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Team Duggan-MacCauley-Murray/Elizabeth Past News
keep up to date with the past posts that have been in the team news box

Date: 29/11/08
Posted By: Neta07
News: Hello Ladies Jes89, TheLadyNatalie and I are pleased to announce that Team Dormer/AnneBoleyn and Team Duggan/Elizabeth have formed a partnership. We are still sorting out the details but if you have any ideas like joint pages or anything like that, please contact any of the three of us. You can visit Team Dormer/AnneBoleyn by clicking the following link: Team Dormer/AnneBoleyn -thanks Neta07
Posted By:Neta07
News: Firstly I'll like to wish everyone Team Duggan/Elizabeth a Merry Christmas and Happy new year on behalf of Jes89 and I, If we don't post before those days. Secondly the Partnership Page with Team Dormer/AnneBoleyn has been made and the skeleton for the page is there but unfortunately it's empty,your work and additions will be most helpful on the page to make it look really something, to add or visit click the following link: Team Dormer/AnneBoleyn and Team Duggan/Elizabeth- Partnership Page. Thirdly this is where Jes89 and I will be posting if we have created new pages or think pages are a bit empty or if we want to update you with other important things. Fourthly we have a new poll so vote away!. Have a magnificent holiday!!
Date: 7/1/09
Posted By: Neta07
News: Casting News, In Season Three we will be seeing a new actress play Elizabeth her name is Claire MacCauley. So I'll be changing the team name and pages that have the team name on it asap. Heres a picture of the new Elizabeth (in the green circle).
Identifying new Elizabeth
p.s thanks to Boudica for the fantastic pic.
Date: 8/1/09
Posted By: Jes89
News: Me,Coronation and Neta07 are happy to announce a joint page between the teams of Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth. This is a page ONLY FOR THE SISTERS, nothing to refer to their mothers, only for their relationship.Here is the link:Team Mary and Team Elizabeth Joint Page.
Posted By:Neta07
News: Historical News,Hey just late two days late, but here, to tell you that it's the 450th Anniversary of Elizabeth being crowned.If anyone has any ideas for the team to mark this famous historical coronation just contact Jes89 or I. We'll i'll leave you with a picture of the crowned Queen Elizabeth I in her coronation robes.
Queen Elizabeth
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Season 3 News,
Hello Team Elizabeth as you see I have changed the banner to decorated screenshot of a season three promo of Henry and Elizabeth- Isn't it cute!.Well as most of us have realised that in the promos Elizabeth isn't getting that much screentime but hopefully that changes during the course of the series.Heres a promo which Elizabeth gets a little screentime.
<embed height="242" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="394" wmode="transparent"/>
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Elizabeth in season3 pic
Hi people from team Elizabeth!! Here below there's a pic from season 3,in prince Edward's Christening and there she is our princess Elizabeth :)
Can't wait to see her!!

Team Duggan-MacCauley/Elizabeth - The Tudors Wiki
Posted By:Jes89
News: New Pictures of Elizabeth
Here is our wonderful little Princess in Season Three!!! she looks so cute *.*
ElizabethTeam Duggan-MacCauley/Elizabeth Past News - The Tudors Wiki
Posted By:Neta07
News:Easter Messages,
Hi girls just to inform you that it's nearly Easter and we have our Holiday Messages started up again I hope you all can add a little message. Also I am planning to make a new banner for our team as the one we have now is temporary one but I have no idea when I will make a new one yet!! as I have heaps of things due in but it should be in the next two weeks.
Date:21/04/09 Posted by:Neta07 News:Team Revamp.
well as you know since Season three has started Jes89 and I have made new banners for the homepage and "The Member of" hope you like them!. I also have put the latest promo with Elizabeth under the Team Banner and will continue doing so if there are anymore with her in them. Hope you are enjoying Season Three!!.
Date:24/04/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Elizabeth clip.
Well I was browsing on youtube and found this really adorable clip of Elizabeth and Mary, it already is showing Elizabeth's a one-woman show. The Elizabeth and Mary scene is at 1:07.<embed height="260" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="313" wmode="transparent"/>
Date:4/05/09 Posted By:Neta07 News: New Page/Homepage Music,
I have added a page called: Team Elizabeth Nominations for Future Homepage Polls were you add your Ideas for future Homepage polls as I am quickly running out of Ideas for polls. Also on the page you can add your nominations for the next poll. Which at the moment is for Homepage music could you please add songs/pieces of music that remind of Elizabeth.
Date:12/06/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Team Members Birthdays, next poll reminder.

Hello Ladies just reminding you that we still need nominations for the next poll for Homepage Music you can put YOUR nominations on the following page:
Team Elizabeth Nominations for future polls.Secondly I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to the following members of our team!:
Our Team
<a href="../account/Jes89" target="_self">jes89</a>
Our Team

<a href="../account/Neta07" target="_self">Neta07</a>
<a href="../account/theothertudorgirl" target="_self">theothertudorgirl</a>
<a href="../account/Edwardfan123" target="_self">Edwardfan123</a>
Also Jes and I have been re-shuffling Team Elizabeth's Family Page I personally don't know if it is finished or not but it looks really fabulous hopefully you all like it!.Have a fantastic July!
Date:17/09/09 Posted By:Neta07 News:Still Here, Nominations for next poll.

Hey girls just reporting Jes and I are still here!. Since there has been no reports on season four apart from they are filming and Henry's sixth wife Catherine Parr has been casted and is going to be played by Joely Richardson- can't wait to see her chemistry with Claire and Sarah!.We have been pretty quiet but hopefully that changes soon. Since season four is approaching our next poll is "How do you think Elizabeth would be potrayed in season four?" please add your nominations to our nominations page.
Date:31/10/09 Posted By:Neta07 News: Tudor Elections/Elizabeth re-casting,
<a href="../thread/3426244/Tudor+Election+09%3F+%26+Nominees" target="_self">Princess Elizabeth Tudor - made by theothertudorgirl</a>
Thanks to theothertudorgirl there are going to be elections this year for President, Vice President and First Lady. REMEMBER to VOTE! for our Princess Lizzy at this thread: <a href="../thread/3426244/Tudor+Election+09%3F+%26+Nominees" target="_self">TUDOR ELECTIONS 09? & NOMINEES</a>

Also I changed our banner back as I absolutely adored it. I think that it is going to be our permanent banner untill there is official or unofficial pictures of season four.Talking about Season Four Elizabeth has been re-cast again (it has been confirmed by our wiki member NobleManInTights who is an extra in season four) we don't know who is Claire's replacement yet.

Happy Voting!
Date:31/10/09 Posted By:Neta07 News: Tudor Elections/Christmas & New Years Messages.
Elizabeth Tudor For President - made by theothertudorgirl
Thanks to everyone who voted for Elizabeth in the nomination round of Tudor Election 09/10, she has been nominated to run for the roles of president and vice president VOTE for our Princess Lizzie at: TUDOR ELECTION 09/10.

Also we have our Holiday messages up again, If you are new and have no idea why we do this well it's to share the love with other teams who participate and make sure that there is no hate between us. Its also an area were we can give messages to the team and other team members. Add YOUR message here: Team Elizabeth - Christmas & New Years Messages.

Happy Voting!
Date: 28/1/02/10 Posted By:Jes News: Bess in S4
Princess Elizabeth Tudor
In the new trailer of S4 we have a little of who is going to be our princess!
Date: 14/03/10 Posted By:Neta07 News: Scene & rename
<embed allowfullscreen="true" height="260" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="324" wmode="transparent"/>
First of all we have a leaked scene with Queen Katherine Howard meeting our Elizabeth - the relationship looks like its going to be a good one, was it just me or did Henry look like he had seen a ghost?. Secondly we have got an actress for our season four Elizabeth her name is Laoise Murray so I have renamed all the team pages and have shortened our team name to
Team D-M-M/Elizabeth.

Hope more news of season four comes soon
Date: 16/05/10 Posted By:Neta07 News: New Pics
<embed flashvars="transition=Fade&site=" height="324" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="324" wmode="transparent"/>
Hey guys!, thanks to <a class="external" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Admiring Natalie Dormer</a> there are some fantastic pics of Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth in Henry's ghost scene.