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The purpose of a crown or tiara has always been, to portray the wearer as someone special, someone ordained by the gods. Those origins are as ancient as society itself, and every culture had some form of headdress or crown. The term `tiara' originates in ancient Persia, where only the king was allowed to tie his tiara up so that it stood erect. It was tall and conical in shape and richly ornamented with jewels. Later papal tiaras had a similar shape.
Tiaras can be traced back to antiquity when they crowned heads of royal mummies in ancient Egypt, and Grecian goldsmiths created them for statues of their Gods and priests. The Greeks awarded tiaras to the victors of contests, and people of high rank wore them at special occasions. The Romans also adopted the tiara, and used it to denote rank and honour. In Napoleonic times, tiaras which were made for women of the court were inspired by ancient Rome, designs being symmetrical and simple, with decorative elements such as laurel and olive leaves.

*NB. In Tudor times, headdresses like hoods, coifs & hats were more common than tiaras
(See: HOODS & Headdresses on The Tudors )

Catherine Parr
Catherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr -  JewelleryCatherine Parr - Tiara/JewelleryCatherine Parr - Tiara/Jewellery
Catherine Parr - Tiara/Jewellery Catherine Parr Catherine Parr - Tiara
Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr - Tiara Catherine Parr as played by Joely Richardson

Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard as played by Tamzin  Merchant Katherine Howard As Portrayed By Tamzin Merchant Katherine Howard as played by Tamzin  Merchant
Katherine Howard - Season  4 Tamzin Merchant as Katherine Howard
Tamzin Merchant as  Katherine Howard
Katherine Howard As Portrayed By Tamzin Merchant TIARAS of the Tudor Ladies Katherine Howard as played by Tazmin Merchant

Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves Tiara Anne of Cleves Anne of Cleves - Hair and Makeup

Anne of Cleves - Tiara

Jane Seymour

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki
Jane's tiara
Jane - Tiara
Jane Seymour Queen Jane's Tiara - a copy of the Vladimir tiara
Wearing a tiara inspired by the famous Vladimir Tiara owned by Elizabeth II
*see below
Jane Seymour Jane Seymour as played by Anita Briem
Jane Seymour as played by Anita Briem

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Turquoise Tiara
Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn's tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Tiara
Anne Boleyn Tiara Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn - Tiara

Queen Katherine of Aragon
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine of AragonKatherine of Aragon as played by Maria Doyle KennedyMaria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine of Aragon

Princess Mary Tudor
Mary - TiaraMary - TiaraPrincess Mary - Tiara
Mary - TiaraPrincess Mary as played by Sarah BolgerMary - Tiara
Princess Mary - TiaraMary - TiaraMary - Tiara
Princess Mary - Tiara
Princess Mary's  Tiara

Princess Mary Tudor tiara

Mary - Tiara

Mary - Tiara

Princess Maragaret
Princess Margaret played by Gabrielle Anwar

Queen Claude
Anne Stanhope - Season 4, Episode 1
Ursula Misseldon as by played Charlotte Salt
Catherine Brandon's Tiara
Lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine ParrMary Boleyn Tiara
Jane Boleyn as played by Joanne King

Tiaras by Goffrey C. Munn
HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Tiaras actually worn by Royalty

Queen Elizabeth II owns the largest and most
valuable collection of tiaras in the world

Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara
The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

The 'Girls of Great Britain and Ireland' Tiara was given to the future Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893. The diamond tiara was purchased from Garrard, the London jeweller, by a committee headed by Lady Eve Greville.

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors Wiki

In 1947, Mary gave the tiara to her granddaughter, the future Queen Elizabeth II, as a wedding present.
The tiara was described by Leslie Field as "a diamond festoon-and-scroll design surmounted by nine large oriental pearls on diamond spikes and set on a bandeau base of alternate round and lozenge collets between two plain bands of diamonds".

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II
usually wears the tiara without the base or pearls.
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the tiara, designed by Arnold Machin, has appeared on many Commonwealth currencies, including those of Britain, Australia, Jamaica, Canada and Ceylon. The current Queen Elizabeth II wears the Tiara frequently.
HM Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Mary's Tiara
The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara

Queen Mary
had made in 1914 to her own design and from pearls and diamonds that were already in her possession. The tiara was given to Diana as a wedding present from the Queen and to this day the tiara is most frequently associated with Diana. After her divorce from Prince Charles in 1995, the tiara was given back to Her Majesty to make sure the tiara was not passed on to any person outside the royal family or sold.

Princess Diana in the Cambridge Lover's Knot

More pictures and more information on the
More British Royal Tiaras

Diana, Princess of Wales

In 1913, Queen Mary commissioned the Crown Jewelers Messrs. Garrard & Co. to construct a tiara based on the design of the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara, that was once owned by her maternal grandmother
Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel, the Duchess of Cambridge, and subsequently owned by her aunt, Princess Augusta of Cambridge, the Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

This new lovers knot tiara, also came to be known as the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara, because of the resemblance of its design to the original Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara, and consisted of 19 arches, and 38 drop-shaped pearls, 19 hanging as pendants and 19 rising up as spikes. The 19 pearls that rose up as spikes could also be dismantled.

Queen Mary wore the new Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara, both with and without the pearl spikes, removing and adding the upright pearls, as and when she deemed it fit.
Vladimir tiara
The Vladimir Tiara
This tiara is a genuine Russian Romanov article, made by a Russian jeweler for the Grand Duchess Vladimir

Grand Duchess Vladamir of Russia
During the Russian Revolution, the Duchess moved with her family to safety while her jewels were hidden in a vault in the Vladimir Palace.
The looters never found the treasure, and a member of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service friendly with the Duchess' family managed to rescue the jewels and send them back to her.

Queen Mary loveknot tiara
Queen Mary wearing the Vladimir
The Duchess commissioned the tiara to have Oriental pearl drops,
as seen in the above.

This is the original design. When Queen Mary bought the tiara from Princess Nicolas of Greece, Duchess Vladimir's daughter, she had the last of her Cambridge emeralds made into drops and set in the tiara (see below).
Russian Vladimir with Emeralds
These emeralds are interchangeable with the pearls, and both styles are worn by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today.HM Queen Elizabeth II
*Jane Seymour wears a copy
of this tiara in the series
- see above
Queen Elizabeth II in the vladimir tiara
The Vladimir Tiara
can be worn without the pearls
Vladimir tiara
& with a set of emerald drops.
Kokoshnik TiaraThe Russian Kokoshnik
Diamond Tiara
of Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII, commissioned Garrard's to create this tiara in the style of a Russian peasant girl's headdress. Her sister Princess Dagmar, who had become Empress Marie of Russia, had a similar tiara which was the inspiration for the Kokoshnik. It is composed of sixty-one platium bars and filled with 488 diamonds.
HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck
The tiara was passed down from Alexandra to Mary of Teck, Queen Mary. Queen Mary altered the tiara -- for more information see More British Royal Tiaras. The Queen Mother did not wear the tiara as Queen Mary was still alive during her reign as queen consort to George VI.
The Lovers Knot Brooch
It was then passed to her granddaughter, Elizabeth, the present Queen.
HM Queen Elizabeth II
The Boucheron Tiara
The Boucheron Tiara
(Honeycomb tiara)

The Boucheron tiara was left to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by the Hon. Mrs Greville from Boucheron in London on 8th January, 1921. It was made up from the customers stones which were taken from an old tiara.

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother asked for the height of the tiara to be increased by adding a number of brilliant cut diamonds and a single marquise cut diamond in 1953.

Queen Mother, Elizabeth
The Late Queen Mother, Elizabeth
also wearing

Queen Alexandra's Pearls

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
The Tiara is on loan to
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Oriental Circlet of HM Queen Elizabeth II
Oriental Circlet Tiara
Queen in the oriental circlet tiara
The Queen wearing the Tiara
with rubies and diamonds, in Valetta, Malta. This also called Indian-Ruby-Tiara was one of the favourite headjewels of the late
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
The tiara was made for Queen Victoria in 1853.
The inspiration for the design of this tiara, which includes ‘Moghul’ arches framing lotus flowers, came from Prince Albert who had been greatly impressed by the Indian jewels presented to the Queen by the East India Company at the conclusion of the Great Exhibition. This was one of many instances where the Prince supervised the design and setting of the Queen’s jewellery. ‘Albert has such taste & arranges everything for me about my jewels,’ she wrote.

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Burmese Tiara of HM Queen Elizabeth II
The Burmese Tiara

The Burmese ruby tiara was ordered to be made by Gerrard's by the Queen in 1973.

Burmese Tiara of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The design of the jewel is in the form of a wreath of roses, as the Roses of England (Lancaster and York). It is conventional yet detailed. There are clusters of rubies in the centre of each flower, and the petals are made using brilliant diamonds.

HM Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen during a state dinner in 2009.

The 96 rubies set into the tiara were a present from the Burmese people. The number of stones represent the number of diseases that the Burmese people believe can afflict the human body. They credit the ruby with prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness, but also against evil.

Contains 9g diamonds and rubies done in the shape of flowers. The diamonds were a gift from the Nizam of Hyderbad.

HM Queen Elizabeth in Burmese Ruby Tiara

The Queen wears the tiara often with her many ruby necklaces andbracelets. Since the passing of the Queen Mother, she has worn the magnificent ruby necklace, The State Rubies, left to the Crown by Queen Victoria.

HM Queen Elizabeth II
Delhi Durbar tiara
The Delhi Durbar Tiara
HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck
The circlet was made by Garrards, especially for Queen Mary during the Delhi Durbar on December 12,1911 - hence its name. Durbar is Hindi, for a 'ceremonial gathering to pay homage'.
The gathering was to install King George V and Queen Mary as Emperor and Empress of India. King George V admired this piece and referred to it as "May's best tiara". It was originally worn with detachable emerald drops and at the Durbar, Queen Mary wore it over a crimson velvet cap.

HM Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother nee Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
The tiara was worn by the Queen Mother a few times after she became Queen consort.
Different VersionsHM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck
Here, Mary adds an extra diamond to the top instead of her usual emeralds.
HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck
The version above has no center stone, leaving the tiara quite plain in comparison to the original.
The tiara is loaned to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall by the Queen.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in the Delhi Durbar Tiara
Papyrus TiaraPapyrus Tiara
This tiara was made in 1925. It was given as a wedding present to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. She then gave it to her daughter Princess Margaret.

It is a tiara with papyrus-shaped mounts framed in scrolls separated with palmettes. The diamond trails arch above, surmounted by diamonds and a pearl.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother
Queen Mother as Duchess of York before her husband became George VI.
Queen Mother Papyrus Tiara
Below is her daughter, HRH Princess Margaret wearing the Tiara

along with The Teck Necklace
HRH Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom
Later, it was lent to Serena Stanhope for her wedding to David, Viscount Linley; Princess Margaret's son, in 1993.

The Lady Serena, Viscountess Linley, nee Serena Stanhope

Lady Serena is a descendant of Princess Margaret Tudor through an illegitimate child of Charles II of England. Lady Serena's maiden name happens to be Stanhope. She is a paternal 1st cousin, many times removed of Lady Anne Stanhope.
Tiaras of the Tudor Ladies -- Papyrus
The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing the tiara in December of 2013.
The Duchess of York Tiara
Sarah, Duchess of York Tiara
This tiara was purchased for
Sarah, Duchess of York.
Sarah, Duchess of York
It was made by Garrard's, The Royal Jewellers. It has a diamond on top and an elegant floral design.
Sarah, Duchess of York
Aquamarine Tiara, Princess Anne
The Aquamarine Tiara
Princess Anne
, Princess Royal

Princess Anne

The Cartier Aquamarine
Pineflower Tiara

A gift from the Queen and subsequently shortened at the sides.

HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal
The Festoon Diamond Tiara
HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal
Princess Anne, Princess Royal
Autumn Phillips
Lady Autumn Kelly, wife of Peter Phillips - the only son of
Princess Anne. Lady Autumn was loaned the Tiara for her wedding at
St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
on 17 May 2008.
Greek Cartier Tiara of Princess Anastasia of Greece
Another example of Queen Jane Seymour's tiara.
*This is not part of the British Royal collection.
Here is Princess Anastasia of Greece, she married Prince Christopher of Greece (George and Olga's youngest child). Before she married Christopher, she was American commoner and called Nancy Stewart, previously married to William Leeds, was granted the title of Princess Anastasia of Greece and Denmark.

Prince Christopher was an uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Princess Anastasia of Greece, nee Nancy Stewart
The tiara is a Cartier tiara. It was made c. 1910.
Fife tiara
The Fife Tiara
Given to
Princess Louise of Wales

(daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) on her marriage by her husband the Duke of Fife.

Princess Louise

The Illustrated London News of August 3, 1889 has the following description "The Prince and Princess of Wales presented their daughter with a beautiful tiara of fine brilliants, of elegant design of alternating and graduating rays, varying from nearly two inches long in the centre to half an inch at the extreme ends. By a simple arrangement it also forms a beautiful and graceful necklace."

More info on "More British Royal Tiaras"

Poltimore Tiara
The Poltimore Tiara

HRH Princess Margaret of the United Kingdom
This grand tiara was famous mostly for its more recent owner, the queen's sister - HRH Princess Margaret who died in 2002.

The Poltimore tiara Princess Margaret wore on her wedding day was purchased prior to her wedding, and was seen wearing the tiara in the form of the necklace prior to her wedding and continued to wear the piece in its various forms on many state occasions after her wedding day.

More information on the "More British Royal Tiaras" page.

Royal Wedding Tiaras

TIARAS of the Tudors Ladies - The Tudors WikiQueen Elizabeth wore this tiara at her own wedding in 1947. This tiara (which can also be worn as a necklace) was made for Queen Mary in 1919. It is not, as has sometimes been claimed, made with diamonds that had belonged to George III but re-uses diamonds taken from a necklace/tiara purchased by Queen Victoria from Collingwood & Co as a wedding present for Queen Mary in 1893.
[Source: The Royal Collection © 2008,
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II]

HM Queen consort Mary of the United Kingdom, nee Princess Mary of Teck

In August 1936, Queen Mary passed the tiara along to her daughter-in-law Queen Elizabeth (later known as The Queen Mother - seen at right). Queen Elizabeth later loaned it to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, the future Elizabeth II as "something borrowed" for her wedding in 1947.
HM Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth

This tiara was so popular in England that thousands of copies were made for English ladies in the twentieth century. Tiaras that could be disassembled and worn as a necklace or broach were not at all unusual. Princess Elizabeth's gown was made of ivory duchess satin with a tight-fitting bodice and heart-shaped neckline. The skirt and train were embroidered with thousands of pearls and crystals in an intricate floral pattern.

There is a famous story about how the tiara wire broke as the Princess was dressing for the wedding. The court jeweller was standing by in case of any emergency and immediately took the tiara along with several court policemen to a side room to fix the tiara. If you look at her wedding pictures you can see exactly where the tiara broke as it is off.

Hannover Fringe tiaraQueen Mary's Fringe TiaraPrincess Anne, Princess Royal and Mark Philipps
The Queen Mother later also loaned it to her granddaughter Princess Anne for her first marriage to Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.

The Spencer Tiara

The Spencer Tiara
The tiara is entirely a composite with the central element being
a gift from Lady Sarah Spencer to Cynthia,
Viscountess Althorp
as a wedding present in 1919. It was later remounted. Four other elements were made to match it in 1937. Only the two elements at the end are old and are said to have come from a tiara owned by Francis, Viscountess Montague and left to Lady Sarah Spencer in 1875.

Princess Diana - wedding Tiara
It was worn by Lady Diana Spencer when she married The Prince of Wales in 1981.

Subsequently used by Victoria Lockwood when she married the 9th Earl in 1989 (The Earl Spencer).
The tiara does not belong to the Royal family. It is the property of the Spencer family.
Diana, Princess of Wales nee Lady Diana Spencer

HRH Sophie of Wessex and the former Duchess of York

HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex nee Sophie Rhys-Jones

According to Ingrid Seward in an article she wrote for Majesty magazine (vol.20 no.7 p.15): "A diamond tiara from the Queen's private collection held the veil of silk tulle spotted with crystals in place even as it was buffeted by the wind."

Sophie's wedding tiara is said to have been made from the four anthemions that were detachable from
Queen Victoria's Regal Circlet

Sarah, Duchess of York nee Sarah Ferguson

With Sarah, Duchess of York her tiara was made by Garrard's.
On the day of her wedding, Sarah rode to the Abbey with a garland of fresh flowers on her head.
She wore the garland throughout the wedding.
It was only until after the signing of the marriage license in St. Edward the Confessor's Chapel
that she put on the tiara. Sarah walked into the Abbey as a commoner and came out a "Princess".

The Cartier Halo Scroll Tiara

The Halo Scroll tiara

The Duchess of CambridgeCatherine Middleton in the Halo Scroll Tiara
The Queen loaned Miss Middleton the Cartier Halo tiara for her wedding.
Catherine Middleton in the Halo Scroll TiaraThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Queen Mother in the Scroll Tiara
The ‘halo scroll’ tiara was made by Cartier in 1936 and was purchased by The Duke of York (later King George VI) for his Duchess (later Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) three weeks before he succeeded his brother as King. The tiara was presented to Princess Elizabeth (now The Queen) by her mother on the occasion of her 18th birthday.
It has also been worn by Princess Margaret and Princess Anne.

The Scroll Tiara
For more on this and other Tiaras worn by Royalty and Nobility Click here

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