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Team Jane Seymour
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Team Briem-Wallis/Jane Seymour
"Three Catherines, two Annes, but only one Jane."

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Hello My fellow Team Jane members, just to say I am back (Neta07) and I am very pleased to see JRMSLADY09 has join the leading ranks!, I'll be sure to add more info and fanart soon, just cleaning up a few things.

Anita Briem News:Annabelle Wallis News:
Since giving up her role as Jane Seymour on The Tudors, Anita has gone on to star in no less than 5 films, a short film and, was apart of the making of the video game Journey To Center of The Earth in which she also starred in as Hannah. This year alone she has two films slated for release,they are Elevator in which she plays Celine Fouquet, & You,Me,& The Circus in which she plays the character Bo. She is also currently in production of another film Escape to Donegal.In between her Season 3 turn as Jane Seymour and return in the series finale of The Tudors, Annabelle has been working on numerous film projects,and has a tv series in the US that has been picked up for the Fall 2011 line-up. Her roles in include the TV Movie, The Lost Future in which she plays the character Dorel. She also appeared in this year's summer blockbuster release X-Men First Class as a Co-Ed being pursued by James Mc Avoy's character as well as, starring in the film W.E. directed by Madonna and starring fellow Tudors star Natalie Dormer as the character Arabella Green,the film's release date is slated for December 9,2011 in the USA. I have also added to Annabelle's Photo Album and to the gallery some stills of her from the premiere of Pan-Am in which she plays the character Bridget Pierce.

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Question: What actress would YOU have like to have seen take the other ones season?
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Result: With 70.7% Team Jane would of liked to have seen Annabelle Wallis play a lady-in-waiting and the King's new love.

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