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Thomas Boleyn as portrayed by Nick DunningThe History
Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire
1477 - 1538/9 (aged 61/62)

Thomas Boleyn
Only known image

  • Mentioned in the Pardon Roll at the beginning of Henry VIII’s reign – “20 June. Thomas Boleyn, Bullen or Bulleyn, of Bishops Lynn and Boston, gent., innholder or yeoman, late yeoman of the Crown of Henry VII.”

  • 1509 – Knighted

  • 1517 – Chosen to look after Margaret, Henry VIII’s sister, on her visit to England

  • 1511 – Made joint governor of Norwich Castle with Sir Henry Wyatt

  • 1511 and 1517 – Appointed High Sheriff of Kent

  • 1512 – Sent as ambassador to the Low Countries

  • 1522 – Obtained the patent of the treasurer of the household, the stewardship of Tunbridge, the receivership of Bransted, and the keepership of the manor of Penshurst.

  • 1523 – Granted the keepership of Thunderley and Westwood Park

  • 1523 – Made Knight of the Garter

  • 1524 – Granted the stewardship of Swaffham.

  • 1525 – Made Lord Rochford

  • 1527 – Diplomatic missions to France

  • 1529 – Thomas given the Earldom of Ormonde after the Butlers surrendered the title in return for the disputed Ormonde lands on a long lease.

  • 1529 – Made Earl of Wiltshire.

  • 1530 – Appointed Lord Privy Seal after the fall of Cardinal Wolsey.

  • March 1536 – The Boleyn managed to secure letters patent reconstructing Thomas Boleyn’s lease of the Crown honour of Rayleigh in Essex. Sir Anthony Browne was forced to surrender this office.

Unknown Man c.1525 (Possibly Thomas Boleyn)
Unknown Man c.1525
Some have speculated that this is Thomas Boleyn

James Butler, Earl of Ormonde
This portrait at one time was identified
as Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire & Ormonde
but has since been re-identified as
James Butler, Earl of Ormonde


Sir Thomas Boleyn
Brass at St. Peter's, Hever, Kent
Only authenticated likeness
(Holbein drawing of man with a red cap,
labelled, 'Ormonde', is no longer believed
to be of Sir Thomas Boleyn)

Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire - The Tudors Wiki

Brass inscription on the tomb of Sir Thomas Bullen. The capital Roman lettering and framing of the inscription are unique.

Monumental brass of Sir Thomas Bullen, father of Queen Anne Boleyn. It depicts the full robes and insignia of a Knight of the Garter, including the badge on his left breast and garter around the left knee. The brass is considered one of the finest in England.

Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire - The Tudors Wiki


Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire - The Tudors Wiki
St. Peter's Church, Hever, Kent. Situated close to Hever Castle. The church includes the Bullen (Boleyn) chapel built in c. 1465
where Sir Thomas Boleyn is buried

Thomas Boleyn's grave
Hever Castle -The Boleyn Family Home
Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire - The Tudors Wiki
Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire - The Tudors Wiki
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