader
BPP (Mary)

Just to let everyone know, Team Matheson/ Cranmer is up and running, and anybody who wants to make any contributions, suggestions, ideas, anything, don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

Posted By: Reggie19

Date Posted: 10/ 7/ 09

Recently added is a fantastic portrait of Thomas Cranmer, thanks to Dani aka cromwellian1540 for all her time and hard work. You are very talented indeed Dani, keep it up hun!!!

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Thanks to Dani aka cromwellian1540 for the wonderful portrait!!!

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