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In Remembrance of VerelaiR - The Tudors Wiki
Irene Rheinwald
passed away in her sleep
February 19th, 2009
of a heart attack

Showetime's The Tudors

"Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful,
for thou art not so, For those whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me”
by John Donne
(one of Irene's favourite quotes)

There is also a Facebook group set up to provide a place for all her friends and family to discuss Irene and voice their memories of her : (cut and paste)

Her Wiki Profile:
: writer, artist, historian, former palliative social worker (over 20 years): taking families/terminally ill patients through the process of death and dying; bereavement counseling
Home town
Location: Montreal
Astrological sign
: Scorpio

Me - 2008home - The Tudors Wiki
My freehand drawing of a Westminster Abbey tomb sculpture: white on black paper


I joined this wiki because: I've studied the early Tudor era (Anne Boleyn particularly) for forty years: informally and formally (undergrad. and grad. at university). Not a fan of "The Tudors", but interested in adding historically accurate information based on the most reliable, recent information, corroborated by my own research.


MA in Anne Boleyn's early years in continental Europe at the the courts of Margaret of Austria and François I - how Renaissance humanist philosophies influenced her notions of monarchy and queenship;

MA in Anne Boleyn's image in portraits: accuracy and historical iconography; MSW.

The best words to describe me are: passionate writer and artist; curious; objective.

Interests: international law/politics (published), human rights advocacy (published), history, art history, early music (Arabic pre 1100 CE, European pre 1800 CE, Jewish/Sephardic pre 1500 CE); understanding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict - past and present. Collecting recordings of MS 1070; now turning to literary fiction. Writing poetry: influenced by 17th C. metaphysical poets (eg. John Donne).

Favorite movies: Pan's Labyrinth, The Others, Le Roi Danse, Wit, Napoleon (Abel Gance, 1927), The Lives of Others, Shoah, Danton, Judgement at Nuremburg, Marquise of O., A Man for All Seasons, Pi, Anne of the Thousand Days (notwithstanding inaccuracies), Orlando, Derek Jarman/Tilda Swinton collaborations . . .

Favorite TV shows: Frontline, MSNBC (Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow) and left wing political internet news, Ghost Hunters, Antiques Road Show, Sopranos, Angels in America, I Claudius, PBS history documentaries, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Colbert Report, al-Jazeera.

My hero(es): Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Ilan Pappe, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Erasmus, my partner James - a brilliant intellect (attorney and PhD in physics) dedicated political activist - my eccentric genius. My late mother - brilliant scholar/professor and loving, lovely soul. A survivor of WW II.

My superpower is: perceptive, critical, measured; sensitivity tempered with intellectual rigour.

If I could live anywhere, it would be: London or Paris - can't stay away from either; have traveled extensively across Europe and Middle East. Cairo.

My dream job(s):

What else you should know about me:
Estonian and fluent in the language, a voracious reader of quality nonfiction and fiction; favourite authors: Thomas Mann, Tolstoy, Hugo, Milton, Emily Bronte, Balzac, Zola, Dante, Edward Said, A. B. Yehoshua's "Journey to the End of the Millenium" (the best historical novel ever written), Jim Crace, Matthew Kneale, Robert Graves . . . ad infinitum. Classical and complex modern literature - no popular fiction, no bestsellers. Lifetime member of the Bronte Society.

Reading everything ever written on Anne Boleyn from primary source documents to modern biographies. Best ever: "The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn" by Dr. Eric Ives. Worst modern works: "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir; "Anne Boleyn" by Joanna Denny. Special dishonorable mention to Philippa Gregory, whose "The Other Boleyn Girl" resulted in the recent rise of vicious anti-Anne Boleyn rhetoric on the internet - pompous hack. Worst book in the world - flat, inaccurate, poorly written slander.
The situation:

This week, VerelaiR passed away of natural causes. On this site, she was a significant contributor to the wiki pages, and entered into more than one dramatic discussion on the boards. Whether you agreed with her viewpoints or not, she posted several thought-provoking opinions, and her knowledge of Anne Boleyn and artwork were considerable. Here's to hoping she's quizzing the six wives right now.


Member Comments

I didn't know VerelaiR personally but I read her posts and opinions on this wiki as well as facebook, Amazon, IMDB, and's blog. Whether or not you agreed with her, or shared her interests, she always expressed herself beautifully and scholarly and upheld a standard of academic scholarship I have always strived to emulate. She inspired me and many others with her passion for history and learning and she will be missed. Irene, I hope you are in a better place and maybe you will even get to meet your heroine! :) - Boudica
I didn't know her, and may have even debated with her without realizing who she was, but hopefully now i'll get around to reading some of her posts to see how passionate about AB she was, as i'm sure she's conversing with the infamous monarch right now. - Reggie19
I got to know her very well and very quickly through messaging here. She was a fantastic woman. She was really quite humble, just very, very dedicated to research methodology. She had just lost her mom and felt it keenly. She described her mother as a beautiful and classy lady, and she was struggling to settle everything. She was an intensely spiritual person. She wanted to discuss some experiences which I am sure she is experiencing to the full now. She loved her partner very much and was respectful of his scientific mind, and the two of them were very involved in politics and human rights. She had a particular concern for victims of racial or social prejudice. I am shocked and saddened by her passing - but confident that she is still with us. Let us pray. - Karen of Bethany
In Remembrance of VerelaiR - The Tudors Wiki
I never talked with her,but i learned a lot of Anne boleyn in her posts.Thanks VerelaiR.
Dear Irene was not a fan of the series but she could see the value of the wiki as a place to show the accurate story of this period in history. She appreciated that the series had piqued the curiosity of many people and enjoyed passing on the knowledge she had accumulated over 40 years. She was a fierce defender of those who have no voice whether it was a maligned queen who died 500 years ago or the innocents murdered in the war torn Gaza area. She was a tremendously sensitive, intellectual, fair, artistic and beautiful human being. The world is a poorer place without her. RIP my friend. - Sue (MsSquirrly)
I was so deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Irene. She had some amazing knowledge. I valued her opinions and wisdom, and will miss seeing her on the wiki threads. Rest in peace, beautiful lady. ~~hrm_elizabeth
I was very shocked and sorry to hear of her passing. I have never talked with her but I have read many of her posts and discussions with other members. She was very knowledgeable about Tudor history and I know she will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathies to all of her family and friends, especially to her Wiki friends who are mourning her loss. ~offwithherhead~
To my Wiki friends and family, I did not know Irene nor have had a chance to debate/message/write/read anything from her. Just reading her bio tells me how remarkable a woman she was. I am grieved by the loss of such a valued member. Know my heart is with all of you at this time. ElizabethTudorRose
I never had the honor to get to know Irene. I'm fairly new to wiki. But, from what I have seen and read about her and her life. I really regret not being able to know her, I think her and I had a lot in common as far as our interests go. I will charish all that I have seen and learned from her. God Bless you Irene and for the family my deepest sympathy & sorry for your loss. Desilee
I did not know Irene as I just joined this site but she seems a lovely worman who was too young to die. Rest in Peace the angels and Anne Boleyn will look after you sweetheart

With Love Always

In Remembrance of VerelaiR - The Tudors Wiki
Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)
Irene's favorite Anne Boleyn and the movie that inspired her studies in Tudor history.

Dearest Friend, I am so grateful that we were able to know one another. You loved beauty and truth, and you are where they are and you are with your beloved mother, two classy ladies together. I wish you would have said goodbye, but in a twinkling of an over us. Love always, Karen.
In Remembrance of VerelaiR - The Tudors Wiki

image here

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Camel by Irene Rheinwald
Shepherd by Irene Rheinwald
Haworth by Irene Rheinwald
Haram al sharif by Irene Rheinwald
France by Irene Rheinwald
French Coutryside by Irene Rheinwald
Vienna by Irene Rheinwald
York Minster by Irene Rheinwald
Synagogue by Irene Rheinwald
Ruined Synagogue by Irene Rheinwald
Bar Mitzvah by the western wall by Irene Rheinwald
Young Muslim Man by Irene Rheinwald

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WriterHelenDavis Late to this, but... 0 Jan 5 2016, 7:26 PM EST by WriterHelenDavis
Thread started: Jan 5 2016, 7:26 PM EST  Watch
I know i'm late to this. I was never really friends with her or knew her, but I am saddened to hear of her passing.
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hrm_elizabeth Holiday remembrance of Verelai... 0 Dec 23 2010, 3:00 AM EST by hrm_elizabeth
Thread started: Dec 23 2010, 3:00 AM EST  Watch
I wanted to take a moment to remember Verelai. Every time I come to the wiki, I think of how much she wrote about Anne Boleyn and how knowledgeable she was on the topic. I can't believe that it's been almost two years since the Wiki has lost such a wonderful lady. During this holiday season, my thoughts and prayers go to her family & friends. I know she is resting in peace where she may be. :-)
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greenwych verelai 2 Mar 9 2009, 3:13 PM EDT by greenwych
Thread started: Mar 9 2009, 2:12 PM EDT  Watch
I am deeply shocked to learn of the loss of Verelai. Here is not the place to discuss our friendship which we enjoyed over the past years, but I am completely shocked and upset. I know how she felt about things epscially Anne Boleyn and the Tudores series---it is only by chance I have got th know as I managed to join the facebook, our e mails were regular but sometimes due to personal goings on in our lives we went a few weeks in between.. Our connection on this board was not connected, we both felt the same independently.

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