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Jewellery / Jewelry
of The Tudors
"The Tudors' motto was "More is More",
explains Costume Designer Joan Bergin,
"King Henry spent the equivalent of millions
of dollars on jewelry in a year"

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In an Interview with Jill at ShowtimeFan, April 7th, 2008 Joan said:

"With the success of Season One, we’ve had a lot of interest from jewelry suppliers. Anne Boleyn’s pearls for her coronation cost $65,000 and were loaned to us. A costume jewelry company called Sorelli*, whose style is inspired by Elizabethan and antique fashion, has been wonderfully generous in allowing me to adapt some of their pieces. We’ve also used an Irish company, Tipperary Crystal, for Jane Seymour. Their pieces have worked really well with our design goals."

For jewels, Bergin struck gold with a company called Sorelle*, run by two sisters, which is what the name means in Italian. "They sent me six pieces. Then they sent me another 200 pieces," Bergin says. Another Italian vendor, Autore, sent an "amazing pearl necklace and earrings" worth about $40,000. "I was a bit daunted because I saw it was Art Deco. So I designed the dress to go with the pearls." Anne Boleyn will have her head chopped off wearing those pearls, in episode 10. [NewYork Post April 13th, 2008]

* the spelling of this company is incorrect in both articles. It is actually Sorrelli

The Tudors Costumes - historical - The Tudors Wiki

The Jewel Anne Boleyn sent to King Henry VIII depicting a woman on a ship in a storm tossed sea signifying that she was willing to brave the tempest with Henry and he was the diamond guiding the ship as her protector.
The Ship trinket Anne Boleyn sends Henry
Although there is no extant picture of this particular jewel,
the description of it is recorded and this piece is a
reasonable representation of what the historical
piece may have looked like.

Katherine's jewels

Queen Katherine of Aragon looking every inch a queen in a stunning necklace and coronet with jet or onyx gems, at the legate hearing where King Henry VIII tried to end their marriage
Katherine's crown and necklace
Anne Boleyn
B necklaceAnne Boleyn
series vs. history
Queen Katherine of Aragon
series vs. history
Katherine of Aragon vs Elizabeth Tudor
Katherine of Aragon Queen Elizabeth
Series vs History
Katherine Howard vs Caroline Bonaparte-Murat
Jewellry: Kathryn Howard vs Caroline Bonaparte-Murat
series vs 19th century history
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
Anne Boleyn's famous "B" necklace as
seen in historical portraits.
Anne's B necklace

Anne's B necklace
Thomas More's chain
Thomas More's chain on the series
Sir Thomas More's chain
Thomas More's chain in History

The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki

Fabulous jewellery from Laba in Italy,
all copies of original work.
Locket of Anne Boleyn
Henry's locket of Anne Boleyn
Thomas Wyatt's locket of Anne Boleyn

Jane Locket
Lapis Lazuli cabachon on outside of Jane Seymour's locket of King Henry VIII in the series
Locket of Henry
Jane Seymour's locket of Henry

Jane Seymour - Locket
Edward Tudor's locket of his mother Jane Seymour
Promo shoot jewellery
Promo shoot Jewellery
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
Pins that Henry sends Anne Boleyn
to try to win her favor
Crown jewels
Henry presents the Queen's crown jewels
to Anne Boleyn after the coronation.

Jane's jewel

Jane Seymour's jewelry box
Katherine's jewels
The Tudors Costumes - historical - The Tudors Wiki Jewels
Tudor Jewelry Gifts of Jewels

See also :

Tudor Jewellery in History

Women of wealth in Tudor times wore gold chains and other precious jewelry; collar-like necklaces called carcanets, earrings, bracelets, rings, and jeweled pins. Bands of jeweler's work were worn as trim by the nobility, and would be moved from gown to gown and reused. Large brooches were worn to pin over partlets to the gown beneath.

However, it should be noted that not all women or men were allowed to wear jewelry because of the Sumptuary Laws that restricted wearing certain types of jewelry and luxurious fabrics, such as purple velvet, to first royalty and then nobility. The newly wealthy merchant classes who were not aristocrats could not wear jewelry on their clothing or fabrics restricted to nobles.

The Tudors Artifacts - The Tudors Wiki
Pendant designed by Holbein of King Henry VIII's and Jane Seymour's (Ioanna) initials, entwined with love knots.
HI - Henry & Jane loveknot

Henry's chain of office
The only surviving collar of office belonging
to King Henry VIII

La Pelegrina La PelegrinaLa Pelegrina
La Peregrina, a teardrop pearl worn by Mary I. Mary often had it attached to the bottom of her brooches. The pearl was part of the estate of the late Elizabeth Taylor but recently sold at auction. Click Link for more :La Peregrina pearl
Lennox Jewel
Lennox Jewel.Margaret Douglas, daughter of Margaret Tudor, had this jeweled pendant made. On this pendant are emblems and symbols that represent Margaret's hope that her grandson James VI would succeed Elizabeth I on the English throne.

La Pelegrina

La Peregrina pearl, which in Spanish means "The Pilgrim" or "The Wanderer." It was discovered in Panama in the mid-16th century and was either purchased or given to Philip of Spain who in turn presented it to his second wife, Mary Tudor. Throughout the subsequent centuries, the pearl was placed on different items and came into the ownership of numerous European families.

La Peregrina
elizabeth taylor with mary's pearl
Elizabeth Taylor with Mary's pearl.

In 1969 actor Richard Burton purchased the pearl for $37,000 for his then-wife, Elizabeth Taylor. He had Cartier reset the pearl on a necklace with other precious items (diamonds, rubies and pearls). The necklace is now owned by the estate of the late Ms. Taylor and is depicted in this image.

Elizabeth Taylor wore it in a small unbilled role as a courtier in Anne of the Thousand Days, again wore it in Divorce His - Divorce Hers in 1973, and then wore it in 1977 in A Little Night Music.

Elizabeth Taylor in Anne of a Thousand DaysElizabeth Taylor in Divorce HIs - Divorce HersElizabeth Taylor in A Little Night Music

Since Elizabeth Taylor's death, all her jewellery
and clothing are to be auctioned off.
The proceeds will go to her AIDS charity,
including the money raised on
the sale of La Peregrina.

*Update : December 15th, 2011 La Peregrina sold at a Christies auction for a world record $11,842,500 (£7.6million) - no word on who the buyer was
Anne Boleyn - The Tudors Wiki
Anne Boleyn - The Tudors Wiki
The locket ring which belonged to Queen Elizabeth I. The ring bears the initial 'E' in table-cut diamonds and contains two miniature busts -- one of Anne Boleyn and one of Elizabeth herself.
Anne Boleyn - The Tudors Wiki
What happened to Anne Boleyn's B necklace and other jewellery?

Some historians believe that the B Necklace and its three hanging pearls were reworked and passed on to Princess Elizabeth as seen in the portrait below.
B necklace reworked
Alison Weir writes in Henry VIII King and Court, pg. 192, "personalized jewellery was highly popular." ... and that Anne had not only the "B" necklace, but also an "AB" and an "A" necklace as well. She also says that Anne's "A" necklace can be seen worn by Elizabeth in the Whitehall family group portrait.
Lady Elizabeth Tudor
UTIS Brooch - Katharine of Aragon, later worn by Jane Seymour
The UTIS brooch, best well known as worn by Jane Seymour, may have originally belonged to Katharine of Aragon and it was then perhaps passed on as a set of the Queen's crown jewels.
Tau Cross - Jane Seymour, later worn by Catherine Parr
A Tau cross (top right) pendant belonging to Jane Seymour, which she used both as a brooch and necklace, was later worn by Catherine Parr (bottom right).

Cheapside Hoard - Below
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
In 1912, workmen were digging at the site of the Wakefield House at the corner of Friday Street and Cheapside. They drove a pickax through a decayed box that had been buried under the floorboards. The box was found to contain about 230 pieces of jewelry, stacked in trays. The box would have belonged to a jeweler, and these were his wares. He was not a jeweler to kings and queens, but to rich merchants and their wives. The stock is not elaborate, or expensive, but it is the greatest find of 16th-17th century jewelry made for commoners.
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
Historical pieces
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki

Pieces from the Cheapside Hoard
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki
The Tudors Costumes - The Tudors Wiki


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If you have a spare $2 - $3 million, La Peregrina, the pearl that Philip gave to his queen Mary I goes on sale.

Richard Burton paid $37,000 over 40 years ago and gave it to his "queen" Elizabeth Taylor who recently passed away. It will be interesting to see who manages to scoop this little treasure.
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I just wondered, is there any jewelry left that King Henry VIII or any of his queens wore?

I was reading about the crown jewels, and it looks like a lot of them (most all in fact) were either destroyed or lost due to Oliver Cromwell. Would this include Henry VIII's personal jewelry and the jewelry the queens would have worn anytime?

I didn't know if crown jewels = jewels only used in the coronation ceremony, or if it means ALL jewelry used by the King and his Queen?

Granted I do recall (from the series) that some of the jewels was only for the current queen to use, like when Henry VIII ordered Katherine to return the jewels of the Queen, and when he presented Anne Boleyn with the Queen jewels. Are these considered crown jewels too, and were most of these lost by Oliver Cromwell?

Also, is it just me or is it sorta ironic that a descendant of Thomas Cromwell pretty much wrecked all the crown jewels that Henry VIII probably had worn in his lifetime?

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Hey! I make jewelry inspired by the show and the era. Here is where you can check them out if you are interested:

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