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Torrance Coombs / Thomas Culpepper
by henry's7thwife & Lady-Anne

Team Coombs/Culpepper - The Tudors Wiki

Brief Profile for Torrance Coombs
Brief Profile for Thomas Culpepper
Born: June 14, 1983
Citizenship: American / Canadian
Appearances: Coombs has worked in theatrical productions and musicals in Canada as well as in various television series.

Born: c.1514
Died: 10 Dec 1541
St Sepulchre-without-Newgate
Relations: Maternal cousin of Katherine Howard, had a relationship with her.

Letter from KH to TC

Letter from Katherine Howard to Thomas Culpepper
Team Coombs/Culpepper - The Tudors Wiki

Our very own delicious, yummy Torrance as Thomas

Exercept from Chapuys' letter

This year on 13 Nov Sir Thomas Wriothesley, secretary to the King, came to Hampton Court to the queen, and called all the ladies and gentlewomen and her servants into the great chamber, and there openly before them declared certain offenses she had committed in misusing her body with certain persons before the king's time, because of which he there discharged all her household; and the morning after she was taken to Sion, with my Lady Bainton and two other gentlewomen and certain of her servants to wait on her there until the king's further pleasure. And various people were taken to the Tower of London, such as my Lady Rochford, Master Culpepper, one of the king's privy chamber, and others. On 1 December Thomas Culpepper, one of the gentlemen of the king's privy chamber, and Francis Dorand, gentleman, were arraigned at the Guildhall in London, for high treason against the king's majesty, in misdemeanor with the queen, as appeared by their indictment which they confessed to, and they were sentenced to be drawn, hanged, and quartered, the lord mayor sitting there as chief, the lord chancellor on his right hand, and the Duke of Norfolk on his left hand, the Duke of Suffolk, the lord privy seal, the earls of Sussex, of Hertford, and various others of the king's council sitting with all the judges also in commission that day. And on 10 December the said Culpepper and Dorand were drawn from the Tower of London to Tyburn, and there Culpepper, after exhorting the people to pray for him, stood on the ground by the gallows, knelt down and had his head struck off; and then Dorand was hanged, dismembered, disemboweled, beheaded and quartered. Culpepper's body was buried at St Sepulchre's church near Newgate, and their heads were set on London Bridge.

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Fun facts - Culpepper
  • Thomas Culpepper was related to Diana, Princess of Wales through his father's brother's direct descendancy.

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Hannah (Elliemental) Handsome guy playing a deliciously villainous character.
Adorable cute guy with just the right dash of villainy.
His eyes... need i go on? Lol!
He may be a villanous character but, got to agree very handsome and very easy on those beautiful blue eyes!!!!
Anne-Laure aka Lady-Anne Amazing actor! His portrayal of Culpepper is perfect and his chemistry with Tamzin is evidence! Probably the cutest villain EVER!
hrm_elizabeth He's an amazing actor with a lot of potential and talent. Also, he has the most beautiful blue eyes!!!

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