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Team Cavill/Brandon - The Tudors Wiki
Team Cavill/Brandon - The Tudors Wiki

Team Cavill/Brandon - The Tudors Wiki

General Notice
Team Cavill/Brandon is a place for team members to 'show their love' for Henry Cavill and Charles Brandon. We are like a fan club!
If you are a fan - sign up and join in on the fun!

MEMBERS ONLY - no haters
Members are not allowed to edit the Team Page.
Team Leaders

Team Leader:
<a href="/account/kinghenryviii" target="_self">KingHenryVIII</a>

Original Leaders:
<a href="/account/QueenMedusa" target="_self">QueenMedusa</a>
<a href="/account/Izzy22" target="_self">Izzy22</a>

If you have suggestions, questions or ideas, please contact the Team Leader so we can make them come true!
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Credit for most of the content goes to the Original Leaders, Izzy22 and QueenMedusa, who did an amazing job with this Team and the content! Hopefully they will return to us one day and continue their work! your Leader KingHenryVIII


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Discussions <a href="../thread/4518324/Was+Brandon+a+Commoner%3F?offset=0&maxResults=20" target="_self">Was Brandon a Commoner?</a>

Ancestry of Charles Brandon - The Tudors Wiki